TAROTSCOPES for the week of 09/17/14


If only I could blame Mercury Retrograde on the horrific technological breakdowns I’ve been experiencing in trying to get these Tarotscopes up and out to you.  Mercury is in it’s shadow but should not be contributing to such significant difficulties.  I won’t bore you with the details, unless you are an Aries and then you can read all about it in your Tarotscope.  In other news we have been experiencing record heat in Los Angeles combined with what everyone else has also been experiencing which are solar flares.  Solar flares are sudden blasts of brightness that release huge amounts of energy and clouds of electrons, ions and atoms into space and reach Earth a few days later (see wikipedia for more info).  Here on Earth we experience these solar flares as outburst of irritation or anger.  I have experienced this as an almost uncontrollable urge to complain about everything including the solar flares.  

THE THEME:  No theme, just thoughts for the pot.  

NEWS:  Thanks for all who came out to Pantssuit last night and got readings! I had a lovely time and hope to see all again of you in the near future!


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9 OF CUPS (Again)
The other day I received a postcard from Helsinki from a good friend who has been traveling that part of the world for the last few weeks.  The postcard was a photograph of an older woman with white hair swimming naked in some natural body of water with a crown of flowers on her head.  Her eyes were closed and her face was smiling.  My friend said that the woman was Tove Jansson who created a famous children’s comic called Moomins.  “She was a writer and an artist and her lover was a print-maker and together they lived and loved and made as much work as they could and danced and wore flower crowns in the water,” my friend wrote on the back of the image.  The arrival of this postcard was very timely with the card I pulled for all of us this week, the 9 of cups, as well as the astrological indications, featuring among other things a few Fingers of God.  Anne Ortelee told a story about Fingers of God recently in her blog.  A client of hers commented that a “Finger of God” sounded ominous.  Anne expressed surprise, but when she questioned him about his reaction she realized that he was imagining that the Finger of God was chastising or punishing him.  Anne’s interpretation of the Finger of God is much less menacing.  She suggests that God’s finger is pointing you in the right direction.  With astrology sometimes when the stars point something out to us it can cause painful realizations.  When there is pain involved it is easy to think you are “being punished,” but almost all change seems to have a sharp edge to it, which is actually quite helpful because it creates a more palpable distinction between where we are going and what we are leaving beind.  This will be good to remember as we enter eclipse season, a time when we are asked to release what is no longer supporting our highest vibration.  
Tove Jansson’s life, as depicted in the postcard my friend sent looked like a dream and very similar to my own dream.  This week the Fingers of God as well as the card for the week, the 9 of Cups continue to remind us to think about our dream, to hold an image or a postcard of our dreams in our minds and push past the limitations or fears that prevent or inhibit the realization of those dreams.         
(All I Have To Do Is Dream- Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen (Starman))

9 of Cups (Part IV) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

Recently, I dropped my laptop damaging the hard drive.  I’ve been borrowing a computer that runs surprisingly slow considering it is newer than my laptop was.  Every so often I have to restart the computer because it starts running 5-10 words behind what I’m typing and I forget what I’m trying to say.  When I tried out for the volley ball team in 8th grade our coach told us that “win” stood for, “What’s Important Now.”  I think about that every so often when life “throws me a curve ball” (so many sports references!) like this financial/ technological one.  Sometimes I change it to WRIN: What’s REALLY Important Now or WRINKLE: What’s Really Important Now Knowing Life Ends.  
Aries, it may feel like life is running a few words behind you and it is making you forget what your intention was when you started talking.  Consider making and writing down your own acronym or acrostic to help you remember what you are ultimately trying to accomplish at the end of the day or by the end of your life.
(XVII Star L/ Catch That Teardrop- The 5 Royales)

Part of my dad’s job is to test for academic proficiency or challenges in students grades K-12.  The other portion of my dad’s job is his own mission.  He has taken it upon himself to explain neuroplasticity to students.  He goes into different classrooms with images of the human brain and images of a girl’s brain who, due to epilepsy, had to have one half of her brain removed.  My dad explains to students that this girl’s brain changed and developed new neural pathways so that almost everything she had done with the portion of her brain that was removed, rewired to the remaining half of her brain.  My dad wants to impart this knowledge of the brain to kids who think they are “bad” at math or have trouble reading, so that they understand they aren’t doomed, that there are ways of strengthening and building new neural pathways.   
Taurus, this week if you find yourself feeling frustrated or defeated, ruling out things you want to do just because you aren’t “good” at them or don’t know how to do them, consider the plasticity of the brain.  The real challenge isn’t what you are capable of, it is silencing the voices that tell you can’t achieve your dreams or goals.    
(Shaman of Wands Rev/ Express Yourself- Rabbits and Carrots)

My grandfather loves meeting new people, particularly ones that he describes as “intellectually curious.”  When my friend Eden and I went to visit him recently he was excited to talk to her.  “Have a look around, Steven! There’s lots of interesting things to read.” My grandfather misunderstood Eden’s name and despite both of our efforts to correct him he still gave her an autographed copy of his book inscribed to “Steven.”  My grandfather did seem to understand that Eden and I were both queer which is maybe why he was so open to the possibility that Eden’s name might be Steven.  “Have you seen my dogs?”  He meant his jade foo dogs that support his favorite books on his coffee table.  “They were a gift to me when I was in Peking in 1945.”  “Have some pickled herring.”  When she picked up a copy of his book, “Love and Synchronicity,” he said, “My life has been full of synchronicity, Steven.”
Gemini, you may find yourself feeling slightly disconnected this week, the way my grandfather sometimes feels among his retirement community (“Everyone here is so old!”).  Perhaps you are surrounded by people who don’t share the same interests or curiosities.  Be on the look out for people who may not always hear you but can hear very clearly something deeper about you which may not be as plain as your name.  
(3 of Wands Rev/ Papa Can You Hear Me?- Barbra Streisand (Yentl))

"I want to show you girls something," my grandfather said when my friend and I went to visit him at the retirement home.  He parked his walker in front of a desk that was supporting what looked like television.  He sat down, flipped a switch and a light came on beneath the television screen.  He shoved a pad of paper under the light and what was written appeared enlarged on the screen.  "These are my medications," my grandpa said.  "I made this checklist to remember what to take and when."  "Wow," my friend murmured.  "You have to take all those medications?"  "Yep," he said cheerfully.  "And I can read my books and my mail too," he added, waving some unopened envelopes under the light.
Cancer, whatever barriers stand between you and what you love and need to do are no match for your desire to accomplish this week, Cancer.
(Shaman of Discs R/ Captain For Dark Mornings- Laura Nyro)

According to my phone app it is 95 degrees in Los Angeles as I write this.  Outside it feels more like 110.  The heat reduces everyone to a pre-verbal age or some age on the cusp of words.  At the grocery store a woman ahead of me in line was talking to the cashier.  Her face was furrowed in frustration, crumpled like a kleenex, “This heat!”  She exclaimed.  “I can’t take it!”  The cashier, an older gentleman, snorted and shrugged, “I’m from the south, this is nothing.”  Aware of my own irritation with the heat, I found myself consciously trying to decide how to respond.  I could get cranky and short tempered like almost everyone in the grocery store parking lot or I could try a different approach.  We were all experiencing the same weather after all, even if some of us responded to the experience in different ways.  I decided to initiate some sense of camaraderie.  I practiced smiling at everyone I passed.  Although, I may have looked something like this clip from Sudden Manhattan (0:34-1:45), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vorZ8e3q8QU.  
Leo, be conscious of the fire you are playing with this week.  Remember that you have a choice about how you use your gifts.  At it’s best your sign has what it takes to be a capable leader and at it’s worst an egotistical tyrant.  Under heat we often fall back on our instinctual reactions, but this week you have an opportunity to choose how you want to respond.   
(IV Emperor/ Moanin’- Charles Mingus)

At the pool the other day, the reclining chair nearest me was occupied by a woman who looked close to eight and a half months pregnant reading Milan Kundera’s Immortality.  I haven’t read this book, nor do I know what it is about, so for me the scene was reduced to the title resting on the globe of her pregnant belly.  In second grade my friend and I were obsessed with Carly Simon.  We’d sing and dance to “You’re So Vain” and, “Life is Eternal.”  Seeing this woman reading “Immortality” the lyrics to “Life is Eternal” suddenly popped into my head,  “Life is eternal and love is immortal and death is only a horizon…And a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.”  
Virgo, perhaps your birthday has passed, or maybe it is coming up this week, either way you can expect to feel the abundance of this moment.  You are at the point of being able to look back over your year and forward into the next.  As you look forward know that the future is also only a horizon.  
(III Empress/ Life is Eternal- Carly Simon)

My friend and I were discussing how she might make a living as an artist and I said, “People make money for being famous on youtube.  I think there is a youtube star who is famous for her videos where she simply explains her likes and dislikes.”  “Really? Show me!” my friend exclaimed.  “I don’t know her name, someone else told me about her.  Maybe I made that up actually…”  “Well it makes sense,” my friend said after a reflective pause.  “Because it’s so hard to know what you like and don’t like.  It makes sense that someone would become famous for being able to know and say what they liked or didn’t like.”  
This week Libra, your feelings are strong.  You seem to know exactly what you do and don’t like.  This may not be enough to make you famous on youtube, but it is enough to make you happy which is probably more important in the long run anyway.      
(Ace of Cups/ Little Things Mean A Lot- Bettye Swann)

At the pool the other day I noticed a line at the diving board.  Everyone in the line was the same height, slightly under four feet tall.  It was like the whole line had been leveled off at this height. I wondered why there weren’t adults in the line.  It seemed to me that adults either don’t like to jump off of diving boards, are embarrassed to jump off of a diving board in front of other adults, or they are afraid of hurting themselves.  All of these options seemed to stem from the same place, fear and I’m guessing mostly the fear of making a fool of yourself.  I began to wonder if the height of the children in the diving board line was the height of bravery.  Perhaps on either side of this height fear slows you down.
Scorpio, this week you may find yourself debating whether or not to stand in the diving board line.  Consider bending your knees a little and seeing what things look like from the “height of bravery.”    
(0 Fool L/ Standing In Line- ESG)

"I don’t like going back," my friend said as we were driving a rural highway in Illinois.  I turned and looked over my shoulder.  "Back?" I asked, thinking she meant going back to our point of departure.  "Like going home, I don’t want to go home.  I just want to keep traveling.  So let me know if you see anywhere you want to stop."  We were en route back to Chicago from our rural adventure.  This friend is one of my favorite travel companions because she gets excited about being in new places and experiencing new things.  Before we arrived back in Chicago we had made two abrupt stops at a thrift store and a Swedish pancake house.  
Sagittarius, this week you may feel that your spontaneous nature is trapped under something heavy.    What is really weighing you down doesn’t even register on the scales because it is probably just the old echo of voices belonging to people who were afraid of your spontaneity or rebellious nature.  Don’t let those ghosts take you back to a time when you weren’t allowed to be yourself.  Keep moving towards the next adventure and make plenty of surprise pit stops along the way.   
(Daughter of Wands Rev/ Don’t Joke With A Hungry Man- Spanky Wilson)

"I want you to go out and see my Cottonwood,"  our friend Nancy, said several times during our visit.  "It talks to you."  She pointed to a large gnarled tree across a field of goldenrod and bee balm.  I had no doubts about the validity of this statement.  The tree rose out of the landscape and would have been easy to pick out of even in a forest of trees.  We had just come from Chicago which, like most big cities is always ringing with some sort of human generated noise.  Being out in the country it took awhile to acclimate to the more unobtrusive sounds of nature.  While my friends were picking wild grapes and carrying on a lively conversation I walked to the end of the row to hear the noises there.  I had to consciously quiet the chatter in my brain and the ringing in my ears in order to fully take in they layers of sound the field was making.  
Capricorn, this week you may find that the noise of your thoughts and the noise of the people around you is making it difficult to hear your intuition.  Like all natural sounds, your intuition is relatively unobtrusive and won’t always raise its voice above the human generated din.  Take some time to get quiet and hear the softest sounds.  Somewhere in there is your intuition helping steer you in your own best direction.   
(II High Priestess L/ Tundra’s Song- Yat Kha)

At 8am the other morning it was already 90 degrees and there didn’t seem to be a shadow to stand in.  My usual dog walk proved treacherous.  I may or may not have hallucinated several things, including a man shutting the passenger side of his car.  As I approached he went around to the drivers side to get behind the wheel.  I could feel him notice me or maybe just the sweat pouring down my face.  I wanted to look at him to confirm my suspicion that it was Ryan Gosling, but I didn’t.  I feel like it is important to ignore celebrities in Los Angeles so they can a. have an opportunity to feel like everybody else and b. so I don’t exacerbate the battle they already face with their ego.  But in my imagination I stopped him and said, “I’m a big fan of your feminist portrayal in the media.  I especially appreciate the statement you submitted about Blue Valentine’s NC 17 rating.”  Later, I re-imagined the situation again.  This time Eva Mendes was in the passenger seat and they both offer to give me a ride up the street to the juice bar.  They tell me they are big fans of Tarotscopes and I offer to send them their daughter’s natal astrology chart.  All these imagined scenarios are perhaps better than if I had been able to confirm my celebrity sighting.  
Aquarius, sometimes, as my uncle says, the truth gets in the way of a good story.  It may not be important to know what is happening or about to happen or whether or not you actually saw Ryan Gosling.  Rest in this moment and allow yourself to fabricate the possibilities for your own amusement or creative potential.  
(XVIII Moon R/ I Found You- Yvonne Fair)

In elementary school one of my good friends was Catholic.  I remember her telling me one day that she had given up chocolate for lent.  She explained that once a year you were required to give up something you loved, to sacrifice something for a month because Jesus had sacrificed his life for our sins.  Even as a kid I found the whole concept of sin irritating, but I did like the idea of having to give something up as a challenge.  Upon learning about lent I would throw the phrase around any time of year, “Oh I don’t wear jeans, I gave them up for lent.”  Or “I can’t have lasagna for dinner, I gave it up for lent.”  
This week Chiron (planet of wounds and healing) forms a Finger of God with Pallas Athena (the astroid that helps us see our patterns and where we are stuck) and Jupiter (planet of expansion, gifts and luck).  What this means for you Pisces as the host of Chiron is that you will be presented with an opportunity to make major strides towards healing and releasing patterns that may have been holding you back or holding you captive.  You are up for the challenge, not because anyone died for your sins, but just because you are likely at a point where you are ready to release the things that are no longer supporting you or moving you forward.     
(10 of Swords Rev/ Follow The Wind- Little Eva)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 09/10/14

Wanderers of the Astral Plain!

I will be brief as I don’t want to add to the delay in getting these Tarotscopes out to you.  Thankfully, following the Full Moon in Pisces, we have somewhat of a lull astrologically speaking.  Sunday we move into the Mercury Retrograde shadow.  The shadow is the steps Mercury will retrace when it goes retrograde and then again when it moves forward again.  The trouble won’t really be in full swing until around the first of October (the beginning of the envelope days).  Mercury will be in the sign of Libra during the retrograde so much of the difficulty will likely center around relationships and communication, but I will talk more about that as the retrograde approaches. 

THE MIX:  Special thanks to Eden Batki for her input on this weeks music mix!  (NOTE: The mix will be delayed due to technical difficulties. Apologies!)

THE THEME:  24 hours.  What a difference a day makes.  Observations taking place within one full day.  This is a Virgo theme as Virgo is associated with daily activity.  

NEWS:I will be at Pantsuit Sept 17th from 7:30-10:30pm.  Come by! Loosen your tie and I will help you loosen your psychic knots! <3


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Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

In the wake of the watery Pisces Moon which conjuncted Chiron, planet of wounds and healing, it may be necessary to take a time out.  This is exactly what the 4 of Swords, the card for all of us aboard the, at times turbulent, astral plane indicates.  There will be more exciting weather ahead, but now is a good time for pause.  We can learn so much about feelings from water.  On my flight the other day there was one whole channel on the television just showing surfers riding giant waves.  “You missed the part where one of the surfers was riding a wave and playing the saxophone,” my friend said when she saw my jaw drop over the size of the waves and the ease with which the surfers navigated them.  This may be old news to many of you seasoned surfers, but unlike in the cartoons, the wave occasionally flops over and forms a tube so that the surfer is completely framed by the circle of the wave.  I have no doubts about the power of the ocean.  I know it could swallow me up in a second and I’d never be heard from again.  But surfers collaborate with the oceans strength and though they may not doubt the oceans power either, they are able to work with it in a way that I admire.  The Pisces Full Moon may have produced some very powerful emotions, but hopefully you were able to navigate them, perhaps even while playing the saxophone.  Now that we’ve all come to shore and the moon is in it’s waning phases, let yourself rest.  Do nothing and feel good about it.
(Close Your Eyes and Remember- Minnie Riperton)

As I was driving to my appointment at the “genius bar” I noticed a huge building complex off to the left that looked a lot like the chemical plant from the Simpsons.  I only realized it was a high school because it had a courtyard dotted with basketball hoops.  My second thought was how overwhelming it would be to be presented with so many hoops.  Which one would you aim for?  It felt very much like my day.  I had a whole slew of things to accomplish, but wasn’t sure what to aim for first.  
Aries, this week you may feel a little like you are lost in this field of hoops.  You may have forgotten, momentarily what you are aiming for.  Take a moment to step back from the trees or hoops to see the forest.  The way through this jungle will likely present itself in time, but what you can do right now is focus your attention on visualizing your destination.     
(Son of Discs Rev/ Marienbad- Julia Holter)

One of the things on my “To Do” list was to buy a warm layer to wear in Chicago’s cold snap this coming week.  In Los Angeles it has been hovering around 90 degrees all week.  Thankfully the store, where I made my purchase of one woolen shirt, was air conditioned so as I was trying on fall/ winter attire I could pretend more easily that I wasn’t sweating or that I didn’t have a sunburn on my legs.  
Taurus, you may be playing a similar game with yourself this week, but it likely has more to do with your emotions than any physical sensation.  Perhaps you are throwing wool sweaters over your feelings and yet, in your immediate environment it is close to 90 degrees.  Eventually you may have to reconcile this discrepancy.  Practice listening to the weather with your bones.  
(6 of Cups Rev/ Dancing- Hecuba)

At the “genius bar” I saw an old man with a snow white mustache and a younger gentlemen that looked like his son.  The younger gentleman had a cane in one hand and a leash connected to what looked like an older corgi in the other.  The man and his son looked like a comfortable pair.  The young man and his corgi also looked like a comfortable pair and oddly enough, so did the young man and his cane.  
Gemini, as the sign of the twins you are apt to be interested in the various ways people, animals and things form pairs.  Perhaps you are in the process of forming some sort of pair yourself.  Even if the relationship is most similar to the young man and his cane it seems you are feeling a little tentative about the partnership.  This may simply be because the relationship is new.  A little time may be all that is needed in order to fall in step with this formation.   
(2 of Cups L/ A Dream’s A Dream- Soul II Soul)

At the apple store there was a desk where young employees of the store in blue shirts were helping much older people in flamboyant tops understand the various technologies they had purchased.  One gray haired woman in a Hawaiian shirt was sitting in front of a giant computer screen and to the left of one of the blue-shirted employees.  On her left sat a smallish older gentleman who looked like he was perspiring slightly as he busily scribbled down notes with a fluorescent green pen that matched the gray haired woman’s socks.  I found their teamwork rather touching and also wondered what the apple store employee was saying that required so many notes.  
Cancer, it seems that a good portion of your anxieties this week could come because you are learing or integrating something new.  Perhaps you will need someone to help you take pages of notes but you probably won’t need those notes later when you feel more confident about what it is that you are integrating.  
(5 of Discs/ Holding Pattern- Deradoorian)

I like to leave the house around sunset.  I don’t really have FOMO (fear of missing out) except for watching the sunset.  I simply have to be there to see the whole orb sink behind the city.  On this day my excuse was dinner.  “Two slices of gluten free pizza and a drink,” I decided.  The drink was a special addendum that I don’t usually allow myself.  When I got to the pizza place the beverage selection was rather limited but one caught my attention, “What is Chinotto?” I asked.  “It’s an Italian drink.  Tastes kind of earthy,” the woman behind the counter told me.  “And one of those!” I said emphatically.  When I popped it open I was immediately reminded of a soda that I’d fallen in love with as a kid and had never been able to find since (a ginseng soda in a maroon can with a picture of a fat golden root on the front).  As I drove into the sunset I thought about how I never could have anticipated the Chinotto and that sometimes when you drive into the sunset with only a desire for something to drink, but no limitations on what that could be, you end up even more satisfied than you could have anticipated.  
Okay, whoa Leo!  Was that a stretch?  Maybe, but also so true given the astrological indications and your card for the week.  You are pregnant with possibility!  Something is coming, but you need not know what it is.  Just leave the door open and wait for the surprise.   
(7 of Discs Rev/ Citiest People- Melanie)

It’s funny how something small that happens in your day can be a portal to previous day.  If we are not living we are re-living it seems.  As I was driving I passed a sign for tap dancing lessons, I suddenly remembered a flea market I’d gone to in Oakland when I still lived in the Bay Area.  A man had sold me a pair of tap shoes at half the price because I said, “I’ve always wanted to learn how to tap.”  When he handed me the shoes he said dramatically, “Take them!  Follow your dream!”  I was touched although I can’t say that learning to tap dance was my “dream,” just more of a fleeting desire.  
Virgo, this week you might find that something small could be a portal to a memory which, unlike my tap shoe memory, isn’t altogether pleasant.  The difference however between the memory and when you first lived it is that you now have the opportunity to do it differently, to pursue your dreams if you want.  Take it! Follow your dream, by stamping out the old barriers.  
(XV Devil Rev/ Boum- Charles Trenet)

I had lunch at the cemetery.  Every so often I do this as a special treat to myself.  I get take out and then bring it to the cemetery for a picnic.  As I was twisting my way through the rolling hills and graves I noticed a car pulled off on the side of the road and a woman sitting by herself on the hill between two bouquets of flowers.  Most of the graves in this particular cemetery lie flat against the hillside so the only way to see them is if someone has staked the ground with a cone of flowers.  Her countenance tugged on my heart.  “She must be mourning someone,” I thought.  I drove a little further and parked in a shady spot.  As I slouched under a tree, eating my food, it suddenly dawned on me that I also might look like I was mourning someone or maybe that I was having lunch with a deceased relative.  And then I thought, “Maybe that woman wasn’t mourning anyone at all.  Maybe she was just treating herself to a picnic.”
Libra, this week try not to be too hard on yourself.  There may be big changes on the horizon and it will be important to give yourself room to navigate those changes without judgement.  One way to a gentler approach may be to notice the similarities and points of connection between yourself and a stranger.          
(Ace of Cups Rev/ Emotional Levy- The Aislers Set)

At around 9pm my friend Zackary and I began the Pamela Smart documentary.  It’s called, “Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart.”  Like the Aileen Wuornos and Tanya Harding documentaries before it, this film implicates the media as the real villain.  As I was watching, I found myself weighing the evidence and trying to determine the validity of the testimonies, but gradually it became apparent that this story was much more layered than a simple “who done it.”  What was fair, what was right, what was just, felt completely distorted.  Whether or not Pamela Smart was guilty of conspiring to kill her husband or not it was painfully obvious that she was denied the right to a fair trial.
Scorpio, while the injustices in your own life may not have such a deep or lasting impact, it seems that something significant is being brought to your attention for closer examination.  Perhaps there are ways you’ve put yourself aside or sacrificed your happiness for someone else in the past and it no longer feels like a fair trade.  Now is the time to set things right.  Whether you are guilty of having perpetuated these injustices or were just a victim of circumstance, you can have a hand in setting things right.    
(VIII Justice Rev/ A Lie- Kelela)

Earlier in the day I observed a city bus dripping what I believe to be water out of what I believe to be the tailpipe (I probably don’t need to mention I know very little about vehicles).  For some reason the scene reminded me of Hansel and Gretel.  Just as Hansel and Gretel dropped breadcrumbs in a forest (which were, not surprisingly, consumed by birds), this bus looked like it was leaving a trail of water droplets on the cement which, in 90 degree heat, is similar to dropping breadcrumbs in a forest.  That evening I noticed a trail of black dots running down the driveway that I realized must have occurred an hour prior when I backed my car out.  There were certainly other warning signs pointing to this issue besides the rather surprising and seemingly unrelated city bus observation, like how my car smelled hot whenever I got out of it, but it wasn’t until I made the connection between the bus drips and the drips down the driveway that I was able to confront the problem.
Sagittarius, the fears you are now being asked to face, are probably somewhat familiar.  Perhaps they remind you of something you’ve read, or something you observed somewhere else, or perhaps you’ve encountered them before.  The situation is easily addressed if you can follow the drips back to the source of the leak, which may in fact be no bigger than the eye of a needle.    
(9 of Swords/ Alf Lela Wlela (Part 1)- Om Kalthoum)

When I arrived at my friend and traveling companion’s house, several members of the household exclaimed about what a light traveler I am.  It is true and I’m very proud of this fact as it has taken me a long time to perfect.  Unfortunately, part of the reason my bag was so compact was because I hadn’t brought everything I needed.  I only had one pair of pants which I was wearing and two shirts (one of which I was wearing).  “What are you going to do if it rains and your pants get dirty or wet?” My friend asked.  I stared back at her blankly.   
Capricorn, this week you might find yourself so focused on one particular goal/ wish/ desire that you may miss some necessary details.  Consider resetting or adjusting your goal/ wish/ desire in order to include and allow for other important factors.  
(Magician I R/ We Want Our Things- Nite Jewel)

In my imagination, time often looks like Dracula or like that cartoon character that laughs into his cape and ties people to the train tracks.  I’m constantly trying to work with time to accomplish things and it always seems that time has it’s own agenda.  I awoke at 5:15 am to catch a 9:40 am domestic flight with a friend of mine.  After I’d been awake for 45 minutes I realized that I could have slept in an extra 30 minutes.  I anxiously sent my friend texts, “Are you awake?”  “Are we catching the 7 am flyaway?” “Where should I meet you and when?”  These were all sent right around 6am.  My friend replied at 6:30, “Hi! I just woke up! I’m going to jump in the shower.”  She obviously didn’t know time the way I know time.  Their relationship seemed much friendlier.
Aquarius, this week you may feel trapped in your relationship to something or someone because you are used to looking at the situation or person from one angle or view point.  It may take a fresh pair of eyes introducing you to the same situation from a different angle in order to cultivate a more supportive relationship.
(8 of Swords/ Lulla- Tinariwen)

One thing that became apparent as my friend and I headed to the airport in the early morning hours was that we were both used to doing everything ourselves (probably me even more than my friend).  When we arrived at the airport I had to use the bathroom which I announced and then barreled off in the direction the signs were indicating, my arms loaded with luggage. “Wait, do you want me to watch your stuff?”  My friend called after me.  “Oh!…Yes!” I said swinging back around excitedly.  It took me a minute to relax into the ease of traveling with someone else.  
Pisces, your sign is known for it’s generous nature.  It may be much easier for you to offer your shoulder to cry on or support a friend in need then it is to ask for these things in return.  This week, however, you may find support necessary.  Don’t be afraid to relinquish your supporting role or your stiff upper lip and ask for help.  Your friends will probably welcome the chance to return your kindnesses.  
(IV Emperor Rev/ I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends- Janice (The Muppet Show))

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 09/03/14


This week is slightly more tame than others we’ve come through or will soon encounter (eclipse season is coming).  There will be a Full Moon in Pisces on Monday, heightening sensitivities of all kinds.  This moon will aspect Chiron providing an opportunity for healing, should you choose to accept it.  In other news, Venus enters Virgo on the 5th.  This is a difficult placement for the planet of love, but it can boost creative manifestation.  Mercury just moved into Libra, contributing to tactful, diplomatic discussions on a good day and passive-aggressive squabbles on a bad day.  All in all this week provides a slight breather before we dive into more challenging aspects in the weeks to come.

THE THEME: Thrifted items!  I went to thrift store and randomly selected items for each sign (I didn’t purchase all of them however because what would I do with a lizard tank, for example).  Below is how each item may be helpful to you in the navigation of your week.  Enjoy!


More than 2 years ago (on 08/13/12 to be exact) I posted the first TAROTSCOPES ever!  In all that time Tarotscopes has not missed a week! Whew!  I can’t hardly believe it!


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full moon soon, silver spoon, making room, choices loom, days zoom, pets to groom, do you, who?, welcoming the new, morning dew, in lieu, cows moo, my how you grew, phew!, to yourself be true, hearts expand, seeing land, feeling grand, strike up the band, lend a hand, drifting sand, virgo sun, day is done, prizes won, becoming a nun, dinner for one, go for a run, fits like a glove, push comes to shove, lots of love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

The image depicted in the card I pulled for all of us this week in Amy Von Harrington's deck is a set of shirt sleeves, lined up as though hanging on a rack or in a closet.  This image immediately called to mind a moment earlier this week when I was at a thrift store leafing through men's shirts.  I was mindlessly sliding the shirts along the rack when I was surprised and delighted to discover that one shirt was attached to two others, the sleeves had been braided together.  At that moment I heard a man saying, “Did you find anything?”  He was talking to his young daughter who was twirling around in circles.  “No,” she said still joyfully twirling.  I realized then that the shirt-braid was her handy work.
Astrologically speaking there is a lot of emphasis right now on recognizing and validating who you are and the ways you are separate from the herd.  Oddly enough, it is often through your unique expression that you are best able to make a positive contribution to the whole.  My friend Nora made a T-shirt for me based on a thought I shared with her once.  The T-shirt says “You Already Are.”  I’d been telling her, “You know I’m always wondering what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, who I’m supposed to be, but then I realized, ‘you already are.’”  My friend Dylan and I were discussing something similar recently as well, adding that not only are you who you are already, but you always have been.  
Sometimes when I’m hanging out in a group I notice a sort of desperation to the conversation, like everyone is trying to get their ideas out there before they dry up.  When you allow yourself to acknowledge that you and everyone else “already is”  then you can relax into your knowing and the conversation carries its own life.  This week may be a sort of ebb and flow of acknowledgement and letting go.  Move with that rhythm and don’t be afraid to let go of what is no longer supporting who you are.  
(Everything is Everything- Lauryn Hill)

7 of Wands (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

When I first stumbled upon this item I thought it was a melted candle.  It was jade green and white swirled together and the whole thing slumped to the left.  Upon closer inspection I realized that at one time it had been a sperm whale posed in a joyful and triumphant twist.  I thought of the phrase, “a whale of a tale,” and how this particular whale didn’t have one.  
This week, Aries, you may not recognize yourself.  The story you may be telling about your current situation doesn’t seem to match up with how everyone else is used to seeing you.  The solution may be to write a different ending, one that has your best interest in mind and set your sights towards that intention.  
(XX Judgement Rev/ The Sky Is Broken- Moby)

Growing up in the midwest, angel paraphernalia could be found in great abundance at any given gas station, convenient store or mini mall.  It was easy to forget the religious and spiritual associations these objects held for may of the people who acquired them.  For me there wasn’t anything particularly magical or powerful about them because, like the one I came across at the thrift store for you this week, Taurus, they were unattractive and mass produced.  
You may find yourself somewhat disconnected from your intuition this week, Taurus.  Perhaps this is because the form in which your intuition is being delivered is not at first recognizable as anything significant or out of the ordinary.  Or perhaps the message is being delivered in a package that is unpleasant or unpalatable.  If you are to find a viable and lasting solution to your current difficulties it may be necessary to take in all the information presented in its various forms.  
(II High Priestess Rev/ Love Buzz- Shocking Blue)

I noticed this item on the way out, someone must have decided against the hooded sweater and tucked it in with the blue jeans.  Seeing the sweater displaced in this way made it easy to personify.  The sweater was clearly an outsider with a unique perspective and its own collected wisdom that the jeans probably don’t share or understand.  The sweater was alone, maybe sometimes lonely, but could eventually find a complementary pair of jeans and make an outfit.
Is this the plot of the next Pixar film? No, Gemini, it is probably closer to your experience this week.  You may be noticing where your opinion or experience departs from those around you and also the way that your individual path in life has made you wise.
(Priestess of Swords/ I Held Her In My Arms- Violent Femmes)

I wonder if the idea for this napkin holder began with an actual piece of fruit?  Maybe someone was cutting an apple and realized that a missing piece actually provided the perfect holding space.  
Cancer, you may find that your week is rather quiet in some respects.  But in this quiet is the space for wisdom to collect.    
(IX Crone/ Chant 13th Hour- Redbone)

I was both surprised and impressed upon discovering an entire section of the thrift store devoted to patterned medical scrubs.  I’m a big fan of uniforms of all kinds, but I wasn’t as partial to this iteration of the uniform.  It seems this invention was created to quell children’s anxieties about visiting the doctor by distracting them with bright patterns and images of cats and cows or perhaps the idea was to provide some avenue for self-expression within the context of a uniform.  But this idea also seems to disempower the wearer by relying on a rather limited aesthetic to convey a message that would probably be best delivered by the person them self.  
Leo, it seems this week you may be questioning your talents and abilities.  Perhaps you are leaning on the appearance of a particular idea you want to convey rather than remembering that this is a quality you already possess within yourself.  It is fine to look the part you want to play, but also know it is you yourself who ultimately makes the magic.  
(I Magician Rev/ I’m In Love With the Ooo Ooo Man- The GTO’s)

A purse is something light that you carry with you which is why this box seemed so conceptually strange.  It was a ceramic box that was clearly meant to stay in one spot and hold jewelry or other small valuables.  It would make much more sense to have a purse that looks like a box then it does to have box with the appearance of a purse.  
This week, Virgo, you may feel the beginnings of a new adventure tugging on you.  It may not involve you going anywhere, perhaps it is just a desire for a fresh start or new perspective, but even so it would be helpful to lighten your load.  Is there anything in your life that gives the appearance of being light and free, but is in fact much heavier and constricting?  The time is right for taking risks, but you may have to donate the things that are no longer in line with the next chapter of your life.    
(0 Fool L/ Rain, Rain Go Away- Bob Azzam)

It was hard to miss this top, even on the rack.  The front was entirely sequined in a zig-zag pattern of black and silver stripes.  The back was sheer black.
Libra two things may be happening for you this week which are related.  First of all you may be getting more comfortable letting people see the “real” you, the most authentic version of yourself.   This transparency may in turn result with you receiving more attention and it will be all the more rewarding because it is attention for who you really are.
(Son of Wands/ California Dreamin’- Baby Huey)

I kept trying to take a picture of this miniature Jesus statue, but my camera couldn’t seem to focus on it.  When every other picture I took in the store came in clear, I casually began to wonder if this blurring was some sort of religious experience.  I’ve been to the statue that this 6 inch one was modeled after, in life it is almost 100 feet tall.  In my memory of it, the Jesus statue is clear and everything around it is blurry.  The small replica being sold for 1.99 was missing it’s hand.  
Scorpio, this week you may find yourself establishing boundaries or perimeters.  Perhaps you felt in the past that you’ve been treated like you are 6 inches tall or that you gave your right arm to accommodate someone else and now you need to define or redefine your boundaries to ensure that your needs are not blurred out of the picture.  There is likely a discrepancy between the blurry past and the self you now defend more confidently.  Of course the reality is you’ve always been close to 100 ft tall.
(6 of Swords R/ Plastic Jesus- Paul Newman (Cool Hand Luke))

To be honest I wasn’t quite sure what this object was when I first spotted it.  It was small, wooden and had the map of the world engraved on the front.  It wasn’t until I picked it up and noticed two holes on top that I surmised it might be a candle holder.  The holes were so close to one another that it felt like whoever made it was trying to maximize it’s potential.  It would have held one candle comfortably, but two seemed excessive.  “Isn’t it enough just to be a map of the world?”  I found myself thinking.
Sagittarius, you may find yourself stretched to capacity in some regards.  This is not to say that you are not happy generously providing more than one service or igniting multiple flames, but it may not be necessary and you may eventually find it taxing.  Consider that what you are doing may be more than enough.  
(III Empress R/ I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)- The Proclaimers)

It was odd to stumble upon a tank for the purpose of housing a lizard or snake here in Southern California where reptiles can be found in relative abundance in the wild.  Someone had tried so hard to replicate an environment that existed extensively right outside their own door.  It seemed the person had either discovered the irony of the situation or had given up on trying to create something that nature could provide effortlessly and freely.
Capricorn, this week you may be trying to fit your feelings into a similar tank.  There is likely a place where your feelings can roam freely, an environment designed to accommodate them, but you may have to acknowledge your feelings honestly and completely first.  And that includes acknowledging any discomfort which may accompany this admonition.
(6 of Cups Rev/ Dearest- Mickey and Sylvia)

I was very impressed by how perfectly round this handmade basketball was, it was obvious that the maker was very familiar with the bumps and grooves of an actual basketball.  Painted into the glaze was the word “Jaguars” and above the word was a smiley face.  A round donut-shaped base kept it from rolling away.  It wasn’t necessarily an award, but when I saw this ceramic basketball on it’s little stand, something about it seemed to promise of a future success.
Aquarius, this week you may be waiting for the next stage of your life to begin or the next big event.  In this waiting period is the seed of a future success, perhaps making this limbo period a little more easy to inhabit.   
(7 of Discs/ Dance Slow Decades- Angel Olsen)

This doll was positioned on the top shelf, posed in a rather dramatic stance making her difficult to ignore.  At first I found her rather comical in the context of the all the other junk in the thrift store.  I snapped a few photos and then double checked them on my phone.  The silver lace of her dress matched the exposed silver pipes running along the ceiling above her and the small white pearls on her hat matched the white lights dotting the ceiling.  I realized she wasn’t out of place or out of context at all.   
Pisces, this week a second look may change your perspective completely.  Whatever has been capturing your attention, there may be another angle to consider that will help free you from the difficulty of the situation.  
(8 of Discs Rev/ What A Difference A Day Makes- Dinah Washington)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 08/27/14


This past week the stars and planets were very busy.  What we may be feeling this week is the residue from that intensity.  Go slow!  Although you may be tempted to rush and push and shove at the onset of this new Mars-Saturn cycle, take the time to think about what you really want, how you want to feel and go from there.  When you say you want things like a convertible or a pool in Malibu, what you may really asking for is to feel what it feels like to be floating on your back under the sun or driving with the wind in your hair.  These feelings are free, but can sometimes be even harder to achieve than something material.  Consider that feelings are goals and think about what is required to experience these feelings, which, as I said are free and more sustainable. 

THE THEME: Lists!  I know it looks like I’m issuing commands, but when I made these lists I tried to put myself in the position of each sign, navigating the week ahead and thinking about what I would need, or want to do, given the astrological weather forecast and the cards for the week.  


More than 2 years ago (08/13/12 to be exact) I posted the first TAROTSCOPES ever!  In all that time Tarotscopes has not missed a week! Whew!  I can’t hardly believe it!


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fingers of god, to the stars nod, hot bod, fishing for cod, waiting to exhale, reading braille, check the mail, on some commitments we may bail, feeling frail, eating kale, filling your pale, no rain, against the grain, using your brain, great dane, water main, no pain no gain, hearts and stars,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

The theme for the week is quite fitting with the card I pulled for all of us as well, the King of Swords.  Lists are pretty much designed to take the emotion out of a situation, for example panic.  If you are feeling overwhelmed or panicked about the things you have to do, a list breaks those things down by naming them and extracts the anxiety associated with those items by putting them on paper in a numerated system for tackling each one.  Lists can also be quite helpful in situations where it is only feelings you are experiencing and not just tasks.  It can allow you put a name to the feelings, or at least describe them or pin point where you experience them in your body.  This rather clinical approach isn’t helpful for all situations, but may be helpful for ones where you feel stuck, frustrated, or cloudy, which is how many people were likely feeling at the New Moon in Virgo followed by the Mars-Saturn conjunction on Monday.
Astrologer Anne Ortelee, suggested that we all make New Moon lists of dreams and aspirations for the future.  It is helpful to make wish lists at every New Moon (you can look at these wishes as a form of prayer if you feel greedy making more than one and less than ten wishes every month), but this was a particularly potent one.  The moon opposed Neptune sharpening feelings (more painful) and in the same day we experienced the Mars-Saturn conjunction which set off a new two year Mars-Saturn cycle asking you what you are going to work towards and how committed you are to those dreams.  A Scorpio-influenced cycle such as this also asks us to let go of what is not working in order to make room for the achievement of our dreams and desires.  This is where the King of Swords can be a guiding light.  The King of Swords is rather detached, but fair because he does not let his emotions or fears cloud his judgement.  He would likely take emotions into account in the same way that I described above, with a list.  He is adept at knowing what needs to be released because he looks at the facts, including the facts of your feelings.  
(You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)- Sylvester)

King of Swords (Part III) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

1.  Feel weightlessness in water.
2. Turn thoughts into clouds.  
3.  Give a dog a bath. 
Aries, this week you will likely be presented with an opportunity, although it may not feel that way at the start.  In fact, you may first encounter this opportunity as something  unpleasant.  This is the time to remind yourself of all the ways you are held by invisible forces every day.  Whether you identify it as Luck or God is less important.  Allow your worries to condense into clouds and blow away.  Then consider focusing your remaining energy on a positive and tangible transformation.
(XVII Star Rev/ We Shall Be Changed- Kitty Parham)

1.  Weed out square pegs.  
2.  Acknowledge collaborators.
3.  Phone future self.
Taurus, you are probably capable of making anything fit into any kind of hole with dogged determination, but why put all that energy into “making it fit” when you could just work with the things that already do with very little effort.  It may be helpful to remember that things you don’t have control over, like time and unexpected surprises (among other things), also play a part in the achievement of your goals.  Consider taking a phone call from the you who has already accomplished these things.  What might you say to yourself now?    
(I Magician R/  Only Time- Enya)

1.  Cover seeds with dirt.
2.  Cross finish lines.
3.  Polish eye or sunglasses.
Gemini, the past is closing up behind you.  What do you want your future to look like?  How do you want to look at your future?  Set your intentions.  My friend Dylan told me something she’d read which said simply assuming the “victory stance” actually provides people with a feeling of confidence and a sense of accomplishment.  The victory stance is a gesture most people make when they cross a finish line.  As I pulled your card for the week Gemini, I imagined you stepping over thresholds and cracks with arms outstretched as though they were finish lines.  Step into the future with your arms and eyes wide.  
XXI World/ Green Onions- Booker T & the MG’s)

1.  Sit in someone else’s home.  
2.  Read book or short story in the first person.
3.  Wear someone else’s shoes out of the house.
Part of the difficulty you may sometimes find with change, Cancer, is simply being able to picture getting your needs and comforts met from other sources or different people.  This week you seem to be making headway in tackling your fears around change or breaking old patterns, perhaps because you’ve physically or mentally (through reading) put yourself in a position or a different set of shoes and found that there are comforts to be found here as well.
XV Devil Rev/ Cover Me- Percy Sledge)

1.  Make list of favorites.
2.  Sit in sun.
3.  Hold mirror.
When I pulled your card for the week, Leo, I imagined you lovingly holding a floor length mirror, wrapping your arms around it, falling a sleep in your own arms.  Monday’s new moon asked you to evaluate or reevaluate what makes you happy and to make a plan to support your joy.  If you keep putting off fun or consistently tell yourself that “life is hard” then you are not in synch with the gift you Leos have to give.  It is very difficult to bring joy to others when you are denying yourself the pleasure.  Take a moment this week to appreciate and validate that which truly brings you joy.  
(XIX Sun L/ You Are My Sunshine- Aretha Franklin)

1.  Make food or hors d’ oeuvres held with a toothpick.
2.  Put finger in dam.
3.  Push ball over a hill, watch it roll down.
I’m endlessly amazed when I see a precarious pile of food (like a diner sandwich for example) held together with one tinsel toothpick.  That is all it takes.  It is your season, Virgo and it seems you may be feeling more optimistic about the year ahead and that positive intention is really enough to hold the whole sandwich together or stop a dam from leaking.  
(Ace of Swords/ Happy Birthday- Altered Images)

1.  Go over pencil with pen.
2.  Write words in wet cement.
3.  Dedicate a memorial.
The recent Mars-Saturn conjunction set off a new two year cycle of commitment, commitment to things you began in August two years ago when Mars-Saturn formed a conjunction in your sign, Libra.  What things might you have consciously or unconsciously partnered with at that time?  Whatever you are now committing to, it seems there is cause for celebration.  This is a positive transition from partnering to deepening your commitment.  Now is the time to think about how you are going to continue to support whatever project, relationship, or realization was initiated then.
(4 of Wands R/ Djini Judy- Debbie Harry)

1.  Don the “revolutionary costume.” (Grey Gardens)
2.  Autograph books.
3.  Exaggerate walk.
Scorpio, as Saturn and Mars set off a new two year cycle in your sign, it will be important to think about deepening your commitment to yourself and your aspirations.  Consider what you want to continue to support, validate and strengthen within yourself and use this time to set those intentions for the future.  
(6 of Wands/ Skeleton Lines- Meredith Monk)

1.  Put eggs in one basket.
2.  Ask for a bag.
3.  Get suitcase with wheels.
Too many times I’ve found myself at the grocery store without a bag and a good 10 items on the checkout counter.  “Do you want a bag,” the clerk asks.  “No, I think I can carry it,” I always say.  Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t.  I’ve dropped a few glass bottles in the process which is probably more wasteful than just accepting a paper bag.  Sagittarius, this week you may find that what you are trying to do you can’t do alone, or maybe you’ve been trying to carry too many things separately and you now need to consolidate, put them in one place.  This is a good place to start.  From this place of honesty you will likely accomplish much more.    
(2 of Discs Rev/ Let It Go- Grace Slick)

1.  Fly by seat of pants
2.  Find spur of moment
3.  Throw caution to wind
The other day my friend Zackary texted from the Flyaway (love this name, always have) bus.  “You free for dinner?” She asked.  And in another text, “I’m flying by the seat of my pants.”  Her texts came just as I was trying to figure out what to include in your list for the week Cap and were actually quite synchronous with your situation.  This is the perfect week to burn your lists or if you do draw up a list, let it be similar to the one above.    
(0 Fool/ The Breeze and I- Santo & Johnny)

1.  Make a loop, walk around the block or lake.
2.  Remember days backwards.
3.  FF/RWD cassette or video tape.
To remember your dreams it is often suggested that you before bed you remember your day backwards.  Unfortunately that means you have to live it forwards first which some days may be unpleasant.  Aquarius, this week you may feel that things are not quite fair.  You may be wishing you could fast forward or rewind through this part of things, but unfortunately to get to the outcome you desire you may have to figure out how to navigate this section first.
(VIII Justice Rev/ Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys- The Cookies)

1.  Eat when hungry.
2.  Scratch itch.
3.  Remove rock from shoe.  
Pisces, this week you may be following a feeling, which is an excellent idea.  Scratching an itch or removing the rock from your shoe is precisely how most problems in life get resolved.  Acknowledge what you are sensing and then following through with an action which will help relieve the situation/sensation.  
(6 of Cups/ Castaways- Hayley Mills)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 08/20/14

Hello and Welcome~

It is another wild week upstairs.  Featuring such ominous-sounding aspects as:  a mystic rectangle, fingers of god, a hammer of Thor, grand water trines, and one grand fire trine!  If you want to know more about the particulars of these transits I recommend checking out astrologer Anne Ortelee’s website.  Again, I discuss the astrological weather more under the card for the week, but I would like to emphasize one thing which is, when you are dealing with highly emotional aspects and astrological thunderstorms there may be nothing to do but ride the waves.  Water is a great emotional teacher.  When you are feeling a feeling (this week you may encounter more than ten feelings at once), consider how you literally navigate water.  Water is an element that must be worked with, it is very difficult to control without it’s consent.  Consider your feelings in the same way, work with them.

THE THEME:  I just got back from a road trip up the western coast of the U.S. with my friend Mari.  From the residual fumes of that trip comes your theme for the week: “Road Notes: Thoughts On Travel.” 


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feeling a lot, put it in the pot, handle is hot, nap on a cot, stock of what we’ve got, mars and saturn, take a turn, feel the burn, something to learn, virgo new moon, making room, new direction soon, stir with a spoon, inundated with neptune, hearing your song, won’t be long, a place to belong, nothing’s wrong, sound the gong, love, hearts, astral charts,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

"Love?!  Not love!" I thought when I pulled the VI Lover card for all of us aboard the astral plane this week.  Love didn’t feel like anything I wanted to talk about.  "Let’s talk about the Devil again,"  I thought.  Events recently have made it difficult to feel anything other than overwhelmed with anger, resentment and sadness. This is of course right in line with the stars.  The tarot card for the week suggests how we might best navigate the astrological weather.  On August 25th there will be a New Moon in Virgo and on the same day Mars joins Saturn, which is perhaps the most difficult and insistent aspect of the week.  Astrologer Anne Ortelee described this aspect as a water balloon popping, Mars in Scorpio dismantles Saturn’s structure.  This aspect, which has been building for a week or more makes it difficult to get things done, it is a bit like trying to push a ball up a hill, or maybe more like pushing a ball up a cliff.  It may be necessary to draw on a new method or find a new route to achieving your goals if not forever at least for this week.  It will be interesting to see how this aspect will manifest in current events.  
Neptune is very active this week contributing to oscillating feelings of hope and depression.  Here again the VI Lover card can be a guiding light.  Reach out to who and what you love.  Do what you love to do.  When you are feeling hopeful consider extending your optimism to a friend struggling with depression.  If you are depressed consider taping into your dreams for guidance (Neptune rules dreams) or talk to a friend you can depend on to be supportive.  Don’t wallow alone.  The Lover is about togetherness, it’s about joining forces, offering support.  Now more than ever, in the face of things falling apart (Mars popping Saturn’s balloon) is the time to conjure loves magic for strength.  
(I’ll Be There- Finesse & Synquis)

VI Lover (Part IV) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

The very last night of our road trip found us in Big Sur well after dark without much of a plan.  “This is the ‘adventure’ part of our trip,” I said.  We already knew that all the campgrounds in the area were booked, but we’d been told by a few friends that it was possible to find places to pitch a tent or if we wanted to, just sleep by the side of the road.  However, as we headed into the area it was so dark the world beyond our headlights was completely impenetrable and neither of us could get any phone reception.  After a series of mishaps we ended up at a bar next to a popular campsite.  Our plan was to go inside and ask some trustworthy, capable-seeming person’s advice.  But as soon as we opened the doors it became apparent that, were there anyone trustworthy or capable in the vicinity, they had buried their ability to answer our questions several drinks before we arrived.  Instead, we brushed our teeth in the bathroom, got back in the car and drove past the adjacent campground’s sign indicating ‘no vacancy,’ turned left and by some miracle turned right into an empty campsite across from a bathroom.  
Aries, you may be in for a similarly pleasant surprise this week.  Be on the look out for surprising gifts from the universe delivered as if in answer to a question, or in our case, prayer.  
(Ace of Discs/ Heaven Must Have Sent You- Bonnie Pointer)

It is a strange thing to navigate a place you’ve never been in the dark.  The morning we woke up in Big Sur just off Highway 1 we had already traveled up and down a portion of the highway several times the night before trying to figure out where we were going to sleep.  But in daylight I was stunned to silence by the view.  Besides being incredibly beautiful, the highway clung to the edge of cliffs which dropped off in many places more than a hundred feet.  I also realized we had crossed the Bixby Creek Bridge two or three times in complete darkness.  For those of you who, like me, aren’t familiar with this bridge, it stands 280 feet high and has about a 2.5 foot wall keeping you from certain death.  
The changes you may encounter this week, Taurus, may be something like what I’ve just described.  Perhaps you were unaware of both the perils and the beauty you’ve been made to navigate to get where you are now.  Your focus has likely been on getting to your destination.  This week would be a good time to slow down and appreciate what you’ve accomplished and the beauty of what is left ahead of you.
(XVI Tower L/ Is It Day or Night- The Runaways)

Midway between Los Angeles and Portland could be considered by some, the Middle of nowhere.  The campsite we were hoping for was full so we ended up at a KOA.  “You can rent movies!” I exclaimed when we were checking in.  “Like what?” Mari inquired.  I paused, “Contact.”  Later that evening I went to the bathroom and ran into two ecstatic freckled children brushing their teeth.  They smiled at me, their mouths overflowing with suds.  I took a stroll around the campsite and observed several older couples walking hand and hand through a grove of redwoods.  It felt as safe as a disney cartoon.  That night I was roused rather abruptly by a full bladder.  I tried to go back to sleep, not wanting to leave the warmth and safety of the tent, but the slight insistence turned to pain.  I slowly unzipped one corner of the tent and peered out.  The trees were strangely backlit and threaded with fog.  I rested there on my heels for a minute hoping that the burning sensation would magically dissolve.  It did not, so, tucking my chihuahua, Sally, under one arm I squirmed through the small door I’d unzipped.  For the moment I squatted, I imagined Bigfoot charging out of the woods and tucking me in a similar fashion under one hairy oak-like arm.  Though the situation did seem conducive to my nightmare, it did not materialize.  In the morning the campground was once again restored to it’s original cartoon.    
Gemini, this week you may run into your old devils, aka your deepest fears.  Something, perhaps only your bladder, may call on you to confront those fears.  It is up to you whether or not you decide to turn your back and shut your eyes or whether you take this opportunity to shrink those fears down in size or turn them into a cartoon and diminish their power.            
(XV Devil/ Well Well Well- The New Seekers)

For a long time humans thought there were only three dimensions, until Einstein introduced a fourth (time).  It has now been theorized that there may be more than 10 dimensions, most of which humans are not equipped or trained to perceive.  Similarly, I’ve observed that you can take one trip, in my case a road trip, but also be having several different kinds of trips in that one journey.  On one level our trip was physical, we were staying in different locations with a variety of climates and vegetation.  On another level our trip was relational, we were meeting up with people I hadn’t seen in years and we were introduced to new persons neither Mari nor I had ever met.
Cancer, the trip you are on right now may or may not include a physical component, but the relational aspect of this journey is what is most apparent.  Feelings of love and connectedness are available to you when you tap into this dimension.    
(10 of Cups R/ Love’s Lines, Angles and Rhymes- The 5th Dimension)

The evening I came home from our road trip I made Cowboy’s Cologne from Cowboy’s Cologne (aka Artemisia californica, aka California Sagebrush).  This is perhaps unremarkable for many of you, but for me it was a triumph of follow through.  Though it is painful for me to admit, I have been, historically, the type to start projects and leave them only partially completed for years at a time.  Tucked away in the closet are knitting needles with an unfinished scarf, half written letters, packages I meant to send to friends in distant places, scraps of paper I was going to turn into a collage, etc.  But coming off of camping I had fallen into a survivalists rhythm.  I had grown accustom to a new routine that involved considerably more steps: setting up camp, building a fire, making food, washing my face and brushing my teeth with a bottle of water etc.  Making the Cologne was incredibly satisfying because I did it without agonizing over each step.  It seemed the simplest task in the world, mostly because it is, but also because I wasn’t daunted by the process.
Leo, this week you may be in the process of synthesizing different parts of yourself.  With Jupiter and Venus in your sign you may be feeling an expanded sense of self.  You are seeing more clearly what you are capable of.  Although, it is more likely to manifest in the realm of feeling even if it starts with something you are doing.  
(XIV Temperance/ Zing Went The Strings of My Heart- Pearl Bailey & Louie Bellson)

My grandfather, a Cancer, used to say, anytime we were coming home from a long trip or even if we’d just spent the day running errands, “Home again, home again jiggidy jig!”  I don’t know if he made it up or if it is a reference to something, but when he said it I felt that home was somewhere I wanted to be.  As we neared Los Angeles, returning from our trip up and down the coast we were met with a slew of characteristic Los Angeles traffic, though it was rather uncharacteristic for a Sunday.  At the same time the sun was setting turning everyone’s driving elbows gold and orange.  I tried to say to myself, “home again, home again jiggidy jig” but it felt differently than when my grandfather said it when I was a kid.  Home is never quite the same as when you are a kid, because as an adult you have to deal with the traffic.  The sunsets, however, anyone can appreciate.  
Virgo, this week you may feel that some transition is rather anticlimactic.  This may be because it is tempered with a dose of Saturn aka grown up concerns.  But this should not, by any means diminish your enjoyment of the sunset.  
(4 of Wands Rev/ This Must Be The Place- Arcade Fire)

When you set out on a trip, your goal is usually a place (a city, a landmark, a natural wonder), you are physically trying to get your body somewhere.  Of course some part of you is probably aware that the trip itself, the distance between where you are and where you are going, will likely change you or your perspective, or something unexpected will happen.  I’ve been unable to do anything in a car other than stare out the window since I was a kid.  For this reason, for me, trips are often an opportunity for introspection.  My mother is the type of person who likes to talk to her neighbors on the plane.  She’s always telling me about people she met on the flight from blah blah blah to blah blah blah. “My flight attendant just wrote a book.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?” She’ll tell me later.
Libra, the destination you have in mind this week might not be a physical location, but it may be just as transformative as actually taking trip.  Between where you are now and where you are headed is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the world around you.
(XVII Star/ Space Race- Sugar Hill Gang)

Our west coast trip was carefully planned, but my favorite parts of the trip were the ones we couldn’t have accounted for.  For instance, on our way home we pulled over by the side of the road for souvenirs upon seeing an odd statue of Bigfoot with an uncharacteristically human face and then went into the gift shop only to realize that the face had been modeled after the owner.  Or when we ended up at a KOA because the regular campsite was full and the woman behind the desk had a white bob haircut and a matching giant dog that looked like a polar bear and when I asked what kind of dog it was she told me he was Native American.  
Scorpio, this week you may find yourself in planning mode.  It is comforting to have a plan, but make sure your plan is flexible enough to allow for surprises which may be the parts of your journey you remember most fondly anyway.     
(7 of Swords/ Octopus-Syd Barrett)

It was just two weeks ago that I quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson saying simply that you can’t runaway from yourself, even if you go half way around the world.  But for you, Sagittarius, sometimes it is necessary to travel in order to find parts of yourself that you’ve lost or tucked away.  For a globe trotting sign such as yourself, even short journey’s can make you feel more alive, positive, revitalized, with a fresh perspective.  This week you may be returning from such a journey, or perhaps you are reflecting on a excursion you’ve recently taken.  It seems this was enough to set a new cycle.  As you move forward you are likely to meet any obstacle feeling more collected and more wholly yourself.  
(XXI World/ Veio Queimar a Tua Coluna- Nidia Minaj)

"This is kind of frightening," I said glancing at my own white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel.  "I can’t see ANYthing."  "You want me to drive?"  Mari offered.  "Why?" I asked testily. "Well you said you couldn’t see anything."  "Well, yes, but NO one can see anything, right?" She was silent for a moment, perhaps trying to determine if she could adequately make out the road.  "Is there something wrong with my eyes?  Maybe I have cataracts," I wailed.  We were driving a curvy stretch of highway at night, cars were whizzing past us in the opposite direction and I could see only what fell with in the stretch of my high beams.  This was the real problem, the real source of my anxiety.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t see, it was that I couldn’t see ahead, I couldn’t anticipate where we were going.
Capricorn this week you may find that you can only see what is in your headlights and that is just fine, it is perfect.  Don’t panic, there is nothing wrong with your eyes or your ability to perceive things, it is simply that what is happening here and now is a key piece of what is to come.  Avoid the desire to rush through this part.  Pay attention to what is happening around you and how you want to make and build what is right in front of you.
(XVIII Moon/ The Road- Mirel Wagner)

Somewhere in Seattle at the top of our trip, our ability to make decisions began to crumble.  Travel weary, everything started to feel rather dramatic.  When we woke up that morning the sky was overcast and the air was cool.  We went to an excellent restaurant for brunch that my friend Erin had recommended.  It was in an old building that smelled like damp wood.  While we were there a light mist began to fall outside.  “I LOVE Seattle,” I said emphatically and Mari agreed.  Minutes later we discovered a parking ticket on the car.  We were not privy to Seattle’s system of sparsely distributed parking meters.  “I hate Seattle,” Mari said.  Later we were trying to plan the rest of our day, “I just don’t know what you do in Seattle,” Mari said and I agreed.  We both had an unusual amount of opinions about a place neither of us had ever visited before.
Aquarius, you may feel rather frayed this week, perhaps you are exhausted or emotionally worn out.  Take a moment to consider your feelings before you make any sweeping generalizations or bite off any heads, especially your own.  
(5 of Swords R/ Don’t Cry Out Loud- Rita Coolidge)

While we were camping I found myself thinking about how a tent is a lot like hiding by burying your face in your hands.  You are still vulnerable, but you can’t see the bears and wild cats and they can’t see you.  “Should we put our laptops in the tent?” Mari asked at one point towards the beginning of our adventure.  “Well we don’t have a way of locking the tent,” I started to say and then I imagined how comical it would be to thread a padlock between to zippers on the tent (though I’m sure it has been tried).  If someone really wanted to steal something out of your tent they could probably tear it open with their fingernails.  
Pisces, this week you may be feeling a little vulnerable.  Perhaps you are opening yourself up emotionally and are now feeling like you may need to secure the door with a lock.  Consider that most of us humans are little like walking tents, which is ultimately may be a very good thing.
(Daughter of Cups/ When I’m Feeling Kinda Blues- Gerald Wilson Orchestra)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 08/13/14

Welcome Wanders!

I’ve been on a west coast tour and for this reason I’m a little behind on getting your Tarotscopes up and out so I won’t babble too much here about the astrological weather this week.  I discuss it in more detail below under the card for the week the Queens of Sword.

THE THEME:  “Come on, we’ve got a lot of work to do,” Djuna says sitting me down on the couch to rifle through my tarot cards.  We are still in the throws of Leo season and Leo is the sign associated with fun, play and children.  This week I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time with several of my younger friends, most of them between the ages of 5 months and 5 years.  For a few of the Tarotscopes I showed tarot cards to my friend Djuna who is 4 and a half and had her tell me what she saw, the rest are more of the traditional Tarotscope format.  


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saturn and mars square, a potent pair, playing fair, based on a dare, squinting in the glare, the music blare, taking care, acknowledging the rare, wake of the supermoon, emotional typhoon, wooden spoon, sand dune, high noon, changing your tune, how you are unique, appreciating the antique, listening to monique, interest piqued, embracing your freakiness, jump starts, hearts, astrology charts, peace dove, love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

I think of my mother as a quintessential Queen of Swords.  The other day I was blubbering on the phone to her about a whole slew of seemingly unrelated things that I had knotted together in my mind and she said,  “Don’t take this the wrong way, but are you premenstrual?”  “Yeesss…” I answered slowly.  While I don’t believe in reducing anyone to a menstrual cycle, I also found it helpful to remember that this particular situation didn’t necessarily warrant a crisis and that hormones (coupled with the Supermoon) may have been playing their part in drudging up all my deepest insecurities.    
The Queen of Swords is about getting to the truth of a situation, distilling any difficulty or drama to it’s essential wisdom.  Saturn has been a “heavy hitter” in the astrological weather of late, squaring both the sun and the recent Supermoon in Aquarius and this week moving closer to a square with Mars.  Saturn, like the Queen of Swords is practical and wise.  Saturn is often described as the teacher of zodiac, instructing us in valuable life lessons.  Sometimes Saturn’s lessons can feel unfair, “Why now? Why me? Why?”  But the discomfort associated with Saturn is just a side effect of steering you in the right direction.  The Queen of Swords suggests that by getting distance or perspective you may be able to navigate your present difficulties more easily.  Sometimes this feels impossible to do.  If you are having trouble being your own Queen of Swords, it may be helpful or necessary to talk to someone else with an aerial view.  This is one reason I appreciate Amy Von Harrington’s non-traditional take on this card, naming it, “The Queens of Sword.”
(Jazzy Alphabet- Sesame Street)

Queens of Sword (Part IV) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

"Tarantulas, on seaweed, getting food," Djuna told me when I asked her about this card for Aries for the week.  My friend corrected her, "Those are crabs."  "They are crabs, but they look like tarantulas."    
This may be precisely how you feel this week Aries.  Pay attention to the things that look relatively harmless, but could deliver a pinch, like a crab and things that look more sinister, but are actually quite benign like tarantulas.  This week may feel a little like freaky Friday, you may be discovering that places where you once took comfort or found sustenance are no longer providing the same level of nourishment they once supplied.  Don’t be misled by a pretty shell or a creepy demeanor.  
(5 of Cups Rev/ Over- Alice Boman)

The other day I was lounging on a blanket in a Portland park with my friends and their 10 month old son, Jasper.  At one point I noticed him smiling at something in the tree above us.  A smallish crow was perched on a branch with it’s mouth open.  I remarked at what a good eye he had and his parents told me he is an avid bird and rain watcher.  “That sounds so relaxing and peaceful,” I said.  “Yes and boring,” one of his moms said.  They both talked about how distorted time is when you have a kid.  Hours and minutes can move doggedly slow, but watching your kid grow happens in fast forward.
Taurus, typically you may feel an impatience about the speed at which things move.  But this week you will likely feel quite content observing birds and other animate and inanimate things in your environment.  Perhaps because you’ve been observing that, on the whole, life seems to move in fast forward and so your appreciation for even just birds and rain has increased.
(Priestess of Discs/ No Place I’d Rather Be- The Factory)

A while ago my friend introduced a few of us to a game called, “Essence.”  One person is it and silently chooses another person in the group.  Then everyone else has to guess who that person is by asking questions like, “If the person was a color what color would they be?”  My new friend, Cosima is 5 months old.  If she were a color she’d be lavender, if she were a cluster of colors she’d be all pastels.  I’m not the only person who has observed this about her.  Her soft light is a surprising contrast to the loud pterodactyl shrieks she spontaneously belts out for no apparent reason other than to stretch her voice.   
Gemini, this week you may have a sense of renewal or regeneration in your life.  Perhaps you are re-approaching life with the sort of innocence and optimism you did when you were experiencing things for the first time.  Others may even observe a unique glow about you.  
(Daughter of Cups/ Dreaming- Gilli Smyth)

I see my friends and their kids every 6 months to a year and those are the exact measurements of time that make huge differences in physical appearance and development in kids.  Every time I visit I can’t help but remark on the obvious changes, how tall, how much longer their hair is, their new teeth, their missing teeth, etc.  I’m at an age when time makes more subtle changes on physical appearance, but a change of heart or changing your mind can happen quite suddenly.  While the physical changes happening in the development of a child likely shape their internal landscape as well, the internal changes adults experience can contribute to drastic changes in your physical environment.
Cancer, it seems that you may have changed your mind about something, or perhaps you made swift decision and now you are seeing the manifestation of those changes in your physical environment.  This can be quite unsettling if you are the sort of Cancer that leans on the stability of their home environment, but know that these changes are right on schedule no matter your age.  
(XVI Tower/ Ticket To Ride- The Carpenters)

My friends told me that when they first decided to have a child they talked about parenthood as a sort of collaborative art project.  They laughed at the memory, “We were naive, but how would we have known? You just can’t anticipate what it’s going to be like until you’re in it.”
Leo, this week you could discover that your plans have changed, in a way that may be somewhat humbling.  Know that ultimately this shift is good, even if it isn’t totally comfortable in the moment.  
(IV Emperor Rev/ Pressure Drop- Toots and The Maytals)

"What’s happening here?" I asked Djuna, holding up Virgo’s card for the week.  "Planting new trees, having a good time,"  She answered hurriedly after a quick glance.  Virgo, this week you may be eager to get to the "good time" part of Djuna’s forecast.  You probably planted your new trees consciously or unconsciously quite recently and now it may be important to be patient with the time it takes for those trees to surface or bare fruit or even supply shade.  Know that you’ve done all you can and allow yourself to step back this week and survey the scene and appreciate the moves you’ve already made in a new direction.  
(VIII Justice R/ El Condor Pasa- Yma Sumac)

Several of my friends who are parents mentioned that one of the harder things about being a parent is dealing with other parents.  “Everyone has their own idea about the ‘right’ way to parent,” one friend said.  She also said that having kids has made her much less judgmental of the way other people parent.  “A lot of the people who are so opinionated about how you should give birth and raise your kids have money,” she said.  “It’s just not that simple for everyone.”  
Libra, there may be ways that you’ve done things that perhaps you’ve felt guilty about because they weren’t “standard” practice or they weren’t the way people have said things “should” be done.  This week you might begin to feel much better and much less guilty about the ways you’ve strayed or the turns your path has taken.  In this case, making your own tracks, ones that fit your own footprint, are strong indications you are on the right track.    
(V Hierophant L/ If You Didn’t Hear Me The First Time- Madeline Bell)

When my friends Cora and Djuna were called to dinner the other night they descended the stairs in costume.  Cora was wearing a bumble bee costume to which her dad said casually, “Weird, I’m not used to seeing you wear black.”  And Djuna was wearing a hooded green lizard costume with one sparkly silver mary jane and “one high heel!”  “What are you Djuna?” her mom asked.  “I’m a vampire!” she announced as though it were obvious.  The two dined at a table just their size and carried on a very boisterous conversation which occasionally involved them springing out of their seats and running over to Cora’s little brother in his high chair to serenade him.  I felt like I was observing the practices and rituals of a secret society which I could not quite make sense of.  
Scorpio, you may feel a little like an outsider in some situation this week.  It may be helpful to remember the people with whom you do connect.  As a Scorpio, you, yourself may have been mistaken on more than one occasion for a member of your own secret society.   
(3 of Cups Rev/ Wanda the Witch- Sesame Street)

"What do you think is happening here?" I asked Djuna.  She studied the card for a moment.  "They are having a musical party."  I loved this interpretation of a card that depicts three people pointing swords at one another.  Typically, the 3 of Swords describes a dramatic situation or conflict, but music can be dramatic while still remaining harmonious and that is the key to unlocking the potential difficulty depicted here.  What music would you choose if you were going to make a soundtrack for the struggles you may be currently dealing with?  How could you turn the situation into a musical party or a symphony?  
(3 of Swords R/ No Hope- The Vaselines)

"What’s this one, Djuna?"  "That’s a band."  Again, I am stunned by the joyful interpretation of this card which is often said to warn of a fight or struggle and depicts several people against a fiery background with a volcano in the distance.  If you’ve ever been in a band then you are probably familiar with the struggles that can arise both between members and also with the music itself.  When my friends and I had a band briefly, practice frequently lasted for four or more hours and involved us laying on the floor for three of those hours taking turns venting about the weeks trials.  We sometimes referred to band practice as "group therapy."  There may be potential for conflict this week, Capricorn, but the very same situation could also be a recipe for a good song.  Consider thinking of any struggle this week as "band practice."
(5 of Wands L/ The Coffee Cola Song- Francis Bebey)

"They are building a brick wall, but they forgot a piece.  On the other side is an animal shelter,"  Djuna tells me.  Aquarius, this week you may feel strain on a collaboration or anything that you are trying to accomplish that involves other people.  Perhaps you feel like others are not pulling their weight or maybe you aren’t feeling as invested in the collaboration yourself.  Avoid building holes into the fabric of what you are trying to create by reminding yourself and others what you are working towards, even if it isn’t anything as pressing as an animal shelter.
(3 of Discs L/ Life Is A Ball Game-Wynona Carr)

"The lady is resting with daises…oh, and the floor is fancy,"  Djuna tells me after looking briefly at the card I pulled for Pisces this week.  At long last, Pisces, it seems you are getting a much needed rest.  There is some indication that you may have to emphasize this vacation by consciously setting time aside.  The first portion of Djuna’s interpretation seemed relatively easy to understand, but what did it mean when she said the "floor is fancy?"  In the image the ground beneath the reclining woman is green.  I found myself starring at the floor at my feet as I thought about Djuna’s words later when I was at a coffee shop.  The floor under my feet was a polished cement and not particularly fancy.  My friend and I have been on the road for almost a week at this point.  There is a sort of luxurious quality to having any sort of solid ground under your feet when you become accustomed to moving at 60 or 70 miles per hour.  Perhaps you fishes have been feeling that life has been moving at this speed for a while now, whether or not you have had solid ground beneath your feet.  Allow yourself to savor and enjoy stillness this week.  
(III Empress R/ I’m On My Way- Barbara Dane)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 08/06/14

Welcome to another week!

Jupiter is in Leo, which brings a boost to fun, passion, creativity, but there are several Saturn bumps which may be causing intermittent rain on your parade.  We are expanding the things embodied by the astrological sign of Leo, but more like one foot at a time than in a big burst.  My brother is 6 years older so growing up he had the advantage of having seen a lot of things before me.  On my first trip to the Rocky Mountains, my brother began drumming up my excitement by exaggerating their size and using grandiose descriptions.  “That’s it?” I said, when the Rocky Mountains were finally in sight.  I’m hesitant to over-emphasize the benefit of Jupiter in Leo because I think it is important to have your own experience with this transit.  Try and be patient and observant of the kinds of things (even the smallest things) and areas of your life that grow and flourish under Jupiter’s influence this year. 

THE THEME:  My uncle teaches poetry and film classes at a community college.  Over dinner he often goes around the table and asks everyone what their favorite movies are.  One of his ideas, which has not yet been implemented, is to write movie prescriptions.  For example someone might come to him and say, “Doctor, I’m feeling morose.”  And my uncle might say, “Take two Frank Capra films and call me in the morning.”  I decided to borrow his idea this week and found a movie for each sign and card which might be helpful in the navigation of your week.

THE MIX:  The songs for the mix were selected from each movie and relate to the astrological weather as well as your card for the week.  Where titles weren’t available a song with a similar vibe was selected.  Enjoy the immersive experience!


I will not be at Painted Bird this week because I’m hitting the road!  See you in two weeks!

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supermoon in aquarius, in creativity bury us, to our individuality marry us, saturn squares the sun, accommodate fun, hot dog bun, not committing to the life of a nun, going for a run, races to be won, aquarius super moon, singing your own tune, making room, let yourself bloom, choices loom, out of the gloom and doom, time to dream, follow the stream, in the moons beam, not what they seem, hearts and stars,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):
"We owe to our first journeys the discovery that place is nothing. At home I dream that at Naples, at Rome, I can be intoxicated with beauty, and lose my sadness. I pack my trunk, embrace my friends, embark on the sea, and at last wake up in Naples, and there beside me is the stern Fact, the sad self, unrelenting identical that I fled from."
                                                                      -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The image on this card in Amy Von Harrington’s deck shows a kitten bundled in hotdogs.  Once I asked Amy about this card in her deck and she said that she had wanted to convey the themes of this card more gently and more kindly than most decks depict the Devil.  The soft, fuzzy and friendly quality of this card suggest a good path for navigating the astrological indications this week.  This Devil card proposes we make friends of those things which we desire to outrun.  Recently, I observed a zit slowly introducing itself in a prominent location on my face.  I expected it to be like a horror movie reduced to a 100th of it’s speed, but, oddly, the longer I watched the zit grow the more I kind of liked the way it looked.  I had a similar experience in 8th grade.  A girl I admired had a mole on the edge of her upper lip that I found very attractive.  One day a zit popped up on my face in the exact same location and I found myself reveling in my good fortune.  You can go anywhere in the world, as the Emerson quote above suggests and still you will find yourself and all your troubles packed into your bag.  Uranus and Saturn continue to separate relieving some of the tension of their inconjunct aspect.  But while Saturn in Scorpio moves way from conflict with Uranus it moves on this week to create squares of tension with the Sun in Leo and the full Super Moon in Aquarius.  What does it all mean?  Where Saturn is concerned the emphasis is typically on restructuring, or even dismantling in order to make room for, where Leo and Aquarius are concerned, the creative expression of you and your ideas.  Stability can be, just as it describes, stabilizing, or when we allow structures to be established or created without our participation or voice, stability can be stifling.  Now is the perfect time to think about implementing changes that will lend greater support to your self expression.  It starts by acknowledging your demons, or your kittens wrapped in hotdogs.  
(You Can Get It If You Really Want- Desmond Dekker)

XV The Devil (Part III) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

This movie is incredibly satisfying on several levels.  Aesthetically the 80s decor and wardrobe is colorfully saturated and visually appealing, you want to be here, in the world this movie creates.  Rosanna Arquette does an amazing job of depicting a bored and sensitive housewife (Roberta) living a “ho hum” life in New Jersey to New York City where she begins to experience herself.  Besides coming to know, validate and appreciate who she is, Roberta finds romance with someone new who falls in love with the real Roberta rather than the false role she’d been playing with her husband. 
Aries, right now you may be feeling or can expect to feel good about being here, in the world you’ve created.  Perhaps you are also feeling satisfied with the love in your life knowing that the love is genuine because it comes from people who truly appreciate who you are.  
(Ace of Cups/ Into The Groove- Madonna)

This movie was a childhood favorite.  Even now I find myself in situations saying, “It’s kind of like in Adventures in Baby Sitting…”  At first it seems that Chris’s friend Brenda is the brave one because, in the beginning at least, she is the voice of reason, “We’ve got to get out of this place.  It’s like a Dairy Queen.  You only get one flavor.” Through out the course of the movie, however, Chris is put to the test and proves to be unstoppable, eventually delivering her infamous line, “Don’t fuck with the babysitter.”
Taurus, this week you may find yourself trying to hold your ship steady.  Consider watching “Adventures in Babysitting” for inspiration.  Perhaps life has been putting you to the test lately, but as an earth sign and the sign represented by the bull, you will likely rise to meet any challenge facing you.  
(Shaman of Cups/ 25 Miles- Edwin Starr)

One of the funniest things about this movie is that you can watch it over and over again, even back to back.  The reason this is funny, if you aren’t familiar with the movie, is that it is a rather fantastical story about a weather reporter named Phil who gets trapped repeating the same day (Groundhog Day) over and over again.  Because nothing around him changes, Phil himself is forced to change.  Like the groundhog, he is forced to confront his shadow.  
Gemini, this week you may feel impatient and at times that impatience could result in a feeling of defeat.  Watch this movie, watch it a couple of times.  While it may seem like nothing is changing, it is likely you who is being presented with the opportunity to change, to confront your shadow and win.    
(VII Chariot Rev/ I Got You Babe- Sonny and Cher)

This movie is extremely underrated, probably because it came out in the 90s before society or Hollywood or the mainstream or whoever had embraced female-driven narratives.  It’s sort of about a woman who is witness to a murder, but mostly it is about the woman herself.  When the movie starts she has just been fired from her job, which, she later confesses she, “was kind of bad at.”  No one seems to believe that she has seen a murder because she is the only witness and there seems to be no evidence or a body.  Though she does began to doubt that what she has seen actually took place, she never for a moment doubts who she is.  At one point in the movie she stumbles upon a mural her love struck professor painted of her.  “I don’t even look like that,” she tells him, before exiting the scene.  
Cancer, this week it seems you are feeling more sure of yourself because you are recognizing and validating who you truly are and it likely has nothing to do with what you do for a living or whether or not you are even good at it.  
(6 of Wands/ The Girl From Ipanema- Joao Gilberto and Stan Getz (not from the movie, but similar in style))

I really need to finally compile a list of movies that deal with one’s Saturn Return* because this movie would definitely be on it.  After Mary gets arrested for a variety of reasons related to a party she threw, her godmother Judy gives her a job at the library where she works so she can pay her rent.  “Your mother was a woman with no common sense,” Judy tells Mary repeatedly throughout the movie.  “I’m not good at anything,” Mary says to her boyfriend after she gets fired from the job.  When her boyfriend disagrees, she says dryly, “You know what we’re good at?”  By “we” she means the people in her family and then she lists off a few party-related triumphs such as, “maintaining when we’re fucked up.”  Throughout the movie, Mary struggles to assert her independence from the patterns and conditioning she no longer cares to identify with.  
This week, Leo, you are moving beyond your patterns and conditioning and clearing the path to achieve something on your your own terms, which, as a Leo, is probably a large part of what you came here to do.  
(XV The Devil Rev/ Turn Me Loose (Party Girl)- Ultra Nate)

*The time when Saturn returns to the same point in the sky that it occupied at the moment of a person’s birth.  At this time Saturn’s influence helps to align a person with their path in life, sometimes through difficult lessons.  

I think the first time I saw this movie was in second grade when I was home from school with the flu.  I was riveted from start to finish.  It was extremely influential (I even used to mumble to myself when I would get in trouble, “Penny Pingleton is permanently punished…”).  This movie is all about pushing boundaries that are arbitrarily constructed, it’s about dismantling the box, not fitting into one.
Virgo, this week you may be noticing that what may have resulted in you feeling down or disappointed was actually just the result of trying to inhabit a box that couldn’t or wouldn’t accommodate you.  Move away from the frustration by making a new design or formulating a new plan that is more in line with who you are and what you want to accomplish.      
(5 of Cups Rev/ I’m Blue(The Gong Gong Song)- The Ikettes)

The first time I watched this movie was on our back porch one summer night in Iowa with the crickets chirping in the background.  We had moved the TV out there because it had gotten too hot inside the house.  I remember very distinctly the feeling of hearing Meryl Streep singing Amazing Grace, her voice standing out starkly against the hot summer night and the dramatic events of the film with the crickets as her backup.  It was this movie that first introduced me to the song, Amazing Grace and even now I can’t help thinking of it as Karen Silkwood’s song.  I think I was 8 years old at the time and didn’t totally understand the events of the film, but Karen’s determination and courage were easy to comprehend.
Libra, a portion of what motivates you towards achievement this week may come from a sense of injustice, a desire for things to be more fair.  As the sign associated with peace and justice you wouldn’t be wrong to make those things a part of your goal.  Consider watching or re-watching Silkwood for inspiration.
(Son of Discs/ Amazing Grace- Meryl Streep)

This was one of my favorite movies in high school, probably because it does such a good job of portraying the tumultuous feelings of anger and sadness that teenage girls often experience.  As a teenager it seems like things are always happening to you or around you that you have no control over.  “Girl’s Town” depicts a group of teenage girls grappling with their feelings of powerlessness who take revenge on the people they feel have attempted to victimize them.
Scorpio, while your feelings this week could trigger a few revenge fantasies, what is most strongly indicated (with Mars now in your sign) is a feeling of being able to change things and set them right.  You will likely feel empowered to achieve your goals and meet any challenges in-between with confidence.    
(VIII Justice R/ U.N.I.T.Y.- Queen Latifah)

Long before my parents ever lived in Indonesia, this was my mother’s favorite movie.  I grew up watching it.  I haven’t seen it in a long time, but I have a feeling it would be interesting to revisit given current global events.  The main idea that my young mind clung to about this movie was integrity.  The main character, Guy Hamilton, is struggling to establish himself as a journalist.  In the beginning he is cocky and somewhat opportunistic, but the political climate in Indonesia along with his friendship with Billy (played by Linda Hunt) compels him to trust his instincts and listen to a more intuitive sense of right in wrong.
Sagittarius, this week you may be setting all the books on any particular subject aside and instead leaning more heavily on your own intuitive sense of integrity.  This is a very good thing because, when you listen to this part of yourself, you end up where you want and need to be in order for you to be happy by your own definition rather than by anyone else’s.  
(V Hierophant/ L’Enfant- Vangelis)

This is one of my all-time favorite movies and one of the few movies I own.  It’s about a bus of senior citizens, all women, who get stranded in the countryside in Canada.  They’ve all been brought together by one woman on the bus named Constance and so many of them are strangers (thus the title).  They are forced to rely on various survival techniques (one woman uses her panty hoes to catch fish) and throughout their quiet adventure each of them has the opportunity to tell her story, to explain where she comes from and the challenges she’s faced.  Even at their ages, it becomes apparent that they have a lot to learn from one another and they do.  
Capricorn, this week you may find yourself getting more perspective on some area of your life.  Perhaps this has to do with distance, such as taking a trip or being stranded in the countryside or perhaps it has to do with meeting new people and being introduced to new ideas or both.  Either way this is a good thing, particularly for you goal-oriented goats.  This is a good time to direct your focus outwards for a while.
(8 of Swords Rev/ Waltz of The Snowflakes-Tchaikovsky (this wasn’t in the movie, but seemed appropriate))

This was another childhood favorite.  I desperately wanted to be Sally Salt clinging to a hot air balloon and ending up on the moon.  The Baron reminds me a little of an uncle of mine who is famous for saying, “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.”  This idea is what “The Adventures of the Baron Munchausen” is all about.  It is about the importance of using fictional narratives or hyperbole to enhance your life.  I know some of you might be thinking, “Yes, it’s called lying.”  But it is more about seeing the magic in life and in any situation and giving it another name that validates its specialness, the way the Baron uses hyperbole to tell what, in reality, might actually be a very boring story.  At one point before Sally convinces him to go on an adventure he sums up his disappointment with the “real world” saying, “It’s all logic and reason now. Science. Progress.  Laws of hydraulics. Laws of social dynamics.  Laws of this, that and the other.  No place for a three-legged cyclops in the South Seas.  No place for cucumber trees and oceans of wine.  No place for me.”
Aquarius, don’t give up on your dreams or set them aside because they seem too lofty.  They may be much closer to fruition than you think, especially if you look at things from the Baron’s perspective.  
(9 of Cups L/ Venus-The Adventures of the Baron Munchausen)

The other day when I was at my brother’s house my sister-in-law had just finished watching this movie.  “I’ve been watching all those old 80s movies, you know like Goonies and Romancing the Stone,” she told me.  “It’s cool to watch movies from an era because you can see what the themes are, what was happening even politically at that time,” I said.  “Yeah, but for me it is more about about nostalgia and revisiting all the movies I used to watch as a kid,” she said after a pause.  Later at dinner my brother, a borderline workaholic said, “I idolized Ferris Bueller when I was a kid.”   
Pisces, I mention this movie mostly because I think you might need a day off.  While you may be like me, trying to relate even fluff to some larger concept, it is best to take a break and just watch this or any other movie from this era for nostalgia or fun. It seems you are nearing the point of knowing that your body or your mind, or your body and mind need a rest.   Avoid pushing yourself too far past this point or you may end up actually sick instead of just pretending.  
(9 of Wands L/ Danke Schoen- Wayne Newton)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 07/30/14

Friends! Travelers! Wanders! Navigators! Welcome!

Guess what?  It’s a big week upstairs, but by now that probably comes as no surprise.  There are TWO Grand Water Trines in addition to all the more subtle movements of the planets and stars.  Hold onto your hats, actually don’t hold onto anything.  This week is a wave pool, the best tactic may be to body surf, but I will discuss that more under the card for the week, the 2 of Swords.  

THEME:  No theme this weeks, just a little of this and that. 


I will be at Painted Bird in Los Angeles this Thursday (tomorrow) from 3:00-5:30pm.  Come by with you quandaries and conundrums!  We will dig into those knots!  ($15 per question) <3 This is the last chance to see me publicly in LA because I will be touring the west coast for two weeks! 

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grand water trines, wind in the pines, fine lines, dressed to the nines, sun shines, spin on dimes, squeezing limes, making rhymes, listening to grimes or leann rimes, pallas/juno square, with whom do you want to share, about whom do you care, where do you want to stare, do what you dare, compensating for the glare, feeling rare, saturn features, planetary teachers, fuzzy creatures, sitting in the bleachers, take rest, adding zest, waves crest, mosquito pest, put to the test, do your best, scorpio mars, hearts and stars,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

There is a whole language of games and play that I had almost forgotten about until I pulled this card for the week.  When you are kid you use this language almost every recess.  Any game you play typically allows for Time Outs, or a T.O.  The universal sign for a Time Out is making a ‘T’ shape with your hands or arms.  I remember a few games of tag where the use of Time Out had to be limited because people were using it to avoid getting tagged by calling a time out right before they were about to get caught.  The card this week, the 2 of Swords, is all about the importance of taking a time out to discuss the rules or think about the established structures or patterns in your life that are perhaps no longer serving you.
There are two Grand Water Trines this week providing opportunities for emotional healing and growth.  Weigh all the options, consider all the feelings involved in any major decision facing you this week.  There will be a tendency to cling to the comfort and security of old patterns.  Kind of like the old t-shirt I have that at this point is more of a cotton bib than a shirt.  I can no longer pretend that it has any function other than being a symbol or a reminder of how I once took comfort.  With Saturn holding down one corner of one of these trines we will be presented with the opportunity to build a new structure that is more supportive of growth, and expansion, but this also requires making conscious decisions to change and being completely honest with yourself and others about the difficulty inherent in that change.  
A long time ago, my friend Math and I were driving an old car up a windy mountain.  The car didn’t seem to be handling the incline well.  “Come on car, I believe in you!”  I said.  Math joined in and we both began chanting, “I believe in you-ou-ouu! I believe in you-ou-ouu!”  To this day we will say this to one another when we are in need of words of encouragement.  I offer it to all of you wanderers of the astral plain as we set about breaking patterns and laying new foundations for the next 7 year Saturn cycle, “I believe in you-ou-ouu!”
(We Can Make It If We Try- The Sylvers)

2 of Swords (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

Marco Polo was a game my brother, my cousins and I played frequently growing up wherever or whenever there was a pool to play it in.  The “It” person closes their eyes and calls out “Marco”  while all the other participants respond with, “Polo.”  The difficulty which frequently arose for the “It” person was when you called “Marco” and heard two voices in different directions that sounded like they were the same distance away.  You had to decide in which direction to move based on every other sensation, save plain sight.  
Aries, you may encounter a similar predicament this week, a choice, or a feeling you have to choose a direction.  It could feel unfair, maybe you feel like someone cheated at the game.  Perhaps you cheated and now you are trying decide where to go from here and how to get to a better feeling place.  Trust your gut and intuitions over mere visual cues.  As the old saying goes, “all that glitters is not gold.”
(2 of Discs Rev/ Echo’s Answer- Broadcast)

Circumstance found me driving surface streets from Santa Monica to Silver Lake the other day.  Somewhere between here and there I passed a store with giant red letters evenly dispersed across the top half of the building.  The letters looked like they were capable of lighting up in the dark and spelled out ‘VICTORY’.  The wall of windows beneath the sign were covered in a film of dirt and dust but I found myself searching through the glass anyway for evidence of what a store making this sort of proclamation would sell.  It took me a moment to realize the building was abandon and that there was nothing inside.  
Taurus, now would be a good time to take a moment to reflect on where you are trying to go or what you are trying to achieve.  You bulls are such hard workers that it is easy to put your nose to the grindstone and forget to look up and see in what direction all your efforts are sending you.  Take a moment this week to slow down, or stop activity altogether.  Consider that Victory might not be something you win, but something that finds you when you put your faith in a positive outcome.     
(XII Hanged One Rev/ Nothing To Be Done- The Pastels)

When I was a kid I often filled the bath tub too full.  When I got in, the water would go up over the overflow drain, which would then make a loud sucking sound like someone slurping soup.  To quiet the sound I would attempt to cover the mouth of the overflow drain with my toes.  Eventually, I would get tired of doing this and had to either drain some of the water out from the bottom, which was a less grating noise or allow the overflow drain to fulfill its function.
Gemini, this week you may find that the tub of feelings you are soaking in is too full.  You have many options for dealing with this excess, but those options might not be so appealing to you, or at least not yet.  You can try and plug the holes, but eventually you will have to find a release.  Consider consciously choosing the method of letting go that is least grating.  
(8 of Cups Rev/ It’s A Shame (My Sister)- Monie Love)

Growing up, my dad was very good at preparing me for physical discomfort.  “Dad, is the water cold?”  “You know, I would say that it is slightly cooler than normal, but not unbearable.”  Or if I was going to get a tooth pulled at the dentist, “You know, it does hurt a little bit, but just the shot at the beginning.  It’s sort of a dull ache with a slightly sharper pain at the end.  I would say on the scale of one to ten the pain doesn’t go past a six or seven.”  I think my dad got really good at describing discomfort and preparing me for it because that is what he has had to do for himself his whole life.  My dad is a Cancer and like many native to his sign he doesn’t deal with change or transition easily.  Even positive transitions can be experienced as discomfort.  
Cancer, this week the changes you may encounter are ultimately positive.  You may still find it helpful however to prepare yourself or ask others who have experienced a similar transition to prepare you for any discomfort you may experience in the process.  
(4 of Wands Rev/ Something Came Over Me- Throbbing Gristle)

A few years ago my aunt and uncle drudged up some old home videos that they shot in the nineties.  A few of us were watching them and at one point the camera turned on me.  I was about eleven years old and I was sitting on the couch with my grandmother who was sick at the time.  I was showing her my favorite book about a garden.  My uncle, who was behind the camera, asked me to show the camera what I was looking at.  I completely ignored him and turned away.  I had forgotten first of all how shy I was at that time, but also how adamant I was about protecting my own feelings.  As an adult my learned tendency has been to put my feelings aside to protect someone else’s which I don’t think is a fantastic solution either.
Leo, you may feel an instinctual desire to either protect or defend some part of yourself.  But both approaches tend to obscure who you really are.  Perhaps you aren’t ready to share publicly the things you are passionate or excited about, or perhaps you feel defensive of your feelings or passions because you are afraid no one will see you or understand you.  You don’t have to feel any differently than the way you feel, but you can practice getting more comfortable with allowing others to see you and not having to control or filter that image.  
(Ace of Wands Rev/ I Know Myself- Ernest Wilson)

As a kid, I remember being very influenced by the movies I watched.  After the “Little Mermaid” came out I wanted to brush my hair with a fork.  After I watched “A League of Their Own,” I wanted to play baseball, but where I grew up girls were only allowed to play softball.  I didn’t want to play softball because in “A League of Their Own” they played baseball so I didn’t sign up.  I still kind of regret this decision because, who knows, maybe I would have had a good arm.  
Virgo, this week, you may encounter a disappointment or setback.  As the sign famous for your attention to detail it is important every once and awhile to take a break and relax your gaze or loosen your focus.  Acknowledge the real feeling that motivates you to succeed in any given situation rather than feeling tied to the package or envelope in which it might be delivered.  
(5 of Cups R/ She Doesn’t Laugh At My Jokes- Jonathan Richman)

I never got into “Breaking Bad,” but I remember people talking about it.  If you aren’t familiar the whole series is about a chemistry teacher who starts making and selling meth to pay for his medical bills following a cancer diagnosis.  At some point during the “Breaking Bad” frenzy a friend of mine posted a comic on Facebook that showed what Breaking Bad would look like in countries that provides health care for their citizens.  A doctor is telling the chemistry teacher he has incurable lung cancer.  At first the teacher says, “But how will I pay for my medical treatments?  This will bankrupt my family!”  The doctor replies by saying, “Nonsense!  The government will pay your medical bills, taxpayer!”  The punch line is, “In that case I guess I’ll go back to teaching chemistry.”  
Libra, this is similar to the situation you might encounter this week.  It may be possible to make an entire television series out of just one event or you could wrap up real issue in one simple comic.  
(3 of Swords Rev/ Rich Girl- Nina Simone)

In one of my favorite movies, Mermaids, Rachel Flax played by Cher is sitting up in bed after having sex with Lou, her date.  She tells him, “Look, in my experience men lie about everything.”  And Lou says, “But women don’t?”  “Well I don’t know about women, but I don’t.” “But from me you expect it?” Lou asks.  “Absolutely,” she replies without hesitation.  “Well, when you expect the worst from people, they usually deliver,” he says after a pause.  Lou spends the rest of the movie demonstrating that he is someone Rachel can trust.  And it is the trust they ultimately build that allows her to acknowledge the space and freedom she really requires in her intimate relationships.     
One of the challenges that many Scorpios face is trusting that other people are going to fulfill their end of any bargain.  Allow the people in your life to show you that they are capable of keeping their promises and don’t waste your time with anyone that isn’t able to demonstrate that they are reliable.  That way you will have more time to figure out what you really want and need.  
(3 of Discs/ You Know What I Mean- Vernon Girls)

Growing up my best friend belonged to the Christian Science church.  They weren’t terribly strict, but they did follow a different set of beliefs than the ones at my house.  The main principle, according to my friend, is that your thinking can change your physical reality.  I didn’t disagree until I had a headache, asked for an aspirin and was met with some resistance.  The suggestion was to first think your way out of the pain by focusing on positive thoughts and/or relaxing.  I couldn’t understand why I would want to think my way out of pain when I knew I could just take a pill and achieve the same result faster and with much less effort.  Later however, as an adult, I would experience menstrual cramps that no pill could cure and was forced to develop breathing and visualization techniques instead.  Just imagining the pain on a cloud softened the acuity of it.
Sagittarius, this week you may be tempted to abandon the possibility of transformation or change.  But the difference you seek could be as easy as changing your mind.  One of my favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein who said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics.”
(XVII Star Rev/ Halah- Mazzy Star)

I don’t normally do this, but I was driving a car with a cracked radiator back from Santa Monica to Silver Lake and I couldn’t afford to make a mistake, so I used my GPS.  As soon as I got to Beverly Hills my GPS went haywire and all I could see on the map was where I’d been.  Where I was going was blocked out by what looked like a game of tetris composed of grey squares that had the words ‘no image’ in the middle of each one.  
Capricorn, there may be no image available for the road ahead of you.  One reason for this could be  to direct your attention to the past, to reflect on and solidify what you know about yourself.  And another could be to bring you more fully into the present moment, to make now as good a moment as the next.  
(XVIII Moon/ Twist Del Tren- Los Teen Agers)

Remember when they made footie pajamas for adults?  I found that really disturbing.  Actually, I just checked and they still do make footie pajamas for adults.  I try really hard not to judge people for anything, but I find footie pajamas for adults unfathomable.  The only two reasons I could come up with for why an adult would want to wear this to bed is A. you live in an extremely cold climate or B. there is something comforting and nostalgic about them for you.
Aquarius this week you may be tempted to take comfort from the changes you may be experiencing by doing something like, wearing footie pajamas as an adult.  The problem is you aren’t the same person you were when you wore them the first time and it no longer makes sense.  And while it may be comforting to you, it is probably deeply disturbing to someone close to you.  
(XIII Death L/ Grandma’s Hands- Bill Withers)

Following my 21st birthday I got a job baby sitting for a dancer and a construction worker who had two kids.  It was kind of how I imagine the sequel to “Flashdance” would go.  The construction worker would sometimes work from home, but mostly hid in his office.  When he emerged on a blue moon the kids would run and cling to his pant legs and he would pat their heads mechanically.  Once he poured me a cup of coffee in a mug that said, “You’re #1.”  Later the dancer came home and was upset because I wasn’t able to convince her four year old to get out of her pajamas.  She buried her face in her hands and said, “I can’t do everything.”  It was very tragic, “But,” I told a friend later.  “I’m not getting paid enough to be a husband and dad.”
Pisces, you are famous for being selfless and you likely go out of your way to help those in need.  But this week it may be important to have firm boundaries around the assistance you offer.  If it is a job, make sure you aren’t doing too much outside your job description or working extra hours without getting paid.  If it is a friend you are helping make sure that this is a friend who you can trust to help you out were you to find yourself in a similar bind.  
(6 of Discs R/ Thanks A Lot- Ernest Tubb)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 07/23/14


This is a big week!  Saturn is Direct and Uranus is Retrograde, last week the opposite was true.  Astrologer Anne Ortelee likened this aspect to ringing out a wet towel, first twisting one way, and then in the opposite direction.  This is a stressful and destabilizing aspect, weakened structures collapse!  On a more positive note, Mars moves into Scorpio on Friday, a placement Mars prefers.  It will likely feel much easier to act on your desires after Friday.  Saturday is a roar!  Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon will all be in Leo and there is a New Moon!  Make your wishes!  More than one, no more than 10.  For those who feature Leo prominently in your chart this is a particularly good time to set your intentions for your new year and tell Jupiter, the Cosmic Santa Claus, where you want all those gifts to go.

THE THEME:  When I was a kid one of my favorite stores in town was called Things.  In the basement was one of those coin-operated fortune telling machines that had a waxy-looking woman in a glass booth who ran her hand robotically over a crystal ball when you put a quarter in.  And upstairs was a stuffed bear, dressed as Amelia Earhart, I never seemed to have enough allowance to afford.  I visited her every time I was in the store.  I have always found Amelia Earhart and her mysterious disappearance compelling, but my interest was peaked when, as a kid, I found out she and I had the same birthday.  I was rather shy and timid then, but I found myself somehow connected, however thin the thread, to a woman whose life and work became a symbol of courage.  For me, her story and our small connection was proof of the potential for courage within me.  This week is Amelia and my birthdays.  To celebrate, the theme is a collaboration of sorts:  Amelia’s quotes coupled with the cards I’ve pulled for the week and my interpretations of both.  


I will not be at Painted Bird this week because…It’s my BIRTHDAY!


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leo moon new, witches brew, you know who, it’s my birthday too, mars moves on, changes spawn, day new dawn, brains and brawn, taking out the lawn, uranus goes back, pancake stack, time to pack, trains on track, clickity clack, paint it black, getting the knack, cutting some slack, crab shack, mourning dove, stars above, all my love,


 Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

As I sat down to write this general Tarotscope for the week, I let out a deep sigh and thought “The news has been a constant stream of tragedy the past few weeks.”  Which is, I suppose, something lots of people say or have been saying.  But I realized how strange it is to phrase it that way because tragedy isn’t something that happens in the news, it happens in real life and is reported or covered by the news.  But we still talk about events as if they only existed in the news, as if the news was a location, a place where things happen.  The other night I wanted some relief from the saturation of sadness that was permeating everything so I watched a double feature on my lap top.  
First I watched, “Ever After,” which I think qualifies as a kids movie, but is cross-listed under romantic comedies.  The last line of the movie is, “And while Cinderella and her prince did live happily ever after, the point, gentlemen, is that they lived.”  At first I was deeply annoyed because this conclusion seemed to be suggesting that a story is only really significant if it is a “true” story.  But this ending also reminded me of the news lately, the way events have been reported.  There is a sort of desperate way of reporting, of trying to tell a “true” story that I find difficult to stomach.  I understand the inclination.  There is a tone in many of the articles I’ve read that seems to be saying, “this is REALLY happening to REAL people.”  It is frustrating that it is so hard for many people to understand this fact without explicit evidence, without graphic photos or detailed accounts of violence.  It reminded me of, as I said before, the way people, at least in this country, often see the news as something self-contained.
Then I watched “My Girl,” which, I know, was not the best choice for someone looking for a reprieve from sadness, nor did it take my mind off of world events.  Towards the end, at the funeral for Vada’s best friend, Thomas J., Vada rushes the open casket sobbing and demanding to know where Thomas J.’s glasses are, screaming, “He can’t see without his glasses!”  I was reminded of the article I’d read that morning about the Malaysian Airlines flight that was shot down.  The article also pointed out articles of clothing that were missing from the victims, but the account was cold and clinical.  
The Page of Swords reflects the kind of energy and enthusiasm often associated with teenagers.  It is a card of youthful exuberance and curiosity, but also reflects the impulsiveness of youth.  It embodies both the potential of idealism that times of turmoil can inspire, but also, in it’s shadow side, it can represent the clumsy and insensitive reporting we’ve experienced.  The Page of Swords seeks information, wants to “be in the know” and investigate the world around them.           
When I was in Indonesia after the Tsunami I met a group of activists who were training media in the area on how to respectfully report on the situation without exacerbating the trauma for the victims.   This seems like valuable instruction now as well.  Sometimes it isn’t necessary to know the details of someone’s death, like how they looked, it is enough to know that they lived.    
(Hunky Dory- Dory Previn)

Page of Swords (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

"Never interrupt someone doing something you said couldn’t be done."
This might be Earhart’s most noteworthy quote and it might be where you find yourself this week, Aries.  Mars moves into Scorpio on Friday, a much easier placement for the planet that rules and motivates your sign.  In addition, Saturn is now direct in Scorpio helping you establish new ways (structures) to achieve your goals.  When I pulled your card for the week I had an image of you sitting at your desk or on your bed or where ever you do your best work, and you suddenly look up and say impatiently, “I’m busy!”  This comment is likely being directed towards the part of yourself that previously held your coattails or apron strings or ankles with skepticism.  Now it is full steam ahead as you silence your inner negative nellies, doing what they said couldn’t be done.
(VII Chariot R/ Don’t Let Go- Shirley Ellis)

"Better do a good deed near at home than go far away to burn incense."
After my initial excitement at discovering that Amelia Earhart and I shared a birthday, I became worried that I might suffer a similar fate.  I worried that the lesson of Earhart’s story was that when you finally get the courage to fully embody yourself and embrace your desires you end up dead.  I kept thinking that if I read Earhart’s story enough times I could figure out what really happened.  I wanted to re-write her disappearance.  I remember picturing her on an island with coconuts, palm trees and a little cave for sleeping.
Taurus, the home that you might find yourself traveling near or far from this week is one within yourself.  Don’t hold yourself back, embrace your desires.  The truth is that you are much more likely to disappear if you don’t.    
(Ace of Wands L/ I Just Need Myself- Easy Cure)

"By the time I had got two or three hundred feet off the ground, I knew I had to fly."
My grandfather talks about his age not in terms of time, but of distance.  “I’ve made 97 trips around the sun,” he’d say.  I find that the older I get the more emotional I feel towards the end of each lap around the sun.  The emotions have less to do with anxiety or fear of getting older than they do with a deepening sense of gratitude.  As my birthday approaches, I naturally find myself thinking about who and what I love.  The feelings grow exponentially with time and distance.  There is more of life to love every year.  
Gemini, this week you may experience a deepening sense of appreciation for who and what you love.  You may feel like you are “two or three hundred feet off the ground.”  From this place it may be much easier to see where you want to go or what you want do.  
(Ace of Cups/ Within You Without You- Patti Smith)

"There are two kinds of stones, as everyone knows, one of which rolls."
My mother raised me to value flexibility above most other traits.  In fact, I often felt that everything else was nailed to the ground and I was the only variable, the one who embodied movement.     
Cancer, as the sign that represents home, family, and roots you may find yourself identifying more easily with the stone that stays over the one that rolls.  But this week, and for several after, perhaps even for the entire year, the opposite will be true.  It is not necessarily that you are traveling distances, but that things in your life are beginning to move, maybe even make a sort of music and that momentum is inspiring you to action and even to dance.  
(0 Fool R/ More Today Than Yesterday- Dee Dee Warwick)

"Preparation, I have often said, is rightly two-thirds of any venture."
I used to think planning for anything was a sort of prison that squashed the possibility of spontaneity.  A long time ago, my then-girlfriend and I went camping and brought almost nothing with us besides a tent and a couple of blankets.  We ended up having to get all our food from a convenience store which meant dinner consisted of hot dogs and doritos and for dessert, marshmallows.  It was then that I realized planning and preparedness could actually make an experience more enjoyable and even create room for spontaneity.  Since that time I’ve even managed to look at planning itself as a form of fun, when I can see it as a map to the realization of a dream.   
Leo, this is a good week to think about the dreams you want to realize this year.  The sun, moon and Jupiter will all be in Leo at the New Moon on Saturday and it will be an excellent time to make wishes and plans.  You don’t have to stick to the plan, but just allowing yourself to imagine and dream is transformative.   
(7 of Cups R/ Holiday Time- Hildegard Knef)

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do…The process is its own reward."
Virgo, you may find yourself holding back from making a solid commitment in some area of your life.  Even if your fears are more like wax museum replicas than just “paper tigers” they still can’t bite.  Don’t be afraid to put one foot in front of the next towards a solid future.  The process of building your dream is, as Earhart says, “its own reward.”
(VI Lovers L/ Dalaginding- Maribel Aunor)

"Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace, the soul that knows it not, knows no release from the little things."
I read this quote a few times and said, “What?” to myself after every reading until finally I let go of trying to understand what Earhart might have meant and just thought about what the quote might mean to me.  And this was, in fact, right in line with the card I pulled for you and the astrological weather, Libra.  There is potential to feel rather diluted this week by other people’s voices, passions or opinions.  The challenge (and courage) may be standing in what you know to be true for you without needing anyone else to share your opinion with you.
(7 of Wands Rev/ Run Joe- Maya Angelou)

"The most effective way to do it is to do it."
The way most quotes are constructed or extracted often make the person being quoted sound like they are barking orders,  “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!” “Let sleeping dogs lie!”  I guess those are actually examples of sayings, but it is the same idea.  This quote starts out with a similar tone, but has a surprise ending.  It isn’t telling you what to do or how to do it, it is suggesting that you already know the best way for you to get where you are trying to go.  And Scorpio, you do, although you may not be feeling quite so confident about it this week.  Consider translating your thoughts into commanding quotes as an experiment.   
(Son of Wands Rev/ Hollywood- Jessica Pratt)

"The soul’s dominion? Each time we make a choice, we pay with courage to behold restless day and count it fair."
"What does "soul’s dominion" mean?" I asked myself after I first encountered this quote.  "Soul’s dominion- where the soul lives, or what the soul is responsible for, the territory it covers,"  I answered as if I was in a spelling bee.  The language of this quote doesn’t make the meaning easy for the average Mary to decipher, but that is part of why it fits with the astrological weather you may soon encounter, Sagittarius.  Courage is required on both sides of a choice, the courage to make a decision and the courage to navigate the outcome of those choices.  There is no easy route to opening your heart or making changes to accommodate that opening.  Muscles loosen in warm water and epsom salts, it is an environmental response.  You may experience a loosening of the tighter muscles around your heart this week, which is part of making a more comfortable home for your soul.
(4 of Cups Rev/ A Place in The Sun- Marine Girls)

"The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do, and the more genuine may be one’s appreciation of fundamental things like home, and love, and understanding companionship."
Capricorn, this week there is a feeling of abundance.  What you need is coming in as easily as a breath and what you have to offer is exiting just as naturally.  This is probably a result of looking at your assets and wealth not just in terms of money, or food, or objects, but also in terms of people, experiences, opportunities and personal strengths which add richness to your life in their own way.    
(6 of Discs/ You Think You’re A Man- The Vaselines)

"In my life, I had come to realize that, when things were going very well, indeed, it was just the time to anticipate trouble. And, conversely, I learned from pleasant experience that at the most despairing crisis, when all looked sour beyond words, some delightful "break" was apt to lurk just around the corner."
This quote, in my opinion, could have been come from an Aquarius, at least the second half.  This would be a good week to tap into your inventive form of optimism, Aquarius.  You may encounter some turbulence as you navigate a deep transformation that is beginning to crystalize in your life.  It may be important to note that this is not an end as much as it is a beginning and that any “despairing crisis” also holds a strong possibility for a “delightful break” just around the corner.  
(XIII Death/ It’s Raining- Irma Thomas)

"We are running north and south."
In water the connection between things is easy to understand.  When you make a wave, the effects of it’s ripples can be felt far from the source, the way a bottle gets carried across the ocean.  This is a principle your sign represents, the idea that we are all connected, that what happens here isn’t separate from what happens there.
Your quote from Amelia Earhart was her last transmission.  It seems she was disoriented, unsure if her plane was pointed north or south.  This week, Pisces, you may feel that your nerves are wearing thin.  Whether your energy feels dissipated by personal concerns or by something that has been happening across the ocean makes no difference.  Take time for yourself, corral your energies for a little while until you get your bearings.    
(10 of Wands/ A Gritty Nitty- The Pazant Brothers)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 07/16/14

Welcome Travelers!

Today Jupiter enters Leo and will stay until August of 2015.  If you have planets in Leo or in your 5th house, you will get a big boost this year.  Jupiter has been referred to as the, “Cosmic Santa Claus,” bringing gifts and luck to the areas of your life that Leo embodies.  Emily Trinkaus wrote a nice summary of this rare event in her blog Virgo Magic.  I appreciate in particular, her list of ways to tap in and activate the gifts of this transit:  
    •    trust and act on what feels like fun
    •    follow your heart’s passion and wisdom
    •    come from a place of love, generosity, nobility and innocence
    •    use a playful, lighthearted approach
    •    express your individuality and uniqueness
    •    take a courageous creative risk and let your light shine.

THE THEME:  My dog Sally is named after the late astronaut Sally Ride.  I chose her name in the hopes that it would inspire in her a sense of adventure (I wanted her to be a good travel companion) and also because she can jump a good 4 feet in the air from a standing position.  The longer we’ve cohabited, the more I’ve observed in her other alien attributes.  I think of us as Mork and Mindy, I’m Mindy and she’s Mork.  The story I developed about her is that she comes from a planet where all the creatures look like she does and that her spots (she has many, like a miniature dalmation) are a map showing how to get from our planet to hers.  All this superfluous backstory is just to say that the theme this week is- SPOTS.  My friend, Abigail suggested it while she was staring at Sally’s map the other day.  


I will be at Painted Bird in Los Angeles this Thursday (tomorrow) from 2:30-5:00pm.  Come by with you quandaries and conundrums!  We will dig into those knots!  ($15 per question) <3

My essay:  When You Think The Night Has Seen Your Mind: Thoughts On Queers and Astrology, just came out in this issue of RECAPS Magazine.  I’m so honored to be included among so many great pieces.  If you aren’t familiar with RECAPS, check it out! 


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jupiter in the sign of the lion, keep trying, no need a sittin’ and sighin’, soon we’ll be flying, negative attitudes dying, three planets “stand still,” milk may spill, do what you will, oh what a thrill, memories of brazil, trying to be chill, eat your fill, adding dill, swallowing the pill, climbing the hill, saturn full steam ahead, make your bed, removing shoes of lead, feeling well read, breaking bread, skins to shed, blood red, hearts and astrology charts, leather glove, mountains of love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

10 OF CUPS (Again!)
I feel like I’ve pulled this card a lot and I’m not complaining, it is a good one.  As soon as I pulled it I noticed the full moon at the top of the card shining and illuminating the entire scene.  Last week’s Full Moon in Capricorn set off the Cardinal Grand Cross which may have brought up and hopefully helped wrap up issues you were dealing with in January and October of 2013.  If you happened to catch sight of this Full Moon it was pretty impressive and, in parts of Los Angeles at least, it appeared shrouded, rather ominously, in clouds.  The moon will continue to have a heavy presence in the events of this week as well.  The Moon in Aries opposes Mars in Libra on Friday creating difficulty within relationships, fanning the flames of more than a few conflicts.  
The other day a couple of my friends were trying to wrangle me to go to the beach.  I texted another friend of mine who also often feels rather unmotivated when it comes to these sorts of excursions.  I figured I’d let her make the decision assuming she would probably decline the offer.  “I’m wobbling, much like the moon,” I said in my text.  [As an aside, the moon wobble, according to Emily Trinkaus of Virgo Magic, is when the Sun squares the Nodal axis contributing to an “exaggerated emotional energy” which can cloud your decision making abilities.] To my surprise my friend said, “Okay yes!”  I had in fact been thinking to myself the day before, “When is summer going to start?”  I even made myself a summer music mix to get me in the mood.  On the way to the beach we stopped for snacks.  We stood in front of a bag of chips for several minutes taking turns squishing it with our hands.  “Does it seem like it’s mostly air?”  My friend asked.  I gave the bag a shake, “I would say it is about half full.”  “Half full you say? That sounds familiar”  My friend smirked.  “Oh right, the glass…” I said not realizing I had inadvertently referenced the old saying.  
This week is a good time to see the glass, or bag of chips, as half full or at least recognize that it is both half full and half empty.  The 10 of Cups has been referred to as the card of “happily ever after.”   This card involves a certain level of commitment and the astrological transits of this week and last have been making similar demands (The Capricorn Full moon and this week Juno in Gemini replacing Venus in the Finger of God with Saturn and Uranus (anneortelee.com)).  What commitments in your life contribute to a sense of happiness and abundance and what commitments seem to be dragging on your happiness?  
Three planets will be stationing this week, Eris, Saturn and Uranus.  Following their station, Eris and Uranus will both be going retrograde and Saturn will, much to everyone’s relief, be moving forward.  I’m sorry to say it but, even with Saturn moving direct, these aren’t particularly easy aspects, which is why my advice to all is:  GO TO THE BEACH!  Let summer begin!  
For me happiness is a daily commitment and practice.  I’m motivated by reward to a ridiculous degree.  But I also practice feeling rewarded by unusual things.  Today, for example, was grey, which I appreciated because L.A. almost never is.  I had a great cup of coffee and on a dog walk I spotted a very appealing-looking slouchy mattress on the side of the road that looked like a giant slug.  At the gas station the attendant was an attractive older woman with a deep smoker’s voice, a tight pony tail and red lipstick who confided in me about her car troubles.  I had to stop at the grocery store and pick up some rather unexciting groceries, but while I was there I made sure to get my favorite beverage with cat’s claw in it.  Now I’m writing this and out the window all I can see is a pine tree which makes me feel like I’m on vacation in the pacific northwest.  And that reminds me of this, which is a good way to sum it all up: 
(More and More- Webb Pierce)

10 of Cups (Part IV) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

This is something I’m quite familiar with.  Since I went to school on the other side of the river, some distance from our house, and since both of my parents worked full time, I spent a lot of time waiting.  Waiting for school to start, waiting for my parents to pick me up from the after school program, finding the best spots to wait.  My mother still feels guilty, but I consider patience a talent I had the opportunity to develop.  I’ve waited at a recreation center, a doctor’s office, my aunt and uncle’s house, in front of school, behind school, in my dad’s office, in my mom’s office etc.  I always had a book and a notebook with me at all times in case I’d have to wait, or because I knew I would have to wait.  Some of my best ideas, stories, drawings, happened while I was waiting for something else to happen.   
Aries, right now you are likely being asked to develop your patience in some area of your life, or perhaps in all areas of your life.  As a fire sign and the first sign of the zodiac, you are starters, you get things going.  Waiting isn’t likely your strong suit.  Think about what you need to make where you are now a more comfortable spot to wait.  Even if you aren’t sure how long or what it is you are waiting for, know something good is on the way.
(7 of Discs R/ Sitting In My Room- The Ramones)

"A Hot Spot.  It’s where they have internet,"  my mom explained over the phone.  In the distance I heard a muffled voice.  "Oh, your aunt says it’s a place where everyone wants to go."  Actually, both definitions are quite appropriate for your situation this week, Taurus.  Remember that just because a restaurant or a doctor has good yelp reviews doesn’t mean it or they are going to be right for you.  You may feel pressure, either from an external source or yourself to be content or happy with something which, upon closer examination, may not feel right to you.  The most important "Hot Spot" for you this week will be more like the one my mother described.  It is a spot inside yourself where you can connect with your internal networks, your own wi-fi.  Try to give your feelings a good ear without pressuring yourself to take action.
(IV Emperor Rev/ Summer’s Eve- Hornet Leg)

One morning at my family reunion last week, my extended family was lounging around together in our pajamas.  My aunt was reading the paper when she suddenly looked up, “These damn floaters!  They make it so hard to read the news.”  She was referring to ‘eye floaters’ which are small moving spots that appear, for some people, occasionally in your field of vision.
Gemini, this week you may experience a sort of fogginess or confusion around something you previously felt sure about.  This may because the clamor of other people’s voices could be obstructing your vision.  Their voices may be similar to my aunt’s eye floaters, bobbing across your vision and making it very difficult to read a situation from your own perspective.  It’s okay to listen to what other people have to say, but in this case it seems, deep down, you already know how you feel and what is true for you.
(7 of Wands Rev/ Eyes- New Bloods)

I used to absolutely refuse to run with other people.  The first time my former girlfriend suggested we go for a run together around the Silver Lake reservoir I agreed but then said, “Which way are you going?”  She pointed to the right.  “Okay great, I’m going that way and I’ll meet you back here,”  I said gesturing to the left.  I’m not as adamant about running alone as I used to be, but it is still my preference. When I ran with my brother every time I wanted to stop he would say, “Just a little farther!  Just to that stop sign!”  It always looked like a tiny speck in the distance.  I like to stop when I want to stop and I like to run at my own pace.  
Cancer, this week you may be feeling a little out of step with yourself.  This could be because you are trying to run according to a standard set by someone else or even a societal standard.  Pay attention to when your body wants to stop and go and where it wants to stop and go.  Consider what it means for you to get back on your own track.
(Son of Cups Rev/ Harper Valley P.T.A.- Loretta Lynn)

The other day I was locked out of my house and my neighbor-friend, who has a copy of my key, wasn’t home.  It was about 8:30 or 9pm so I deduced that my friend was at dinner.  This wouldn’t be an easy conclusion to come to if it were anyone else, but I know my friend well enough to know that she frequently eats dinner late.  Her car was parked in the driveway so I knew that she must have walked to dinner.  That still left a handful of restaurants in the area, but my intuition told me that she had likely gone to one of our favorites.  “How did you know we would be here?” She exclaimed when I popped up next to the table where she and her girlfriend were dining.  “‘Cause I’m a witch!” I cackled, making the sign of a W with my hands.
Leo, this week you may start out using logic and reason to navigate a difficult situation, but the last few steps may still require a heavy dose of intuition.  This, to me, is the definition of wisdom, a combination of what you know from experience coupled with your intuition.  Intuition is not often an acknowledged part of wisdom, but if you relied on experience alone you might expect to arrive at a similar outcome every time, intuition can help you navigate discrepancy.       
(Priestess of Swords R/ Junkanoo- Exuma)

I’ve used a spotlight before under a different theme and in reference to a different tarot card.  For you, Virgo, for this week, the spotlight is a good metaphor because it shows where you are choosing to focus and direct your attention as well as the attention of others (although this last part may be a bit more unconscious).  As you know, a spotlight is meant to focus an audience’s attention towards something or someone on stage.  You have a similar power in your own life, Virgo.  Who, what, where, when and how do you want to direct or project your energy?  It seems this week you are focusing on positive outcomes and, as a result, the positivity you are illuminating is what others will see about you and your situation.  
(Ace of Swords/ All We Ever Look For- Kate Bush)

"What’s that?"  My mom often says.  "It’s a freckle," I will often reply.  "Is it a freckle or a mole?"  "What’s the difference?"  "Will you do me a favor? Will you get your skin checked?"  Skin cancer runs in my family, when my uncle finally arrived at the family reunion last week, several of my aunts rushed him at the door. But as they approached he said, "Before you get too excited just look at this."  He pulled down the back of his shirt collar and revealed a row of stitches running along the base of his neck.  "I had a spot removed."
Libra, this week you may be wobbling between feeling clouded with concern and worry and scoffing at those concerns.  It would be best to investigate the root of your fears before you chose to either brush them aside or catastrophize them.  
(9 of Swords L/ What Will Tomorrow Bring- Wendy Rene)

A tight spot can literally be a place where there isn’t enough room for your body to move, but it is usually, more generally, just an uncomfortable situation.  Where you might find yourself this week, Scorpio, is simply a new situation with an element of pressure, either a pressure of time or of knowledge/ skills or both.  You may be thrown into a sort of “crash course” or feel like someone is demanding an answer you need more time to think about.  In this case, your instincts may be the most helpful tool for navigating the situation.  If possible, think about how you can turn a potentially restrictive dilemma into an opportunity for expansion.    
(Daughter of Discs Rev/ I Woke Up This Morning- The Barrett Sisters)

According to one definition “hit the spot” means “to be exactly what is wanted or needed.”  I remember using this phrase frequently as a kid, I think I picked it up from my dad or maybe it was more popular in the 80s and 90s.  It is funny to me now to imagine a little kid saying, “That really hit the spot.”  I’m not sure why I think this is funny.  Maybe knowing exactly what you want and need seems like something you learn with experience.  In many ways the kid version of what “hit’s the spot” seems more simple, not just because there are less choices or responsibilities involved, but also because what is satisfying is easier to find.  When you are a kid what “hits the spot” hasn’t had time to collect as much dust from other people or societies judgements.  
This week, Sagittarius, you could be finding more easily what satisfies you in a more holistic way.  This ease may be the result of not allowing yourself to feel burdened by external pressures or guilt.  
(XIV Temperance/ One Monkey Don’t Stop The Show- Big Maybelle)

A good picnic spot, like a good beach spot, or camping spot for me is selected based on a few factors.  Number one is privacy, number two is easy access to a bathroom or bush, and number three is entirely based on a feeling, which is actually number one in terms of importance.  The right spot is found intuitively and when you’ve arrived you know it in your body, your body feels comfortable and relaxed in that exact spot.  Maybe a scientific investigation would reveal this process has to do with aligning yourself with the Earth’s magnetic field, the way a dog finds a good spot to poop, but scientific knowledge can’t replace how your body feels and knows when it is in the right place or on the right track.
Capricorn, you may find or get much closer to finding a spot that feels right to you.  Don’t confuse or distract yourself from this feeling by interrogating the feeling.  It is information in and of itself.   
(9 of Cups/ The Magic Number- De La Soul)

My mother’s family has their own words and phrases for things, but when I’ve suggested this to my mother she seems surprised, “Like what?”  “Like when you say Victoria’s Secret, I know that you a really talking about The Grand Victorian [my grandfather’s retirement home].”  The other day on the phone I asked her if she could name different kinds of spots (I was brainstorming for Tarotscopes this week).  “A night spot,” she replied.  “What is a night spot?”  I asked.  “Like a place, where you go out, at night.”  “Is that really a kind of spot? Is it really called a ‘night spot?’” I asked.  “You mean did I make it up? No…”  She was interrupted by a muffled voice in the background.  “Yeah, your aunt says it’s a real thing.”  
Aquarius, this week, is a good time to express yourself creatively.  You have energy to start things, whether it is a project, getting a party started at a night spot or inventing your own words for things.  
(2 of Wands/ Not Fade Away- Buddy Holly and the Crickets)

I think I may have mentioned this before in another Tarotscope at some point, but when I was a kid my imaginary friend was an old woman.  Sometimes she had a British accent and sometimes her accent was distinctly southern, but she always had advice to offer over a spot of invisible tea.  Tea wasn’t my idea, it was something I’d seen in movies and read in books, but as an adult I understand that having tea with someone inspires you to slow down and have a conversation.  There is usually a lot of implements involved as well, spoons, cups, a teapot, a tea ball or strainer, cream, sugar, honey, which makes it rather ritualistic and meditative.  It makes sense that there are ceremonies designed around it.  
This week, Pisces, you may be connecting with your own inner wisdom.  This is often a rather solitary experience, but it  doesn’t have to be lonely.  Consider thinking of your wisdom or your own process of internal investigation as having it’s own personality, give them an accent, invite them to tea.
(IX Crone/ Love Alone- Harry Belafonte)