TAROTSCOPES for the week of 07/23/14


This is a big week!  Saturn is Direct and Uranus is Retrograde, last week the opposite was true.  Astrologer Anne Ortelee likened this aspect to ringing out a wet towel, first twisting one way, and then in the opposite direction.  This is a stressful and destabilizing aspect, weakened structures collapse!  On a more positive note, Mars moves into Scorpio on Friday, a placement Mars prefers.  It will likely feel much easier to act on your desires after Friday.  Saturday is a roar!  Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon will all be in Leo and there is a New Moon!  Make your wishes!  More than one, no more than 10.  For those who feature Leo prominently in your chart this is a particularly good time to set your intentions for your new year and tell Jupiter, the Cosmic Santa Claus, where you want all those gifts to go.

THE THEME:  When I was a kid one of my favorite stores in town was called Things.  In the basement was one of those coin-operated fortune telling machines that had a waxy-looking woman in a glass booth who ran her hand robotically over a crystal ball when you put a quarter in.  And upstairs was a stuffed bear, dressed as Amelia Earhart, I never seemed to have enough allowance to afford.  I visited her every time I was in the store.  I have always found Amelia Earhart and her mysterious disappearance compelling, but my interest was peaked when, as a kid, I found out she and I had the same birthday.  I was rather shy and timid then, but I found myself somehow connected, however thin the thread, to a woman whose life and work became a symbol of courage.  For me, her story and our small connection was proof of the potential for courage within me.  This week is Amelia and my birthdays.  To celebrate, the theme is a collaboration of sorts:  Amelia’s quotes coupled with the cards I’ve pulled for the week and my interpretations of both.  


I will not be at Painted Bird this week because…It’s my BIRTHDAY!


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leo moon new, witches brew, you know who, it’s my birthday too, mars moves on, changes spawn, day new dawn, brains and brawn, taking out the lawn, uranus goes back, pancake stack, time to pack, trains on track, clickity clack, paint it black, getting the knack, cutting some slack, crab shack, mourning dove, stars above, all my love,


 Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

As I sat down to write this general Tarotscope for the week, I let out a deep sigh and thought “The news has been a constant stream of tragedy the past few weeks.”  Which is, I suppose, something lots of people say or have been saying.  But I realized how strange it is to phrase it that way because tragedy isn’t something that happens in the news, it happens in real life and is reported or covered by the news.  But we still talk about events as if they only existed in the news, as if the news was a location, a place where things happen.  The other night I wanted some relief from the saturation of sadness that was permeating everything so I watched a double feature on my lap top.  
First I watched, “Ever After,” which I think qualifies as a kids movie, but is cross-listed under romantic comedies.  The last line of the movie is, “And while Cinderella and her prince did live happily ever after, the point, gentlemen, is that they lived.”  At first I was deeply annoyed because this conclusion seemed to be suggesting that a story is only really significant if it is a “true” story.  But this ending also reminded me of the news lately, the way events have been reported.  There is a sort of desperate way of reporting, of trying to tell a “true” story that I find difficult to stomach.  I understand the inclination.  There is a tone in many of the articles I’ve read that seems to be saying, “this is REALLY happening to REAL people.”  It is frustrating that it is so hard for many people to understand this fact without explicit evidence, without graphic photos or detailed accounts of violence.  It reminded me of, as I said before, the way people, at least in this country, often see the news as something self-contained.
Then I watched “My Girl,” which, I know, was not the best choice for someone looking for a reprieve from sadness, nor did it take my mind off of world events.  Towards the end, at the funeral for Vada’s best friend, Thomas J., Vada rushes the open casket sobbing and demanding to know where Thomas J.’s glasses are, screaming, “He can’t see without his glasses!”  I was reminded of the article I’d read that morning about the Malaysian Airlines flight that was shot down.  The article also pointed out articles of clothing that were missing from the victims, but the account was cold and clinical.  
The Page of Swords reflects the kind of energy and enthusiasm often associated with teenagers.  It is a card of youthful exuberance and curiosity, but also reflects the impulsiveness of youth.  It embodies both the potential of idealism that times of turmoil can inspire, but also, in it’s shadow side, it can represent the clumsy and insensitive reporting we’ve experienced.  The Page of Swords seeks information, wants to “be in the know” and investigate the world around them.           
When I was in Indonesia after the Tsunami I met a group of activists who were training media in the area on how to respectfully report on the situation without exacerbating the trauma for the victims.   This seems like valuable instruction now as well.  Sometimes it isn’t necessary to know the details of someone’s death, like how they looked, it is enough to know that they lived.    
(Hunky Dory- Dory Previn)

Page of Swords (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

"Never interrupt someone doing something you said couldn’t be done."
This might be Earhart’s most noteworthy quote and it might be where you find yourself this week, Aries.  Mars moves into Scorpio on Friday, a much easier placement for the planet that rules and motivates your sign.  In addition, Saturn is now direct in Scorpio helping you establish new ways (structures) to achieve your goals.  When I pulled your card for the week I had an image of you sitting at your desk or on your bed or where ever you do your best work, and you suddenly look up and say impatiently, “I’m busy!”  This comment is likely being directed towards the part of yourself that previously held your coattails or apron strings or ankles with skepticism.  Now it is full steam ahead as you silence your inner negative nellies, doing what they said couldn’t be done.
(VII Chariot R/ Don’t Let Go- Shirley Ellis)

"Better do a good deed near at home than go far away to burn incense."
After my initial excitement at discovering that Amelia Earhart and I shared a birthday, I became worried that I might suffer a similar fate.  I worried that the lesson of Earhart’s story was that when you finally get the courage to fully embody yourself and embrace your desires you end up dead.  I kept thinking that if I read Earhart’s story enough times I could figure out what really happened.  I wanted to re-write her disappearance.  I remember picturing her on an island with coconuts, palm trees and a little cave for sleeping.
Taurus, the home that you might find yourself traveling near or far from this week is one within yourself.  Don’t hold yourself back, embrace your desires.  The truth is that you are much more likely to disappear if you don’t.    
(Ace of Wands L/ I Just Need Myself- Easy Cure)

"By the time I had got two or three hundred feet off the ground, I knew I had to fly."
My grandfather talks about his age not in terms of time, but of distance.  “I’ve made 97 trips around the sun,” he’d say.  I find that the older I get the more emotional I feel towards the end of each lap around the sun.  The emotions have less to do with anxiety or fear of getting older than they do with a deepening sense of gratitude.  As my birthday approaches, I naturally find myself thinking about who and what I love.  The feelings grow exponentially with time and distance.  There is more of life to love every year.  
Gemini, this week you may experience a deepening sense of appreciation for who and what you love.  You may feel like you are “two or three hundred feet off the ground.”  From this place it may be much easier to see where you want to go or what you want do.  
(Ace of Cups/ Within You Without You- Patti Smith)

"There are two kinds of stones, as everyone knows, one of which rolls."
My mother raised me to value flexibility above most other traits.  In fact, I often felt that everything else was nailed to the ground and I was the only variable, the one who embodied movement.     
Cancer, as the sign that represents home, family, and roots you may find yourself identifying more easily with the stone that stays over the one that rolls.  But this week, and for several after, perhaps even for the entire year, the opposite will be true.  It is not necessarily that you are traveling distances, but that things in your life are beginning to move, maybe even make a sort of music and that momentum is inspiring you to action and even to dance.  
(0 Fool R/ More Today Than Yesterday- Dee Dee Warwick)

"Preparation, I have often said, is rightly two-thirds of any venture."
I used to think planning for anything was a sort of prison that squashed the possibility of spontaneity.  A long time ago, my then-girlfriend and I went camping and brought almost nothing with us besides a tent and a couple of blankets.  We ended up having to get all our food from a convenience store which meant dinner consisted of hot dogs and doritos and for dessert, marshmallows.  It was then that I realized planning and preparedness could actually make an experience more enjoyable and even create room for spontaneity.  Since that time I’ve even managed to look at planning itself as a form of fun, when I can see it as a map to the realization of a dream.   
Leo, this is a good week to think about the dreams you want to realize this year.  The sun, moon and Jupiter will all be in Leo at the New Moon on Saturday and it will be an excellent time to make wishes and plans.  You don’t have to stick to the plan, but just allowing yourself to imagine and dream is transformative.   
(7 of Cups R/ Holiday Time- Hildegard Knef)

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do…The process is its own reward."
Virgo, you may find yourself holding back from making a solid commitment in some area of your life.  Even if your fears are more like wax museum replicas than just “paper tigers” they still can’t bite.  Don’t be afraid to put one foot in front of the next towards a solid future.  The process of building your dream is, as Earhart says, “its own reward.”
(VI Lovers L/ Dalaginding- Maribel Aunor)

"Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace, the soul that knows it not, knows no release from the little things."
I read this quote a few times and said, “What?” to myself after every reading until finally I let go of trying to understand what Earhart might have meant and just thought about what the quote might mean to me.  And this was, in fact, right in line with the card I pulled for you and the astrological weather, Libra.  There is potential to feel rather diluted this week by other people’s voices, passions or opinions.  The challenge (and courage) may be standing in what you know to be true for you without needing anyone else to share your opinion with you.
(7 of Wands Rev/ Run Joe- Maya Angelou)

"The most effective way to do it is to do it."
The way most quotes are constructed or extracted often make the person being quoted sound like they are barking orders,  “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!” “Let sleeping dogs lie!”  I guess those are actually examples of sayings, but it is the same idea.  This quote starts out with a similar tone, but has a surprise ending.  It isn’t telling you what to do or how to do it, it is suggesting that you already know the best way for you to get where you are trying to go.  And Scorpio, you do, although you may not be feeling quite so confident about it this week.  Consider translating your thoughts into commanding quotes as an experiment.   
(Son of Wands Rev/ Hollywood- Jessica Pratt)

"The soul’s dominion? Each time we make a choice, we pay with courage to behold restless day and count it fair."
"What does "soul’s dominion" mean?" I asked myself after I first encountered this quote.  "Soul’s dominion- where the soul lives, or what the soul is responsible for, the territory it covers,"  I answered as if I was in a spelling bee.  The language of this quote doesn’t make the meaning easy for the average Mary to decipher, but that is part of why it fits with the astrological weather you may soon encounter, Sagittarius.  Courage is required on both sides of a choice, the courage to make a decision and the courage to navigate the outcome of those choices.  There is no easy route to opening your heart or making changes to accommodate that opening.  Muscles loosen in warm water and epsom salts, it is an environmental response.  You may experience a loosening of the tighter muscles around your heart this week, which is part of making a more comfortable home for your soul.
(4 of Cups Rev/ A Place in The Sun- Marine Girls)

"The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do, and the more genuine may be one’s appreciation of fundamental things like home, and love, and understanding companionship."
Capricorn, this week there is a feeling of abundance.  What you need is coming in as easily as a breath and what you have to offer is exiting just as naturally.  This is probably a result of looking at your assets and wealth not just in terms of money, or food, or objects, but also in terms of people, experiences, opportunities and personal strengths which add richness to your life in their own way.    
(6 of Discs/ You Think You’re A Man- The Vaselines)

"In my life, I had come to realize that, when things were going very well, indeed, it was just the time to anticipate trouble. And, conversely, I learned from pleasant experience that at the most despairing crisis, when all looked sour beyond words, some delightful "break" was apt to lurk just around the corner."
This quote, in my opinion, could have been come from an Aquarius, at least the second half.  This would be a good week to tap into your inventive form of optimism, Aquarius.  You may encounter some turbulence as you navigate a deep transformation that is beginning to crystalize in your life.  It may be important to note that this is not an end as much as it is a beginning and that any “despairing crisis” also holds a strong possibility for a “delightful break” just around the corner.  
(XIII Death/ It’s Raining- Irma Thomas)

"We are running north and south."
In water the connection between things is easy to understand.  When you make a wave, the effects of it’s ripples can be felt far from the source, the way a bottle gets carried across the ocean.  This is a principle your sign represents, the idea that we are all connected, that what happens here isn’t separate from what happens there.
Your quote from Amelia Earhart was her last transmission.  It seems she was disoriented, unsure if her plane was pointed north or south.  This week, Pisces, you may feel that your nerves are wearing thin.  Whether your energy feels dissipated by personal concerns or by something that has been happening across the ocean makes no difference.  Take time for yourself, corral your energies for a little while until you get your bearings.    
(10 of Wands/ A Gritty Nitty- The Pazant Brothers)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 07/16/14

Welcome Travelers!

Today Jupiter enters Leo and will stay until August of 2015.  If you have planets in Leo or in your 5th house, you will get a big boost this year.  Jupiter has been referred to as the, “Cosmic Santa Claus,” bringing gifts and luck to the areas of your life that Leo embodies.  Emily Trinkaus wrote a nice summary of this rare event in her blog Virgo Magic.  I appreciate in particular, her list of ways to tap in and activate the gifts of this transit:  
    •    trust and act on what feels like fun
    •    follow your heart’s passion and wisdom
    •    come from a place of love, generosity, nobility and innocence
    •    use a playful, lighthearted approach
    •    express your individuality and uniqueness
    •    take a courageous creative risk and let your light shine.

THE THEME:  My dog Sally is named after the late astronaut Sally Ride.  I chose her name in the hopes that it would inspire in her a sense of adventure (I wanted her to be a good travel companion) and also because she can jump a good 4 feet in the air from a standing position.  The longer we’ve cohabited, the more I’ve observed in her other alien attributes.  I think of us as Mork and Mindy, I’m Mindy and she’s Mork.  The story I developed about her is that she comes from a planet where all the creatures look like she does and that her spots (she has many, like a miniature dalmation) are a map showing how to get from our planet to hers.  All this superfluous backstory is just to say that the theme this week is- SPOTS.  My friend, Abigail suggested it while she was staring at Sally’s map the other day.  


I will be at Painted Bird in Los Angeles this Thursday (tomorrow) from 2:30-5:00pm.  Come by with you quandaries and conundrums!  We will dig into those knots!  ($15 per question) <3

My essay:  When You Think The Night Has Seen Your Mind: Thoughts On Queers and Astrology, just came out in this issue of RECAPS Magazine.  I’m so honored to be included among so many great pieces.  If you aren’t familiar with RECAPS, check it out! 


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jupiter in the sign of the lion, keep trying, no need a sittin’ and sighin’, soon we’ll be flying, negative attitudes dying, three planets “stand still,” milk may spill, do what you will, oh what a thrill, memories of brazil, trying to be chill, eat your fill, adding dill, swallowing the pill, climbing the hill, saturn full steam ahead, make your bed, removing shoes of lead, feeling well read, breaking bread, skins to shed, blood red, hearts and astrology charts, leather glove, mountains of love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

10 OF CUPS (Again!)
I feel like I’ve pulled this card a lot and I’m not complaining, it is a good one.  As soon as I pulled it I noticed the full moon at the top of the card shining and illuminating the entire scene.  Last week’s Full Moon in Capricorn set off the Cardinal Grand Cross which may have brought up and hopefully helped wrap up issues you were dealing with in January and October of 2013.  If you happened to catch sight of this Full Moon it was pretty impressive and, in parts of Los Angeles at least, it appeared shrouded, rather ominously, in clouds.  The moon will continue to have a heavy presence in the events of this week as well.  The Moon in Aries opposes Mars in Libra on Friday creating difficulty within relationships, fanning the flames of more than a few conflicts.  
The other day a couple of my friends were trying to wrangle me to go to the beach.  I texted another friend of mine who also often feels rather unmotivated when it comes to these sorts of excursions.  I figured I’d let her make the decision assuming she would probably decline the offer.  “I’m wobbling, much like the moon,” I said in my text.  [As an aside, the moon wobble, according to Emily Trinkaus of Virgo Magic, is when the Sun squares the Nodal axis contributing to an “exaggerated emotional energy” which can cloud your decision making abilities.] To my surprise my friend said, “Okay yes!”  I had in fact been thinking to myself the day before, “When is summer going to start?”  I even made myself a summer music mix to get me in the mood.  On the way to the beach we stopped for snacks.  We stood in front of a bag of chips for several minutes taking turns squishing it with our hands.  “Does it seem like it’s mostly air?”  My friend asked.  I gave the bag a shake, “I would say it is about half full.”  “Half full you say? That sounds familiar”  My friend smirked.  “Oh right, the glass…” I said not realizing I had inadvertently referenced the old saying.  
This week is a good time to see the glass, or bag of chips, as half full or at least recognize that it is both half full and half empty.  The 10 of Cups has been referred to as the card of “happily ever after.”   This card involves a certain level of commitment and the astrological transits of this week and last have been making similar demands (The Capricorn Full moon and this week Juno in Gemini replacing Venus in the Finger of God with Saturn and Uranus (anneortelee.com)).  What commitments in your life contribute to a sense of happiness and abundance and what commitments seem to be dragging on your happiness?  
Three planets will be stationing this week, Eris, Saturn and Uranus.  Following their station, Eris and Uranus will both be going retrograde and Saturn will, much to everyone’s relief, be moving forward.  I’m sorry to say it but, even with Saturn moving direct, these aren’t particularly easy aspects, which is why my advice to all is:  GO TO THE BEACH!  Let summer begin!  
For me happiness is a daily commitment and practice.  I’m motivated by reward to a ridiculous degree.  But I also practice feeling rewarded by unusual things.  Today, for example, was grey, which I appreciated because L.A. almost never is.  I had a great cup of coffee and on a dog walk I spotted a very appealing-looking slouchy mattress on the side of the road that looked like a giant slug.  At the gas station the attendant was an attractive older woman with a deep smoker’s voice, a tight pony tail and red lipstick who confided in me about her car troubles.  I had to stop at the grocery store and pick up some rather unexciting groceries, but while I was there I made sure to get my favorite beverage with cat’s claw in it.  Now I’m writing this and out the window all I can see is a pine tree which makes me feel like I’m on vacation in the pacific northwest.  And that reminds me of this, which is a good way to sum it all up: 
(More and More- Webb Pierce)

10 of Cups (Part IV) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

This is something I’m quite familiar with.  Since I went to school on the other side of the river, some distance from our house, and since both of my parents worked full time, I spent a lot of time waiting.  Waiting for school to start, waiting for my parents to pick me up from the after school program, finding the best spots to wait.  My mother still feels guilty, but I consider patience a talent I had the opportunity to develop.  I’ve waited at a recreation center, a doctor’s office, my aunt and uncle’s house, in front of school, behind school, in my dad’s office, in my mom’s office etc.  I always had a book and a notebook with me at all times in case I’d have to wait, or because I knew I would have to wait.  Some of my best ideas, stories, drawings, happened while I was waiting for something else to happen.   
Aries, right now you are likely being asked to develop your patience in some area of your life, or perhaps in all areas of your life.  As a fire sign and the first sign of the zodiac, you are starters, you get things going.  Waiting isn’t likely your strong suit.  Think about what you need to make where you are now a more comfortable spot to wait.  Even if you aren’t sure how long or what it is you are waiting for, know something good is on the way.
(7 of Discs R/ Sitting In My Room- The Ramones)

"A Hot Spot.  It’s where they have internet,"  my mom explained over the phone.  In the distance I heard a muffled voice.  "Oh, your aunt says it’s a place where everyone wants to go."  Actually, both definitions are quite appropriate for your situation this week, Taurus.  Remember that just because a restaurant or a doctor has good yelp reviews doesn’t mean it or they are going to be right for you.  You may feel pressure, either from an external source or yourself to be content or happy with something which, upon closer examination, may not feel right to you.  The most important "Hot Spot" for you this week will be more like the one my mother described.  It is a spot inside yourself where you can connect with your internal networks, your own wi-fi.  Try to give your feelings a good ear without pressuring yourself to take action.
(IV Emperor Rev/ Summer’s Eve- Hornet Leg)

One morning at my family reunion last week, my extended family was lounging around together in our pajamas.  My aunt was reading the paper when she suddenly looked up, “These damn floaters!  They make it so hard to read the news.”  She was referring to ‘eye floaters’ which are small moving spots that appear, for some people, occasionally in your field of vision.
Gemini, this week you may experience a sort of fogginess or confusion around something you previously felt sure about.  This may because the clamor of other people’s voices could be obstructing your vision.  Their voices may be similar to my aunt’s eye floaters, bobbing across your vision and making it very difficult to read a situation from your own perspective.  It’s okay to listen to what other people have to say, but in this case it seems, deep down, you already know how you feel and what is true for you.
(7 of Wands Rev/ Eyes- New Bloods)

I used to absolutely refuse to run with other people.  The first time my former girlfriend suggested we go for a run together around the Silver Lake reservoir I agreed but then said, “Which way are you going?”  She pointed to the right.  “Okay great, I’m going that way and I’ll meet you back here,”  I said gesturing to the left.  I’m not as adamant about running alone as I used to be, but it is still my preference. When I ran with my brother every time I wanted to stop he would say, “Just a little farther!  Just to that stop sign!”  It always looked like a tiny speck in the distance.  I like to stop when I want to stop and I like to run at my own pace.  
Cancer, this week you may be feeling a little out of step with yourself.  This could be because you are trying to run according to a standard set by someone else or even a societal standard.  Pay attention to when your body wants to stop and go and where it wants to stop and go.  Consider what it means for you to get back on your own track.
(Son of Cups Rev/ Harper Valley P.T.A.- Loretta Lynn)

The other day I was locked out of my house and my neighbor-friend, who has a copy of my key, wasn’t home.  It was about 8:30 or 9pm so I deduced that my friend was at dinner.  This wouldn’t be an easy conclusion to come to if it were anyone else, but I know my friend well enough to know that she frequently eats dinner late.  Her car was parked in the driveway so I knew that she must have walked to dinner.  That still left a handful of restaurants in the area, but my intuition told me that she had likely gone to one of our favorites.  “How did you know we would be here?” She exclaimed when I popped up next to the table where she and her girlfriend were dining.  “‘Cause I’m a witch!” I cackled, making the sign of a W with my hands.
Leo, this week you may start out using logic and reason to navigate a difficult situation, but the last few steps may still require a heavy dose of intuition.  This, to me, is the definition of wisdom, a combination of what you know from experience coupled with your intuition.  Intuition is not often an acknowledged part of wisdom, but if you relied on experience alone you might expect to arrive at a similar outcome every time, intuition can help you navigate discrepancy.       
(Priestess of Swords R/ Junkanoo- Exuma)

I’ve used a spotlight before under a different theme and in reference to a different tarot card.  For you, Virgo, for this week, the spotlight is a good metaphor because it shows where you are choosing to focus and direct your attention as well as the attention of others (although this last part may be a bit more unconscious).  As you know, a spotlight is meant to focus an audience’s attention towards something or someone on stage.  You have a similar power in your own life, Virgo.  Who, what, where, when and how do you want to direct or project your energy?  It seems this week you are focusing on positive outcomes and, as a result, the positivity you are illuminating is what others will see about you and your situation.  
(Ace of Swords/ All We Ever Look For- Kate Bush)

"What’s that?"  My mom often says.  "It’s a freckle," I will often reply.  "Is it a freckle or a mole?"  "What’s the difference?"  "Will you do me a favor? Will you get your skin checked?"  Skin cancer runs in my family, when my uncle finally arrived at the family reunion last week, several of my aunts rushed him at the door. But as they approached he said, "Before you get too excited just look at this."  He pulled down the back of his shirt collar and revealed a row of stitches running along the base of his neck.  "I had a spot removed."
Libra, this week you may be wobbling between feeling clouded with concern and worry and scoffing at those concerns.  It would be best to investigate the root of your fears before you chose to either brush them aside or catastrophize them.  
(9 of Swords L/ What Will Tomorrow Bring- Wendy Rene)

A tight spot can literally be a place where there isn’t enough room for your body to move, but it is usually, more generally, just an uncomfortable situation.  Where you might find yourself this week, Scorpio, is simply a new situation with an element of pressure, either a pressure of time or of knowledge/ skills or both.  You may be thrown into a sort of “crash course” or feel like someone is demanding an answer you need more time to think about.  In this case, your instincts may be the most helpful tool for navigating the situation.  If possible, think about how you can turn a potentially restrictive dilemma into an opportunity for expansion.    
(Daughter of Discs Rev/ I Woke Up This Morning- The Barrett Sisters)

According to one definition “hit the spot” means “to be exactly what is wanted or needed.”  I remember using this phrase frequently as a kid, I think I picked it up from my dad or maybe it was more popular in the 80s and 90s.  It is funny to me now to imagine a little kid saying, “That really hit the spot.”  I’m not sure why I think this is funny.  Maybe knowing exactly what you want and need seems like something you learn with experience.  In many ways the kid version of what “hit’s the spot” seems more simple, not just because there are less choices or responsibilities involved, but also because what is satisfying is easier to find.  When you are a kid what “hits the spot” hasn’t had time to collect as much dust from other people or societies judgements.  
This week, Sagittarius, you could be finding more easily what satisfies you in a more holistic way.  This ease may be the result of not allowing yourself to feel burdened by external pressures or guilt.  
(XIV Temperance/ One Monkey Don’t Stop The Show- Big Maybelle)

A good picnic spot, like a good beach spot, or camping spot for me is selected based on a few factors.  Number one is privacy, number two is easy access to a bathroom or bush, and number three is entirely based on a feeling, which is actually number one in terms of importance.  The right spot is found intuitively and when you’ve arrived you know it in your body, your body feels comfortable and relaxed in that exact spot.  Maybe a scientific investigation would reveal this process has to do with aligning yourself with the Earth’s magnetic field, the way a dog finds a good spot to poop, but scientific knowledge can’t replace how your body feels and knows when it is in the right place or on the right track.
Capricorn, you may find or get much closer to finding a spot that feels right to you.  Don’t confuse or distract yourself from this feeling by interrogating the feeling.  It is information in and of itself.   
(9 of Cups/ The Magic Number- De La Soul)

My mother’s family has their own words and phrases for things, but when I’ve suggested this to my mother she seems surprised, “Like what?”  “Like when you say Victoria’s Secret, I know that you a really talking about The Grand Victorian [my grandfather’s retirement home].”  The other day on the phone I asked her if she could name different kinds of spots (I was brainstorming for Tarotscopes this week).  “A night spot,” she replied.  “What is a night spot?”  I asked.  “Like a place, where you go out, at night.”  “Is that really a kind of spot? Is it really called a ‘night spot?’” I asked.  “You mean did I make it up? No…”  She was interrupted by a muffled voice in the background.  “Yeah, your aunt says it’s a real thing.”  
Aquarius, this week, is a good time to express yourself creatively.  You have energy to start things, whether it is a project, getting a party started at a night spot or inventing your own words for things.  
(2 of Wands/ Not Fade Away- Buddy Holly and the Crickets)

I think I may have mentioned this before in another Tarotscope at some point, but when I was a kid my imaginary friend was an old woman.  Sometimes she had a British accent and sometimes her accent was distinctly southern, but she always had advice to offer over a spot of invisible tea.  Tea wasn’t my idea, it was something I’d seen in movies and read in books, but as an adult I understand that having tea with someone inspires you to slow down and have a conversation.  There is usually a lot of implements involved as well, spoons, cups, a teapot, a tea ball or strainer, cream, sugar, honey, which makes it rather ritualistic and meditative.  It makes sense that there are ceremonies designed around it.  
This week, Pisces, you may be connecting with your own inner wisdom.  This is often a rather solitary experience, but it  doesn’t have to be lonely.  Consider thinking of your wisdom or your own process of internal investigation as having it’s own personality, give them an accent, invite them to tea.
(IX Crone/ Love Alone- Harry Belafonte)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 07/09/14

Welcome Navigators!

There is a lot happening this week in the universe.  As I just typed that I thought, “More than we may ever know”, but what we do know is that there is a Full Moon in Capricorn on Saturday.  This is a good time to think about your goals for the future.  I’ve been at a family reunion this week and my uncle always asks everyone jokingly, “So what’s your 5 year plan?”  You don’t need to make a 5 year plan, but you can start thinking about what you want, where you want to direct your energy and attention.  A Capricorn friend of mine has made it her goal to be more positive and I’ve already observed her looking at things differently since she set the goal for herself.  As Emily Trinkaus mentioned in her article, “Commit To Your Goals, Calm The Freak Out,” Capricorn is the sign of commitment and this moon asks us where we want to commit and what we want to commit to and also reminds us of our power to change a situation or at least our perspective which is a good start.  This Full Moon will form a Grand Cardinal Cross perhaps bring back situations or thoughts you were having or dealing with in January and April when the Cardinal Cross was also strong.  Now is a good time to find a resolution to some of those previous difficulties.  Again I will discuss a few more of the astrological aspects under the card for the week, The 9 of Wands.

THE THEME:  This week I was at a family reunion in Wisconsin.  Since I was surrounded by my family and there was at least one person from each astrological sign represented, I decided to collect a story from each of them for each card and sign this week.  I included their relationship to me as well as their age.  

My essay:  When You Think The Night Has Seen Your Mind: Thoughts On Queers and Astrology, just came out in this issue of RECAPS Magazine.  I’m so honored to be included among so many great pieces.  If you aren’t familiar with RECAPS, check it out! 


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I am also available and EXCITED to participate in EVENTS!  I recently participated in the NY ART BOOK FAIR, LA ART BOOK FAIR and I also gave readings at FOR YOUR ART and a HALLOWEEN PARTY hosted by BOOBY TRAP.  Tarot readings could be the perfect supplement to your party, event, wedding, etc.  Feel free to contact me for inquiries or information. 

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full moon in cap, feeling a tap, releasing old crap, feel a sap, getting a pap, that’s a wrap, using a map, escaping the trap, grand water trine, reading the signs, paying your fines, this old heart of mine, wood of pine, what’s my line, nodes of fate, let’s celebrate, no hate, cleaning your plate, patiently wait, a little bit late, unlock the gate, clean slate, libra mars, hearts and stars,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

This morning I woke up and thought I heard an owl hooting.  After a moment I realized the sound I was hearing was actually a mourning dove.  Wisdom and pain sometimes make a similar sound.  The card I’ve pulled for all of us this week is the 9 of Wands.  The 9 of Wands is a place of wisdom that has been gathered from experience.  Perhaps some of that experience was painful, but not debilitating; or a conscious choice was made to not be debilitated by the pain.  When pain is transmuted into wisdom it becomes a form of strength.  A week ago I went to visit my grandfather at the retirement home where he recently moved.  When we walked in the door he was just getting up from a nap and as he stood up he teetered for a moment finding his center of balance.  At 99 he is still almost 6 feet tall.  He sat down in a chair and gestured to box of letters on the floor, “I want some of those read at my memorial service.  That’s the truth.  But you’ve gotta get someone who won’t break up to read them,” he joked.  My grandfather had been a family physician and the letters were from his former patients, recounting gestures, big and small, he had made during his career which had left an impression all these years later.  My grandfather has lots of plaques and awards indicating other kinds of accomplishments, but the letters are far more important to him.  I always think of my grandfather when I think of someone who has managed to extract wisdom from all kinds of experience.  Even at 99 he still stands up straight and tall.  The Grand Water Trine between the Sun, Saturn and Chiron will emphasize the healing potential of Chiron.  Wounds often remain unconscious until pressure is put on those areas, reminding you of the original pain, which may be the case this week.  There are certain wounds that may always hurt when they are pressed upon, but when you get to know them, acquaint yourself with the pain, then you can more easily plan how you want to respond, you can choose to respond thoughtfully rather than reflexively.  
(Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?- Chicago)

9 of Wands (Part III) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

ARIES- Cousin 36
"I was always proud of not having ever needed physical support."  My cousin’s son was delivered via C-section almost three years ago and for the first time her physical mobility was limited.  "I focused on trying to be the ideal patient, but I definitely pushed my boundaries in order to assert my independence."  She wasn’t supposed to get out of bed on her own, but she would brush aside the pain and hoist herself out of bed anyway.  "I wanted people to be like, ‘Wow!  I can’t believe you just had a C-section!’  It was important for me to not feel like a victim."  She conceded that it was easier to surrender and ask for help if she had a sense of humor about the situation and it was far easier to ask for support from her partner, whom she was already intimate with, than anyone else.  
Aries, this week you may be in need of support, physical, emotional or otherwise.  This is not easy to admit, let alone express, for a feisty fire sign such as yourself.   Don’t be afraid to ask directly for what you need.  This is a good opportunity to explore your vulnerability and grow your strength there.  
(6 of Discs Rev/ Help Me- Joni Mitchell)

TAURUS- Cousin 45
When I asked my cousin to recount a time she knew she was on the “right track” she replied that she was still looking for the right track, but she did know when she was on the “wrong track.”  “I thought I wanted to teach Tae Kwon Do,” she said.  It wasn’t long after she began teaching a Tae Kwon Do class that she injured her foot and had to quit.  When her foot finally healed she signed up to teach a Tae Kwon Do class once a week at the local Montessori School.  “By the end of the class I didn’t want to do it anymore.”  “What didn’t you like about it?”  I asked her.  “The whole thing.  It was a gut feeling, I just knew it wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing.”
Taurus, you may feel very clearly what is and isn’t your path, what is or isn’t your job this week.  The form the message takes, might not be the most comfortable, but it will likely be very clear, if only to you.  
(8 of Discs/ Get On The Right Track- Phyllis Dillon)

GEMINI- Aunt 60
Whenever I pull out my tarot cards or take a look at her astrology chart my aunt humorously says, “Tell me when I’m gonna meet a man!”  But when I asked her about the card for Gemini for the week she told me that the times when she feels disappointed or has difficulty with relationships happens mostly at work.  “There is a lot of age discrimination at my job,”  my aunt told me.  “I don’t feel appreciated or understood.”  She shrugs, “So I stop putting it out there.  I’m not a fighter, I don’t compete.  I just keep my head down and do what I know how to do.”  This was a surprising confession from my aunt who I consider the epitome of a “fighter.”  Her road has been undeniably rocky at times and yet she has always, as she once told me, done what she wanted.   
Gemini, this week you may feel disconnected from a close personal relationship in your life.  Consider that what may really be getting in the way, is the harsh lens under which you are scrutinizing yourself.  This may not be an accurate reflection of the way others are actually seeing you.  It may be helpful to initiate a conversation about the distance you are experiencing in the relationship in order to get a clearer idea of how they are perceiving the situation before you fully withdraw from it.   
(VI Lovers Rev/ Just One More Summer Before I Go- Comet Gain)

CANCER- Dad 69
"I’d done a psycho-educational evaluation of an 8th grader," my dad began (he works as a school psychologist).  "What is a ‘psycho-educational evaluation’?" I asked.  "Oh, it’s an assessment of memory, language, problem-solving, academic skills and in the case of this student, his social/ emotional skills."  My dad kept in touch with the student after the evaluation and they developed a repoire.  One day the student’s teacher called my dad because the student had walked out of the classroom and she wasn’t sure where he was.  My dad knew the student liked music so he went to the music room and found him sitting alone behind a drum kit.  They sat there together in silence for awhile and then the student started playing the drum kit.  My dad found some bongo drums and started tapping out a rhythm as back up.  After a little while the student switched to a keyboard and my dad started plunking on a piano.  "I think there was some acknowledgement… I’d connected with him in his form of expression," my dad concluded.  After that the student seemed happier and he would give my dad a high five whenever they passed in the hallway.  
Cancer, this week you may be discovering or rediscovering some aspect of yourself or your work that you love.  This is good information.  It is your own game of hot and cold and this week you are getting warmer as you move toward who and what you love.   
(Ace of Cups/ Go On Girl- Roxanne Shante)

LEO- Second Cousin 2 (as told by his mother)
Last week my 2nd cousin announced to his parents that he wanted to wear “big-kid” underwear.  He had begun his toilet training at school, but had always relied on a diaper at home, up until last week.  To prepare him for the potential difficulty his parents offered a reward if he was able to use the toilet for an entire week.  At dinner one night he started wailing.  Most of us assumed he had gotten hurt, but his wet pants confirmed that he had had another kind of accident.  “We couldn’t figure out why he was so upset about it,” my cousin said.  “No one had ever told him that it was wrong or bad.”  He seemed genuinely embarrassed or deeply disappointed with himself.  A few days later he asked for a diaper and flat out refused to use the toilet.  His parents reminded him of the prize that awaited him if he could try for a couple more days.  “It’s a lifestyle change,”  my cousin said.  “I don’t think he knew it would be so hard, or disruptive to his life.”  
Leo, this week you may feel ready to give up on a goal you’ve set for yourself.  Part of what may be holding you back or causing you to give up just short of the finish line is that reaching your goal means “a lifestyle change.”  Now is the perfect time to start setting intentions for yourself as you will have help in achieving those goals over the next year.  Jupiter enters your sign on July 16th bearing gifts and luck, but it helps if you are clear about where you want to direct that luck and those gifts.  
(XVII Star Rev/ I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free- Nina Simone)

VIRGO- Cousin 39
For his friend’s 30th birthday my cousin and his friends congregated at her house in San Francisco.  As soon as they stepped out of the house in formal dinner wear the door clicked shut and they realized they’d locked the keys inside.  They went out anyway, knowing they’d have no where to come home to.  At the end of the night they all piled into a cheap motel in the Tenderloin and in the morning they drove in their cocktail attire to Marin to find a locksmith to let them back into the house.  “It was a great night, considering it was a disaster,” he recounted.  
Virgo, this week you can expect to have a good time, in large part because you are in good company.  Even if, in a certain light, an experience was a “disaster,” it will probably feel like the opposite because you are in it together.   
(3 of Cups/ Chromes- Telepathe/ Kingdom)

LIBRA- Aunt 65
"I’ve always been perceived as an extrovert, but I’m not one.  What fuels me is being alone," my aunt told me.  "It’s a new perception.  I was raised to think of myself differently because I’m an actress and I like people, but it’s not how I recharge."  For my uncle’s birthday he wanted to provide music with his band at a Danish Mid-Summers Eve Party, which was an all-night party.  The idea of it made my aunt feel claustrophobic, "I knew if I went I’d be trapped.  So I made another plan for myself that felt better."  She made plans with her friend and let my uncle celebrate in his own way.  
Libra, this week an old difficulty or pattern may present itself.  You may be tempted to ask yourself, “why is this happening again?”  But it is simply providing you with opportunity to respond differently, to respond the way you want to respond, the way you wished you’d responded the first time you encountered it.  Remember that unless you are literally sitting in a bear trap or a booby trap right now, you aren’t actually trapped.  This means the trap you are dealing with is likely an old deeply held belief or pattern.  Now is a good time to break with tradition and break the chains.  
(XV Devil/ Spooksville- Nu-Trends)

SCORPIO- Uncle 69
"I worked for a place called ‘Consensus Power.’  It was one of those straight-laced, necktie-nice suit places," my uncle said.  "What did you do there?" I asked.  "I was hired to set up a system for dealing with their hazardous waste."  The supervisor my uncle worked under was extremely difficult to work for and was always waiting for someone to trip.  One day my uncle stumbled upon a memo the supervisor had written to his superior.  My uncle decided to resign.  It was the beginning of a winding path that led him to a much happier retirement working for himself.  "When I got drafted I thought it would be a good fit.  I liked shooting guns, I liked jungles.  But all my friends said, yeah, but you forgot about the most important part, you have to take orders."  
Scorpio, this week the emphasis is on letting go.  Are there any commitments you’ve made over the last year that you need to walk away from in order to commit more firmly to your own path and growth?  Perhaps the letting go is more of an emotional release than a literal or tangible one.  Trust that the weight lifted by this burden will leave you feeling more fully capable of handling any challenges you fear you may be met with on the road ahead.  
(10 of Swords/ On The Road Again- Canned Heat)

SAGITTARIUS- Second Cousin 13
"I’m helping my friend work on his book.  It’s called, "The Notorious Belamundus Warriors."  My friends and I are all characters in the book,"  my cousin’s son told me.  His friend, the author, asks my second cousin and his other friends, if they were warriors, what kind of weapon they’d use and what method they’d use to attack.  "What did you say?"  His younger sister chimed in.  "My weapon is a bow and arrow and my pattern of attack is snaking," he quickly answered.  After a little more prodding he said, "The book is based on my friends and I having a special power.  My special power is controlling plants."  "Like shooting bamboo shoots?" His sister cackled with laughter.  
Sagittarius, you may feel that you have a special power this week.   But what is special about it is not that you can control plants or shoot people with bamboo shoots.  It is the very special power of knowing who you are and knowing that who you are is unique and creatively inspiring to others around you.  
(6 of Wands/ Fire- The Pointer Sisters)

CAPRICORN- Second Cousin 10
I asked my cousin’s daughter if there are ever moments when she needs to take time alone to think about something.  She nodded, “When my friends fight and ask me for advice.”  “What do you do get the space you need?”  “I tell them I need to think about it and then I walk away and go to the quietest places I know, which there isn’t many because there is more than 400 kids in the school.  If I need to think about it over night I go to my favorite spots in my house.”
Capricorn, this week you may need time alone to think about something, plot your next points, or in order to find your way to a solution in some area of your life.  If it is difficult to find a quiet place, then one of your favorite places will suffice.  The Full Moon in your sign on Saturday will help you harness wisdom and energy you need to take your next steps.  
(4 of Swords/ As Time Goes By- Dooley Wilson (Casablanca))

"I was watching Masterpiece Theater and I knew when the next installment came out you would be here," my mom said recounting her pregnancy with me.  "You took a lot longer to come out than I expected."  My mother explained that a person’s second child is supposed come faster than your first child because your body is familiar with the process.  My mother had already given birth to my brother, but it had been six years.  "The doctor told me, ‘This is going to be awhile.  I’m going to go teach Sunday school and if anything changes the nurse will call me.’  He was a baptist," my mom explained.  "He went to church and when he came back at noon you still weren’t here."
Aquarius, this week you may be impatiently waiting for something.  It is likely something you are already anticipating, but the exact length of time you have to wait may be unknown.  It may help if you can at least tell yourself that  by the time the next episode of [fill in the blank] comes what you have been waiting for will have already arrived.  
(7 of Discs/ I’m Waiting For The Day- The Beach Boys)

PISCES- Cousin 34
"I was stressed out about money.  I only had a week and half to come up with a months rent.  I sat down at the piano and dropped my head down on middle C.  With my right hand I started plunking out a dumb little melody,"  my cousin paused and laughed.  "It was so dumb, but it made me feel better.  I started humming along, I made it into a song."  Nothing became of the song, but the process of making it removed the creative frustrations he’d been having.  In that one day he made a painting and started on another.  "I remember being really blown away by the simplistic nature of the human brain, that a few little notes of music could shift my perspective."
You may encounter a similar experience this week, Pisces.  Something, perhaps something very simple, may cause you to shift your perspective and just this slight shift in perspective is capable of moving and expanding even more.  
(X Wheel of Fortune R/ Doubles- I Ain’t Gonna Study War No More- The Dandridge Sisters)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 07/02/14

Welcome Wanderers of the Astral Plain,

Mercury went direct this week and many of us may be breathing a sigh of relief, or at least feel that Mercury’s winged-boot is not resting quite so heavily on our chests.  The load is certainly a bit lighter, but we are not in the clear just yet.  Mercury will be in what is called its “shadow” until the 20th of July when it finally surpasses the territory it covered while it was retrograde.  I will discuss this in more detail under the card for the week, but what this means is that we may still be dealing with some “ghosts” from the past.  You may run into people you haven’t seen in months or even years, which can be both good or difficult depending on the memories you associate with those people.  What these “ghosts” actually bring is more information and, ultimately, clarity about something we may be dealing with in our lives, or a change we are trying to make.
Many positive changes are stirring in the stars and planets this month, but I will discuss them in further detail in the months ahead.  Several planets will be changing signs including, one of my favorite planets, Jupiter- “Giver of gifts and luck!”  But again I will talk more about that in the weeks to come.  
I would also like to direct your attention to the site of another one of my favorite (Virgo) astrologers, Anne Ortelee (http://anneortelee.com/).  If you are interested in a more detailed astrological analysis of the weeks and month ahead, she is an excellent resource.

THE THEME:  No theme again! Just hopping on trains of thought.

NEWS:  I will be out of town for a few days and will not be at my usual post on Thursday at the Painted Bird in Los Angeles.  Find me in two weeks, there among the clothing racks, and I will help you un-riddle your riddles and de-tangle your tangles.  <3


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mercury direct, futures to inspect, noises to detect, supportive structures to erect, words to inflect, lenses to correct, gifts from the universe on the way, well hey!, bills to pay, time to play, plans to lay, dawning of a new day, sitting on the dock of the bay, feeling gay, saying nay, hurray!, natal charts, big big hearts,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

This morning when I woke up I had a bad cold and they were jackhammering the fence in front of my door.  I was supposed to be sitting down to write Tarotscopes, but I felt clouded by the cold as well as the intermittent beat of the jackhammer.  It was all comically and cosmically in line with the astrological weather as well as the card I pulled for all of us on the astral plane this week, XVII The Star.  The Mercury Retrograde, which we just exited on July 1st, you may have experienced as both illuminating and confusing.  We are now in the shadow of Mercury’s Retrograde, which means that Mercury is retracing it’s steps for a third and final time (forward, backward, forward, 1,2,3).  At this point, the Winged-Messenger (as Mercury is known in Greek myths) has probably left a few footprints.  And now we are feeling the familiar weight of a message we are meant to hear, a message we are hearing for the third time (although the second time we heard it, it may have been garbled.  Now the message is coming through with much more clarity.  While the urge, post retrograde, can be to explode off in the direction of your goals and dreams, there may be another more insistent feeling that is slowing you down, like a hand on your shoulder asking you to listen one last time, to repeat back what you’ve heard and make sure you’ve got the information right.  Mercury’s Shadow, as well as The Star card, indicate a time of healing when you let go of the past, old patterns and decisions that were weighing you down, and recalibrate towards a brighter future.  It’s okay to go slow and let go.  
(If I Ever Cry You’ll Never Know- Betty Hall Jones)

XVII The Star (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

The other day I was spacing out and playing with a plastic ring that had been used to seal a carton of orange juice I finished.  I was noticing how it framed different objects and images depending on where I placed it.  It reminded me of a conversation my friend Amy and I had about collage, about borrowing images and changing them into other completely different images.  When  I encircled certain things with the plastic ring it made what was inside the ring look like something completely different than what it was when I took the frame away.  I think they used to do this on Sesame Street or another children’s show, where they’d show you pieces of images and you’d have to guess what the whole image was based on the piece.  On Sesame Street they made it easy.
Aries, this week you may be zooming out on something that you were looking at under a microscope and realizing how big or small that thing is or what it all adds up to be.  This can be quite humbling, especially if you were convinced you knew what it was.  Try to be gentle enough with yourself and open enough to incorporate the information this revelation holds.  
(Son of Swords Rev/ I’ll Be Seeing You- Brenda Lee)

I’ve been listening to rain recordings on my computer.  It all started the other day when I had a terrible cold.  I started out listening to whale sounds and in one of the recordings there was the sound of rain falling in the background.  I found myself immediately relaxing into the artificial environment it created.  In Los Angeles right now the weather is sunny and beautiful, but when I’m sick I want it to rain.   I think this is because, growing up in Iowa, the change of seasons did often pair nicely with cold and flu season.  When I felt cruddy the weather was usually cruddy too.  In Los Angeles the weather reminds me of a neighbor I grew up with, whenever you would ask her about her life she would give you a very honest account with all the ups and downs and then she would punctuate the report by saying cheerfully, “But it’s all just totally great!”  In Los Angeles the weather is often “just totally great” whether or not you are.  
Taurus, this week you may find yourself clinging to old comforts, but noticing that this requires more personal effort on your part.  A sunny day may feel like pressure, calling you to action.  But if you surrender to it, it is also a reminder that everything is and/or will be “just totally great.”
(XXI World Rev/ Southern Nights- Allen Toussaint)

When I was 7 years old I was in a modern dance class and one of our final performances was at a nursing home.  We performed with wooden spoons and inside of lycra sacks that made us look like characters from Gumby.  Some people may have thought the performance was too “modern” for a retirement community, but most of the audience seemed genuinely engaged.  Though it was “non-traditional,” it was visually stimulating.  My family was also in attendance in the back row and surprisingly proved to be the least attentive and supportive.  My brother, who was in junior high at the time, and my cousin couldn’t stop laughing and my mother kept trying to nudge them quiet.  
Gemini, something seems to be edging you out of your nest, or out of your comfort zone.  There may be a feeling that people don’t totally “get you”  or at least don’t totally understand the ways in which you’ve changed or are expressing yourself differently.  This doesn’t mean that you are “wrong,” but it could mean you need to find a different audience and/or give the old audience time to catch up with the new information you are now presenting.  
(3 of Wands Rev/ Come By Here- Norma Frazer)

The window in my bathroom is frosted.  A few leaves from the tree outside press against the glass and cast a green light on the rest of the window pane.  All of this makes it easy to imagine I’m showering in a forest and not on a residential street in Los Angeles.  At this point, I’ve almost convinced myself that there is an actual forest growing between my building and the neighbors’. The truth is that there is only one small tree sprouting out of concrete and only one scraggily branch reaches far enough over my window to drum its fingers on the glass.
Cancer, this week you may feel tentative to imagine the possibilities of something because you think it won’t come true and/ or you don’t want to get your hopes up.  While the dream may not be quite as good as the real thing, just the imagining of it can have a similar effect.  
(Priestess of Cups L/ Waiting-  Alice Boman)

My closet is a disaster area.  It was less than a year ago that I proudly built shelves into it to help organize what was there.  Now I’ve been trying to fit more things in the closet so they aren’t cluttering my apartment.  The problem with this is I can only get one foot firmly on the floor in the closet before I have to straddle a pile of musical instruments, books and bedding to reach the rest.  I’ve set a goal for myself that sometime by the end of July or August (keeping the dates vague so I don’t set myself up for failure) I will have built a new set of shelves and shelving units that will accommodate my things more easily.  I know I can do it, because I’ve done it before, last year.  
Leo, this is perhaps a rather mundane example of what you might be experiencing this week.  The main idea is that you are now structuring your life around a core of integrity and honesty.  It may not have been easy to get here, perhaps you had to figure out how to put away or deal with things that didn’t seem to belong anywhere.  But you’ve done it before, you know what it feels like when you make healthy decisions and build your life in the direction of your highest self and so you can do it again and again.   
(Shaman of Wands/ I Can- Nas)

Whenever I’m sick or on my period leaving the house becomes a bit of an ordeal.  This is because I have to dress better than I feel, but also what I wear has to feel good even while I’m feeling bad.  The experience of getting dressed during these moments reminds me of Little Edie’s line in “Grey Gardens” when she’s speaking directly to the camera and she says, “And you can always take off the skirt and use it as a cape.  So I think this is the best costume for today.  I have to think these things up!  You know.”  When I finally left the house the other day during a bad cold I had a number 2 pencil holding up my hair, along with a scarf with a map of Kyoto, Japan printed on it, round sunglasses, a hand-decorated T-shirt my friend Nora made for me, jean shorts (one size too big), two different white socks that I dyed yellow to make a pair and black boots.  I felt like a little like the socks I was wearing, one foot in a sense of self-assurance and the other foot teetering on the brink of mortification, wondering if, were I feeling better, I would assess the outfit differently and conclude I looked like a pile of laundry.
Virgo, this week you may find yourself leaning into the foot of self assurance.  Perhaps you’ve taken some risks with more than just your outfit.  Under normal circumstances you might feel a bit tentative about those risks, but this is not a normal circumstance.  In fact these are ideal circumstances to express yourself creatively, through fashion or any other medium and have people take note.   
(Son of Wands/ Clothes Line- Boogaloo and His Gallant Crew)

I often work through obstructions such as writer’s block or other forms of intangible creative blocks by thinking of them as something tangible.  When I feel stuck writing Tarotscopes, for example, I will go for a walk, literally moving myself through space.  If I can’t seem to see something from the angle I am looking, I turn myself upside down.  If I feel trapped, it’s time to take a trip, even if I just journey to another part of town.  These are not techniques I have invented, they have a history, a lineage.  Henry David Theroux used to take long walks in nature when he was in need of fresh inspiration and so did several of his contemporaries.    
Libra, you may be thirsty for change, at the very least a change of scene.  Now that Mercury is direct there will be fewer obstacles to any travel plans you make.  Hit the road, even if you only go a few miles.  Or start a new project, even if it doesn’t last.  The important thing is that you are accessing fresh pockets of inspiration.    
(8 of Wands/ Opening Theme to Auntie Mame- Bronislau Kaper)

My neighbor and I went to lunch up the block and when we came back there was a pile of rubble in front of our other neighbor’s door where the cement steps had been.  My neighbor said that the landlord had mentioned she didn’t like the way the stairs “looked” but she had no idea that they would be decimated.  We were rather speechless as we stood around staring at what was left of the short flight of stairs.  The sub-lettor, who has been staying in the apartment for a few weeks, appeared in the door way and told us that there wasn’t a key for the back door.  “I don’t know what I’m going to do,”  he laughed, glancing down at the pile.
Saturn has probably been rattling your bones, for a while now, in order to draw your attention to the places in your life that it wants you to strengthen and fortify.  You may have had to take a different route or find surprising solutions while you waited for the dust to settle.  It is not easy hosting Saturn in your sign, Scorpio, and you have been for a while now.  But this also means that you get Saturn’s focus and support in helping you emerge from the storm in the form you came here to embody and that is the picture that might ultimately be emerging with more clarity this week.  
(XV Devil Rev/ Rose And The Thorn- The 13th Floor Elevators)

I remember consciously strategizing and developing my signature as a kid.  This proved difficult because I first had to teach myself how to write in cursive.  My elementary school didn’t teach cursive because one of the teachers, whom I deeply respected for her unusual tastes, had a penchant for calligraphy (as well as standard poodles) and she insisted that we all learn calligraphy instead.  “How will we sign our checks,”  I protested one day in fourth grade.  “I carry a calligraphy pen in my purse and sign all my checks that way,” she replied.  One day after school I was practicing my signature with a friend and she told me that we should model our signatures after a doctor’s signature because they are known to be illegible.  All of these things did inform the development of my signature, but it really wasn’t until my early twenties that a clear and unique signature finally and quite naturally emerged.  The other reason it took so long, besides having to learn cursive, was because different people had different nicknames for me.  The one I ultimately chose to include in my signature is actually the most outdated, but proved to be the most fitting aesthetically, when reduced to a “doctor’s signature.”
Sagittarius, whether or not you spent any time developing your signature, you have probably spent a considerable amount of time (consciously and/or unconsciously) developing and getting to know your character, who you are at the core.  Perhaps there were set backs or parts of yourself that weren’t so readily accepted in your youth that you were reminded of during Mercury’s Retrograde.  Now that Mercury is direct you may feel more triumphant and ready to claim, reclaim or proclaim the parts of yourself that others, or you yourself did not always embrace.  
(XI Strength/ Without Reservation- Redbone)

When I was a kid my best friend and I loved making surprises for each other.  We would create treasure hunts for one another and collect treasure that we would hide in empty cream cheese containers (I’m not sure why we used cream cheese containers).  The one surprise, that neither of us could really figure out how to recreate, came from a children’s book we read about a birthday party.  To the best of my memory (although I can’t even remember the title of the book), a triple-layer birthday cake was floated down a creek on a bed of leaves and the guests and the “birthday girl” only knew it was coming because they saw the candles glowing, reflecting off the leaves and water.  My friend and I made some calculations and drew up a few designs, but never found the perfect location that would lend itself to the experience.
Capricorn, this week you may or may not see the glow of the candles, but some sort of cake is heading downstream towards you.  This is likely something you planned for consciously or unconsciously because you asked for it or let everyone know that you like surprises.    
(Ace of Discs/ A Veritable Smorgasbord- Charlotte’s Web)

Aquarius, I must confess that by the time I arrived at writing your horoscope for the week, not only was my creativity running dry, but I was also sick of telling stories about myself.  I went next door and called through the screen to my neighbor, which was actually a very Aquarian solution, as your sign rules the house associated with friendship.  She and her girlfriend were hanging out so I asked them both if they had any examples in their own lives of what you Aquarius’ may be experiencing.  Her girlfriend shyly offered that the situation reminded her of when she signed up for a gym membership.  At first she felt burdened by the financial commitment, but it wasn’t long before the strength she gained made her feel freer in her body than she had ever experienced before.  
Aquarius, this week you may be feeling more ready to make a commitment, which is a big deal for you freedom-loving air signs.  The reason this commitment may feel different and less constricting than other kinds of contracts is that it actually frees you up in many other ways.   
(7 of Cups Rev/ Fly Me To the Moon- Astrud Gilberto)

Forty years ago, my parents were living in New Mexico and wanted to buy a house.  The only way they could purchase a house was if they quit their jobs in New Mexico and used their accrued retirement money for the downpayment.  The only way they could quit their jobs, however, was if they had other jobs somewhere else.  By a synchronous turn of events, a job was made available in the Canal Zone in Panama for my father and a second job was promised to my mother, though she had to commit to a job without a job description.  Recently, my parents took my brother and I back to Panama to poke around their old haunts.  It was clear to my brother and I that their decision, forty years ago, was one of the best of their lives.
Pisces, this week things may work out in surprising ways, but you have to be willing to let go of one thing in order to make room for another.  It may seem like a difficult decision in this moment, but years from now you may look back on this moment as a turning point that sent you in a more positive direction.  
(6 of Swords/ I Get Along Without You Very Well- Chet Baker)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 06/25/14

Welcome Travelers!

This week may be tricky for some, as it has potential to bring some tenuous relationships or conflicts to a head, but for those who have not already been experiencing difficulty, this week will likely feel much breezier.  Venus enters Gemini making for fun, flirty, and adventurous energy.  Jupiter reminds us of dreams we may have abandon and aspects the nodes of fate, creating opportunities to meet new and important people who may help or encourage us to activate those dreams.  I almost forgot!  There is a New Moon in Cancer on Friday!  Make your wishes!  More than one, no more than ten!  This one is a good one for thinking about home and abundance and setting intentions for creating comfort in a way that is supportive, but not stagnating. 

THE THEME:  No theme this week, just thoughts for the pot!

THE MIX:  The final mix of Pride Month featuring songs from your favorite movies!


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mars uranus opposition, changing position, an inquisition, venus in the sign of the twins, new wins, getting the spins, growing fins, in the appropriate bins, navigating between pins, jupiter opens doors, hardwood floors, clean out your pores, healing sores, letting go of old folklores, new shores, grocery stores, summer is here, celebrating queer, releasing fear, slapping your rear, shedding a tear, looking in the mirror, leather glove, peace dove, love and hearts,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

This morning (Wednesday) Mars in Libra opposed Uranus in Aries.  This aspect amplifies intuition and can come as flashes of understanding or insight into an issue that may have previously felt like moving through wet cement.  Mars is about action and accomplishment and Libra is the sign of relationships as well as, peace, justice, harmony.  When Uranus enters the picture it can create an itchy restlessness or even flashes of anger as you come to some sort of deeper intuitive understanding of your present situation.  When we are unconscious of where these feelings are pointing we can say things we may later regret.  Try to stay with the discomfort you feel long enough to see where it is settling in your body.  There can be a tendency to project our problems on to other people or situations.  Which brings me to the card for the week, The Emperor!
The Emperor, as I may have mentioned when this card appeared during another astrological season, is considered the “father figure"of the tarot.  He has the potential to be supportive and encouraging or extremely controlling.  There is a lack of intuitive trust in this card.  It is more about getting things working in a concrete way, trusting your hands to do the work and probably being mistrustful of anything intangible.  This is not the time to give up faith that your current struggles will result in a positive outcome.
The other astrological storm cloud we are dealing with right now is the Mercury Retrograde, now moving through the sign of Gemini.  With Mercury in Retrograde you may have felt that things have been quite unfair and outside of anyone’s control (it was during a Mercury Retrograde that hurricane Dolly blew the roof off of a house my parents had settled on buying in south Texas).  When you work with the Retrograde instead of trying to resist or control it (The Emperor) then you probably won’t run into quite so many frustrations.  You may even enjoy the memories it calls you back to.  
I will leave you with these thoughts that came to me when I pulled the Emperor this week:  To whom or what have you given your dreams away?  What and who supports your dreams?  How can you lend more support to your dream?  When do you need to step back and trust your dream is in fact unfolding as it should?
(Never Never Land- Mary Martin/ Peter Pan 1960)

IV Emperor (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

In almost every home I frequented as a kid there was a bar with stools.  I don’t know if this was a popular design element of the 80s and 90s or if it was just a coincidence, but it suited my fidgety kid nature well.  First of all, almost all of the stools turned, if not 360 degrees, at least back and forth.  This meant that, though I was not allowed to leave my chair until I finished every last drop of orange juice in my cup, I could at least swivel back and forth in between gulps.  Besides the movement of the stool there was also the added benefit of being up high.  When you are used to spending most of your time at the level of skirts and pant legs, seeing things from stool-height is an enlivening perspective.
Aries, this week there may be more movement incorporated into to your life.  Perhaps you are having the opportunity to swivel back and forth or see things from an aerial perspective.  Whatever you “have” to do, consider that when you add a little elevation or an element of fun it makes the difficulties much easier to swallow.  
(Daughter of Wands/ California Earthquake- Mama Cass/ Beautiful Thing)

Recently, my dear friend and neighbor went out of town for a month leaving me in charge of her maidenhair fern.  For those of you who have ever attempted to foster one of these plants (particularly in a dry climate) you know that it is a delicate undertaking.  You can’t just water it, you have to mist it, but not too much.  I put the plant and it’s mister on my kitchen table so that I wouldn’t forget about it or it’s needs.  While some form of bureaucracy had me on hold one day I found myself inspecting it’s leaves.  Almost all of the plants in my house are succulents because they are hardy and will still be there if I get lost in thought for too long, so it was interesting to see something that grows like a whisper.  I find the maidenhair to be very expressive and I have been surprised at how easy it is to anticipate it’s needs.
Taurus, this week you may find yourself in uncertain territory.  Perhaps you are being asked to care for or communicate with something or someone new or unfamiliar or in a new or unfamiliar way.  Try not to let yourself get too anxious or worry about how to respond.  If you listen in the way that is being asked of you, you will probably know just what to do.    
(Daughter of Discs L/ Why?- Bronski Beat/ Edge of 17)

My sunglasses turn everything into technicolor.  Lately, Los Angeles hasn’t needed much help in that department.  Flowers and fruits are exploding everywhere.  The other day I was in Glendale trying to get back to Los Angeles and the ramp to the freeway was closed.  As I was stuck in a line of traffic waiting to turn left, a flame of purple next to a burst of red, followed by a low bouffant of yellow in a bank parking lot caught my eye.  I raised and lowered my sunglasses a few times to make sure I was seeing the colors accurately.  They were beautiful without the filter, but I realized I liked the way they looked through my sunglasses better.  I realized I have a tendency to distinguish between “reality” and the way I am seeing something.  This is good some of the time, but it also sometimes invalidates the way I am appreciating something.
Gemini, pay attention this week to the way you are seeing things.  Consider NOT asking yourself whether what you are perceiving is “real” or not.  The way you are seeing things right now is sending you in a specific direction.  Even if, on a practical level, it seems like you may be taking a detour, there is value in what your mind makes real simply by validating the way you are seeing it.  
(8 of Discs/ Set It Off- Organized Noize/ Set It Off)

Perhaps all the flies know it is summer, but they have appeared somewhat spontaneously in my kitchen recently.  My dog, thankfully, is an avid flycatcher or fly-chaser actually.  She does her best to snap them up, but they are just too quick for her.  The other day I was laughing to myself about how futile her efforts were, but after a few minutes of her jumping around the kitchen I noticed the flies had cleared out.  I guess this is similar to the relationship between cats and mice.  Whether or not they are actually capable of catching anything, sometimes just the very presence of a predator is enough of a deterrent.   
Cancer, this week you may be finding creative solutions to difficulties you have been experiencing.  These solutions may not tackle the problem head on, but they are enough of a deterrent to keep anxieties at bay.   
(5 of Discs Rev/ Chick Habit- April March/ But I’m A Cheerleader)

I have a piece of glass hanging in my window that looks like a giant water droplet.  It is actually a crystal from a chandelier that I got when I worked at an antique salvage warehouse.  A friend of mine came over and saw it and said, “Oh do you use those to get rid of flies too?”  I raised an eyebrow and she explained that another friend of ours told her that the tear-drop shape is used as an insect repellent because it disorients flies by bending light and image in an unusual way.  
I’m not sure if that is all hearsay, but you may be feeling like you are in a funhouse this week, Leo.  It will be important to fact-check.  Don’t assume you know what someone or something is trying to tell you.  Mercury will be aspecting the Nodes of Fate bringing back old ghosts, thoughts and feelings from the past.  There may be new messages contained in old packages.  Avoid making any final decisions or blazing off in a direction before you are certain there is actually a trail there or that the trail exists in the form you think it does.  
(IX Crone Rev/ Mama Told Me Not To Come- Wolfgang Press/ Party Girl)

My mother trained me well.  “When we get through this line at the post office (or bank, or wherever), we’ll both have earned a treat,” she’d say.  To this day I associate long lines and difficult situations with some sort of reward.
Virgo, where you are now seems to be at the reward.  You’ve likely worked very hard to get to this point and from here on out I think things will be much easier for you.  This isn’t just a fleeting peak, it is a part of a whole new transition.  Don’t be afraid to let yourself enjoy it.  
(4 of Wands/ You Make Loving Fun- Fleetwood Mac/ Personal Best)

My friend and I were walking around the lake recently, having what a couple of my Austrailian friends call a “D and M” (a Deep and Meaningful conversation) when she spotted something draped over the branch of a tree.  It was a little beaded lizard with a note attached.  On one side of the note it said, “Take Me! I’m your Good Vibes Lizard!!”  and on the other side was a message that seemed very pertinent to the conversation we were having.  “I think you have to take that,” I said.  “But…it’s ugly,” she protested.  “It’s your Good Vibes Lizard,” I said.  We kept walking a little further when we spotted another one with the same “Take Me!” message on one side and on the other it said, “Nothing changes IF nothing changes.”  “That one’s yours!” my friend said.
Libra, you may be wrestling with some feeling of disappointment this week.  Part of the disappointment may be that you’ve attached a message to a particular person or situation and it isn’t delivering what you’d hoped it would yield.  The other part of the disappointment may be that a situation or person is asking you to change in a way that is difficult. Be on the look out for luck coming in strange or even ugly packages.  I would also add to the lizard’s message that, “Something changes if something changes” or even, “Something changes if someone changes.”
(5 of Cups/ I’ve Never Been To Me- Charlene/ Pricilla Queen of the Dessert)

I remember as early as preschool learning a game that I would come to dread playing.  Maybe you’ve heard of it.  It’s called, “Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?”  To begin everyone claps out a rhythm by alternating between slapping your knees and clapping your hands together.  As you do this, everyone says together,  “Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?”  The teacher usually begins and calls out the name of a student, “So and So stole the cookies from the cookie jar.”  And then that person says, “Who me?”  And everyone says, “Yes you.”  And So and So says, “Couldn’t be!”  Everyone, “Then who?”  And then So and So accuses someone else of stealing the proverbial cookies from the said cookie jar.  I remember trying different tactics to make myself less visible to whoever had been empowered to shout out a name.  I didn’t like the attention or the idea of being accused of a crime I didn’t commit.  
Scorpio, this week as Chiron begins its slow moonwalk through your 5th house of creativity and self expression, you may feel like someone is stepping on a bruise.  Is there an old image of yourself that no longer resonates with the person you have become?  Maybe you were, at one time, the type to steal the cookies from the cookie jar, but no longer.  Perhaps you were once afraid to have your name chanted in chorus, but now it feels far less intimidating.  Don’t get stuck trying to satisfy anyone else’s expectations.  “Who me?”  “Yes you!”  
(XX Judgement Rev/ Female Trouble- Divine/ Female Trouble)

Sometimes when I catch myself procrastinating I feel a pang of shame.  The feeling burns a little like when you eat a chunk of wasabi.  Recently, with Chiron traipsing back across old wounds I’ve been thinking about the different voices I use to talk to myself.  When I caught myself procrastinating recently, I recognized the feeling of shame and then decided that I don’t want my ideas to be born out of that feeling.  My favorite creative moments come when I’m enjoying myself, when I’m reveling in a feeling, like when I was a kid and I would go to the fabric store and run down the isle with all the silks.
Sagittarius, you may receive flashes of insight and new ideas this week, making it a good time to tackle creative projects.  Perhaps your creativity responds to a different voice then the one mine does.  Maybe you prefer a stern push to a gentle one.  Consider with what voice you want to bring an idea into the world.     
(9 of Discs/ When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold- Elvis Presley/ Desert Hearts)

Sometimes when I’m doing a lap around the lake with my headphones on I imagine my music is like a flame, like I’m a candle of sound and the closer I get to people the more they can hear.  But actually the opposite is true.  I’ve checked my headphones several times for sound leaks and they are completely sealed.  The reality is, the closer I get to other people, the more aware I am of the music I’m listening to.  Sometimes I try to imagine that they are moving to my music.  
Capricorn, this week your intuition may be getting stronger.  You may think that other people are hearing what you are hearing or seeing what you are seeing, but it is doubtful.  Don’t be afraid of the information your candle is bringing to light right now.  
(II High Priestess L/ Cattle Call- Eddy Arnold/ My Own Private Idaho)

A while ago, I was looking at pictures of homing pigeons that were used in World War I to deliver messages.  The messages were kept in little tube-shaped backpacks that were somehow fixed to the birds’ shoulders.  As I was walking around the lake the other day I noticed for the first time that each buoy in a strand of buoys strung across the lake, looks a lot like these capsules.  I wondered if anything was being kept in them.  
Aquarius, you may receive messages from surprising places this week.  This is partly because you are open to the form in which they may be delivered.  Perhaps this information will act as a sort of life raft in a difficult situation you are currently dealing with.  
(4 of Swords Rev/ The Humming Chorus- Puccini/ Heavenly Creatures)

The other day I was talking with my friend Zackary.  She suggested I listen to my body.  “Your body wants things too,” she said.  “It will let you know.”  I often feel like a cloud or, as some people have said, that my head is in the clouds.  Her advice resonated with me in a new way.  I use my body unconsciously all the time, but I don’t often think of really having a conversation with it.  
Pisces, now would be a good time to listen to the intuitive wisdom of your body.  What is it needing?  What is it telling you?  What does it want in any given situation?  Consider letting the answers you receive be your guide this week.
(Priestess of Discs/ Hello- Babes in Toyland/ All Over Me)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 06/18/14

Welcome Riders of the Astral Storm!

I joke!  “Astral Storm” is way too dramatic to reflect this week.  But when Mercury’s Retrograde transit contributes to electronics and communication going haywire (our internet here at the Tarotscopes “office” has gone down twice since this morning) the frustrations can be profound.  Mercury recently rolled back into Gemini, pulling us out of the waters of Cancer and back into air where Mercury feels more at home.  This is actually quite helpful because we have been treading water for a while now with so many planets in water signs and now Chiron will go retrograde on Friday, drudging up more emotional muck to examine.  I will discuss what this means in more detail below under the card for the week.

THE THEME: This week, as Chiron stations to go Retrograde in the sign of Pisces, I’ve chosen a healing theme (to go with Chiron the “Wounded Healer”)- First Aid Kit contents and associations.  <3

THE MIX:  For Pride Month- Lesbian folk music-ish (some songs stray a bit from the genre)!


I will be at Painted Bird in Los Angeles this Thursday (tomorrow) from 3-5:30pm.  Come by with you quandaries and conundrums!  We will dig into those knots!  ($15 per question) <3


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where there are wounds, singing new tunes, silver spoons, typhoons, song of the loons, watching cartoons, looking to the moon, lunch at noon, mercury back in air, feels more fair, braiding hair, pull up a chair, socks to pair, clothes to wear, bad checks to tear, places to stare, showing you care, knowing you’re rare, equal parts, jump starts, hearts and stars,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

When I see the roman numeral 20 (XX) I always think to myself, “kiss, kiss” and when someone writes “kiss, kiss”  I think “X, X.”  An X represents a kiss and also the roman numeral 10, the number 1 followed by a circle, a hole, an opening.  The Judgement card is like two kisses and an opening.  It is a conversation, sending one kiss into the universe and receiving one back through your openness from your higher self or whoever or whatever has your best interest in mind.  Most of us are familiar with tarot as a tool for divination, but tarot is also used as a map of spiritual pathways.  The Judgement card implies that you’ve come through all sorts of fires of understanding.  You’ve acknowledged your power to create or initiate (I Magician), you’ve practiced surrendering instead of trying to control something you really have no control over (XII The Hanged One), you’ve healed some deep wounds and reset your intentions (XVII The Star).  Now here we are at the Judgement Card, which, like the Fool is a card of trust.  Unlike the Fool, however, the Judgement Card trusts from experience, from having sailed into the mystery of life (XVIII The Moon) and from the joy of seeing what happens when you step out of your own way (XIX The Sun).
This week, Chiron “stands still” before going retrograde in the sign of Pisces.  Chiron is also known as “The Wounded Healer” and shows us where we have healing to do and where, when we put effort into healing those wounds, we can, in turn, offer comfort to others.  When Chiron goes retrograde it sheds light on situations where we may have acted from a place of wounding and where we did not check in first with our better judgement or higher selves.  Or, to be blunt, when Chiron goes retrograde, crooks and cheaters get caught.  This is why it is so important to use this opportunity to see where we have lost confidence or faith or where our insecurities have become embedded.  This is a chance to turn your ship around and sail in a direction that benefits everyone (Chiron in Pisces).  It has been said that what you send out, comes back to you tenfold.  Pay attention to the messages you are sending out into the world.  Is it an X? A kiss? Or is it something born in fear from an old wound that needs to be healed?
(It Could Have Been Me- Holly Near)

XX Judgement from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

When I was still a kid I remember witnessing other kids get hurt and seeing them cry.  An adult would come and assess the situation to see if the kid needed any kind of medical attention.  If they didn’t, and usually they didn’t, the adult might say, “Do you want me to kiss it?”  meaning the bump or bruise.   Typically the kid would reply with a slow tearful nod.  Kiss it, make it better.  My understanding of why a kiss alleviates pain is because when you are in pain it often feels like the world keeps spinning faster and faster past you, faster than you are capable of moving in that moment.  When someone slows down with you, slows with the pain you are feeling, it makes the experience less terrifying and lonely.  It’s not the kiss specifically but the process of assessing the situation and then letting it go with a symbolic gesture.  
Aries, this week you may feel frustrated or deflated by the thought that something you desperately wanted is impossible to attain. With a few planets going retrograde and Chiron stationing to go retrograde on the 20th, we are all being asked to slow down.  Being patient isn’t easy for a Ram.  Sometimes, being told to wait or slow down can feel like a rejection of your desire or hope.  This is not the case.  You are more than worthy and capable of getting what you want, but be open to the fact that it might take a little longer to arrive than you want.  
(9 of Cups Rev/ Every Woman Can Be a Lesbian- Alix Dobkin)

When I was in Girl Scouts in first grade, we learned what to do if you are ever bitten by a snake.  At the time the procedure was to make an X-shaped incision over the bite.  Then you had to suck the blood and venom out with your mouth and then spit the venom and blood out of your mouth.  Suck and spit, suck and spit.  I remember thinking that all of this sounded worse than the bite itself and I felt more afraid, not of snakes, but of the process of healing after the lesson.  
Your situation this week, Taurus, may be similar to dealing with a snake bite.  In order to get to a place where you can heal, you first have to remove the poison.  Don’t be afraid to dig into the wound and suck the poison out with your mouth.
(5 of Wands/ Angry Atthis- Maxine Feldman)

I can’t remember our elementary school nurse’s name, but I remember thinking she looked a little like a gargoyle and was perhaps just as ancient.  She didn’t have any eyebrow hair, instead she drew them in blue.  I remember lying on a papery cot in her office just long enough to miss the bulk of gym class.  “Feeling better?” she’d ask when I got up to leave, without moving a muscle in her face.
Gemini, you might in fact be feeling better this week.  The universe is like a nurse, taking care of things and watching over you like a gargoyle.  Or helping you avoid things that don’t make you feel good so you can focus on things that do.    
(X Wheel of Fortune L/ I Like Life- Phranc)

When I was a kid, I was cutting an apple with a paring knife and sliced through the apple skin into my finger.  The cut was deep and bled profusely.  My dad wrapped it tightly using the band aid as a sort of make-shift tourniquet.  It healed strangely, from the inside out, so that I could still open the wound several days after the initial incident.  The cut went through all the layers of my skin so when I opened the wound I could see the padded part of my finger.  Because my parents weren’t concerned about the cut, I wasn’t either.  “Want to see what the inside of your finger looks like?”  I’d ask my friends.  
Cancer, I apologize if you found this story too grotesque.  The point is that there are different ways of dealing with what looks like a catastrophe.  This week you are choosing not to catastrophize what may have initially appeared quite dramatic.  Take your time with your feelings and consider investigating them with a sense of curiosity about the healing process.  
(3 of Swords Rev/ Baby Can I Hold You- Tracy Chapman)

Growing up my house was nestled in the woods and so the outdoors inevitably came inside on occasion.  As a kid I remember waking up a few times with huge welts and looking for two pin points (the fang marks) in the middle of the wound to determine if it was a spider bite or something else of concern.  Recently, a friend of mine peeled back a band aid to reveal a nasty bite that looked like it was boring a hole through her finger.  “Did you see what it was?” I asked.  She shook her head, “It’s just a spider bite.”  “Yeah, but what kind?”  In California, spider bites can be slightly more ominous since a few of the poisonous varieties are not uncommon.  If you don’t know what bit you, all you can do is watch the bite.  If it starts to look like it is getting worse rather than better, you go to the doctor.  
Leo, I don’t think what you are likely to experience this week is as sinister as an unidentifiable spider bite in poisonous spider country, but the common thread is a sense of mystery.  There may be no way to identify the experience except by the bite and all you do is watch and see in which direction it seems to be moving.   
(XVIII Moon R/ Comet, Come To Me- Meshell Ndegeocello)

I can’t remember exactly who told me that head wounds bleed more than wounds in other places, but I think it was in elementary school when a kid on the playground hit his head and there was blood everywhere.  All the kids were saying the kid cracked his head open.  Then someone, probably an adult, told us that just because he was bleeding a lot didn’t mean he cracked his head open or even that the wound was very deep or bad, head wounds just tend to bleed a lot.  I’ve actually found this to be true of other cuts and scrapes, when you wipe the blood away with an alcohol swab, you can actually see the wound for what it is and it usually isn’t as bad as it looked when it was obscured in blood.  
Virgo, this week you may feel confused about where the boundaries of a situation lie, or how you should proceed.  This is likely because the boundaries have been somehow obscured.  It would be best to clean up the mess before you assess what the situation requires.   
(6 of Swords Rev/ For All The Times- Margie Adam)

A friend of mine told me she used to play with first aid kits when she was a kid, “You know.  Because you could use the gauze and bandages to dress up like a mummy.”  
Libra, this week would be a good time to think about taking something very straight forward and serious and making it more fun.  The transition you may be currently experiencing is a positive one.  Perhaps you’ve made an important decision or let go of something that was holding you back.  In any case, it is a good time to let yourself go with the gauze.   
(4 of Wands Rev/ April Fool- Isis)

When I was a little I thought if I slept with my head under the covers, intruders wouldn’t know I was there. This was also one of the best places to hear myself think because it softened like snow outside noise and I could hear my own heart beat.  
Scorpio, this week you maybe seeking protection from obtrusive thoughts or perhaps you are just struggling to hear the voice of your own intuitive wisdom.  If you don’t have an emergency blanket to throw over your head, think about finding something that could create a similar bubble of quiet.  
(IX Crone R/ At Seventeen- Janis Ian)

Linda Ronstadt has been a favorite musician of mine since I was a kid.  Growing up, one of my favorite songs that she sings was “Different Drum.”  When she sings, “You and I travel to the beat of a different drum…”  I would get a cartoon image in my head of two people with drums instead of hearts.  Sometimes, one person’s heart was a floor tom and the other person’s was bongos.  Or occasionally their hearts were some other sort of percussive instrument like a tambourine.  In a First Aid Kit, a watch or stopwatch would be used to check a someone’s heart rate, to see what drum their heart is beating to.  
Sagittarius, this week is a good time to check your pulse and tune in to the beat of your own drum.  Don’t be afraid to stand out, your own unique sound is quite important to the band.  
(Priestess of Swords R/ Measure Of Me- Amy Ray)

A First-Aid Guide Book is sometimes included in a First Aid Kit in order to explain all of the contents of the kit and how to use them.  But in an emergency, you probably wouldn’t take the time to look at the guide book, you’d just find a creative solution using the contents of the box.
Capricorn, this week you may find yourself leaning on the manual for support.  Capricorn’s are often uncomfortable claiming authority or knowledge in some area until they feel confident that they are experts.  Stand in your knowledge, Cap.  You probably know what you know better than most.  If there is something you don’t feel confident about, don’t be afraid to find a creative solution using the contents of the box.  
(IV Emperor L/ Swinging at Nothing- Danielle Egnew)

Tweezers are something that I think lots of First Aid Kits forget to include or maybe they just get lost because people use them so much.  In any case, it seems I can never find a pair of tweezers when I need them and so I walk around for way too long with a thorn in my side or a splinter in my foot.  
Aquarius, this week the feeling you may encounter is something like the feeling of pulling out a thorn or a splinter.  It leaves you with an overwhelming sense of satisfying relief and is followed by a feeling of liberation, of being set free from something that was crippling you or pulling all your attention away from just being yourself.    
(Ace of Wands/ Papa Don’t Lay That Shit On Me- Chicago Women’s Liberation Band)

Growing up my dad kept flashlights of all sizes and shapes all over the house.  His favorite was his headlamp because it freed up his hands and shed light in whatever direction he was looking.  I think this collection started because my dad had irregular sleep patterns and would frequently get up in the middle of the night.  In a First Aid Kit the suggestion of a flashlight is that you might be caught in a difficult situation at night without electricity.  
Pisces, this week you might find yourself caught in a tricky situation at night.  The solution might be to find your own flashlight, one that is unique to you, one that goes where you go and easily sheds light in the direction you are looking.
(V Hierophant/ Like An Island Rising- Cris Williamson)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 06/11/14

Welcome Sailors of the Astral Sea!

Tomorrow (Thursday) features a Full Moon in Sagittarius.  Jupiter is in Cancer right now and because the Moon rules Cancer and Jupiter rules Sagittarius the two are said to be in mutual reception.  Emily Trinkaus, of Virgo Magic does an awesome job of explaining what this Full Moon will mean for us here , so I won’t go into too much detail (especially since I am running a little bit late in getting these out to you), but I do want to reiterate one point about the conversation between Sagittarius and Cancer (the Moon and Jupiter).  The voices of these two signs/ planets are not in conflict when (and this is what mutual reception is all about) they are willing to work together and listen to the wisdom each has to offer.  In mutual reception it is easier for the two to hear one another.  It’s kind of like when you are staying at someone else’s house and you get frustrated because you can’t find where they keep their toilet paper (for example) and then you call them up and they say, “Oh, it’s right there in the hall closet with all the other cylindrical things, my house is organized by shape.” My dad is a Cancer and when I was growing up my parents used to joke about how if my dad had his way we’d all still live in a small town in Iowa.  My dad doesn’t necessarily seem to like the travel (i.e. change) part of traveling, but he does like establishing himself in new places, setting up routines and making sure the cabinets are well stocked (Cancer).  The Sagittarius Full Moon could indicate a change of heart, a desire to free yourself from places where you’ve felt trapped or where you’ve gotten comfortable with a pattern, routine, or attitude that may actually be inhibiting your growth.  OR perhaps you are feeling resistant to change and would prefer to stay in bed under the covers.  In this case, reach out to the Sagittarius Full Moon and embrace the need for change as an adventure.    

NOTE ON THIS WEEKS TAROTSCOPES. READ BEFORE YOU PROCEED:  I’m revisiting an old theme from around this time last year, or at least when we were experiencing similar astrological weather.  Here’s how you play the game:  Sometimes when I’m lying in bed I look at the titles of the books on my shelf and I pick out the titles that seem particularly pertinent to a situation I’m dealing with in my life.  Then, rather than actually read them, I come up with synopsis’ for new narratives I construct based on my situation and using the book title.  This week, just for fun and in honor of the Sagittarius (sometimes called “the storyteller”) Full Moon and with the Sun in Gemini (sign of communication) and Mercury Retrograde (miscommunication), I’ve picked a book title (incidentally many of the titles came from the ONE Archives in Los Angeles) to go with each sign and constructed a short fictional synopsis to accompany the book title and to help illustrate the situation presented by your card.  (side note-  it’s kind of like this. Enjoy!

THE MIX:  Oh this mix!  I can’t help laughing to myself about this one.  It was so enjoyable to make, but it might make some of you cringe.  Hopefully you will just let yourself love every minute of it…THE THEME IS…Gay Divas/ Icons.  


I will be at Night Gallery tomorrow with Eden's Day Cafe!  I will be set up from 2pm-5pm.  Come by with you quandaries and conundrums!  We will dig into those knots!  ($15 per question) <3


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Mercury is currently retrograde in the sign of Cancer.  If you’ve been feeling cranky, irritable and at a loss for words to express your feelings, know, in this, you are not alone.  We are journeying through early Cancer, we may all be feeling like a three year old in need of a nap during this time.  There are currently five planets in water signs and two of them are retrograding soon to be joined by a third, Chiron.  These are watery and emotional times and we are ALL feeling sensitive, so it is best to be sensitive to others as well.
The 10 of Cups is often associated with the sign of Pisces.  It is a card of connection, of understanding our connection with, people, animals, plants, rocks etc.  But keep in mind that Neptune, the ruler of Pisces is now retrograde, so the feeling this week is more likely to feel like disconnection and isolation.  The other day my friend held a reading of Gertrude Stein’s Many Many Women and at one point during the reading I spaced out into the rhythm of the words.  I found myself smiling at the sound of the words, but then came to and realized that the section that was being read was about loneliness and being alone.  My first thought was, “Oh no, don’t smile at this, this is sad.”  But then I thought, loneliness is only really sad when we tell it it is sad or when we tell ourselves it is sad.  Loneliness itself is defined as “1. a. Without companions; lone.  b. Characterized by aloneness; solitary.”  Neither of these definitions are sad in and of themselves.  So I kept smiling anyway.  
This week we may feel isolated from one another or it may be necessary to isolate ourselves in order to feel our feelings and not have to explain them or define what we need from others.  The point of connection is that most of us will be feeling this way even if we wear it slightly differently.  And if you are one of the rare ones who does not experience this time as solitary or lonely, you can still empathize, having certainly experienced the sensation at some other point in your life.  
Another thing to note about water, especially large amounts of it, is that when you splash and flail you make yourself more susceptible to drowning.  It is better to do the “dead man’s” float or the back float then to waste your energy panicking.  Ride the waves and don’t forget to come up for air.    
(Somewhere Over the Rainbow- Judy Garland)

10 of Cups (Part III) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

Just Kids is about a Harvard business professor who gets invited to a wedding in the Andes Mountains.  There after a close encounter with a mountain goat and experiencing the beauty of the rugged terrain, he has what his therapist later describes as a spiritual awakening.  When he comes back to Harvard that fall he is changed forever.  Nothing feels right anymore, not even a pen in his hand.  He sends in his resignation and retreats into the Appalachian Mountains where he starts a goat farm he calls “Just Kids.”  His sister is a high powered attorney living in Manhattan.  Convinced her brother has lost his mind, she goes to visit him and see if she can pursuede him to return to “normal life.”  To get to the gate of “Just Kids” she has to walk a mile up hill but the view is so spectacular she barely notices how out of breath she is by the time she reaches the top.  Her brother meets her at the gate barefoot with a herd of goats behind him.  His face is soft and broken with lines from smiling and squinting in the sun so much.  She feels like she is seeing his heart for the first time and realizes that this is what true happiness looks like on her brother.  “I don’t understand it,” she says.  “You were successful.  But somehow I’m seeing that you are an even bigger success now.”
Aries, you may find yourself identifying with both characters in this story.  Perhaps there has been some recent change or transition or awakening in your life which has brought you into the sun and showed you what happiness really looks like when it comes through you.  Some part of you may feel skeptical or even judgmental about the form this happiness has taken in your life.  You know who to listen to even if you don’t understand it.  
(XIX Sun L/ Crazy In Love- Beyonce ft. Jay Z)

Body Learning is the story of a ballet dancer and a piano mover who in a strange turn of events swap bodies.  
For two weeks they must navigate the world in their new form.  They experience a heightened awareness of their needs and desires when they are forced to ground themselves in a different body and a new physical reality.  The ballet dancer struggles at first to understand the new kind of strength that this body is capable of.  The piano mover struggles to adapt to this new sinewy form and the grace and performance his body is demanded to exhibit.  
Taurus, as an earth sign you likely get a lot of information, intuitive, psychic and otherwise, from your body.  This week you may find yourself finally answering the clamor of your body’s demands.  Whether it is cries for sex, intimacy or a spa date with yourself, listen.
(Priestess of Discs/ I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Whitney Houston)

Sister of the Road is about two sisters that are separated at an early age when an earthquake kills their parents and leaves one sister blind and deaf.  The second sister is adopted by a conservative Jewish family on the other side of the country.  Every week when her new family would light the Shabbat candles she would see strange pictures in the flames.  At first she thinks everyone can see them, but as she pieces the images together she realizes that they are messages from her sister urging her to come home.  One night she runs away.  Throughout her journey weaving her way back across the country, she and her sister send telepathic messages to each other.  Eventually they are reunited.
Gemini, this week it will be important to have faith in the messages you are receiving or the information you collect intuitively.  Don’t second guess yourself, if you think your long lost sister is communicating telepathically with you from the other side of the country- she probably is.  If you feel like your co-worker is being passive aggressive- they probably are.  Stand your ground and be patient, communicate from a place of inner knowing.  Consider opening communication with, “I feel like…” or “It feels like…”
(Shaman of Cups/ I Feel For You- Chaka Khan)

Nests, Eggs and Nestlings is about a power systems engineer suffering from chronic fatigue.  One day she goes to visit a hydroelectric dam project she is working on and observes that several birds have built their nests along the dam.  She is impressed that with all the noise and chaos centering around the plant that the birds have managed to make a home here.  That night she gets into bed and for the first time in what feels like years, she has a restful sleep.  After that night she becomes fascinated with birds and how they deal with stress.  She notices that crows laugh into a cold wind and storks stand perfectly still at the edge of murky water.  Eventually, she quits her job and follows bird populations on their annual migrations, resting when they rest and moving when they move.  Her chronic fatigue subsides as she matches the birds strides.
Cancer, this week it would be a good idea to give into any exhaustion you may be experiencing.  Sit on your eggs a while, nest.  You don’t have to make any sudden moves or rash decisions.  Now is a time for observation.  How are people or other members of the plant and animal kingdom achieving the same goals that you strive for?
(2 of Swords/ Ain’t Misbehavin’- Carol Channing)

Howl is the story of a stand-up comedian from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, famous for the Groundhog Day celebration.  Growing up she was the class clown, but when she announces at her high school graduation that she is going to be a famous comedian she’s laughed off the stage.  “No one from Punxsutawney gets famous except the ground hog,” her nemesis, the captain of the football team snorts.  More determined then ever to prove them wrong she goes to New York and rents a broom closet in a 3 bedroom apartment with 4 other roommates in Brooklyn and gets a job at a comedy club doing coat check.  She writes a one-woman play called, “Closet Case”  about her experiences living and working in closets.  The play is a huge success and she eventually gets her own show on network television.
Leo, this story may not befit your current situation, but the common thread is that you are setting your sights on a positive outcome this week, which (especially if you are surrounded by naysayers) is actually a success in itself.  
(Ace of Swords/ Maybe This Time- Liza Minelli)

Maybe On the Moon is the story of an eccentric woman who lives alone on a hill near the outskirts of a small town.  At first parents warn against their children knocking on her door.  But one Halloween, on a dare, a child ventures up the hill and is greeted by a woman with wild grey curls, dressed in pastels and silver.  As the child later reports,”She looked just like a mermaid.”   The following Halloween she gives seashells and yarn away to trick or treaters.  By Thanksgiving many of the children had turned the seashells and yarn into tapestries that she hung in the windows instead of curtains.  The adults in town come to know her as, “The Oracle” because she reads their tea leaves and gives wise advice.  One day the mermaid passes away in her sleep.  A child asks an adult, “Where she is now?”  The adult replies, “Maybe on the Moon.”
Virgo this week it will be necessary to put aside your skepticism.  The achievements you have made, the strides you have taken were in part the work of your hands, but they were also, in part, the result of something more cosmic.  You could call it fate, or God, or luck, but when you accomplish you rarely accomplish alone.  Trust the seeds that have been planted to grow.    
(IV Emperor/ Miss You Much- Janet Jackson)

Fun Home is the story of Mary, a reclusive identical twin whose sister passed away several years before from a mysterious illness.  Their parents had been circus performers and the two grew up under the big top.  After their parents passed away, they bought a house on a hill and disappeared from society.  One day a teenage runaway stumbles upon the house.  Thinking the house is abandon she throws her knapsack through an open window and climbs inside only to discover that the entire place has been converted into a fun house.  There are mirrors and elaborately patterned surfaces everywhere.  After an initial fright, Mary and the Runaway become fast friends.  The Runaway tries to convince Mary to show the public what she and her twin had created.  Mary is resistant at first, the house was designed for her and her sister’s own amusement and they had never discussed making their work public.  They make a deal that pieces of the house and photos will be shown, but that the house itself will remain a secret.  Mary is able to make enough money to live more comfortably than she had been on her meager inheritance.  
Libra, this week may mark the beginning of an emergence or reemergence of some aspect of your life and work.  Consider turning some part of yourself inside out.  Perhaps there is something you never considered, something you do every day or surround yourself with, that could also make your life easier or more abundant in other ways when you take the risk of making it public.     
(9 of Discs Rev/ Express Yourself- Madonna)

Fragments of the Artwork is an historical novel about a milkman who inherited the business from her father.  At the time, milk trucks were pulled by horses and one day on her route through the outskirts of town her horses run away with her.  She is powerless to stop them and at the same time, for the first time, she feels compelled to follow their lead.  They finally rest in an old dusty town, the center of which is a saloon complete with swinging doors, whiskey and sarsaparillas.  The milkman enters and as the dust settles and her eyes adjust to the dim lighting she sees an elaborately dressed woman behind the counter. “We’ve been expecting you,” she says in a husky voice.  The milkman spends a wild night drinking sarsaparillas and singing songs around the piano with the towns people.  The next morning the horses toss their manes motioning for her to get back in the milk truck.  She climbs aboard and they are off, straight into the desert.  The horses take her to the tops of mountains, across the great plains, all the way to the Atlantic Ocean and back.  When the milkman finally returns, her mother asks, “I wonder why they did it?” gesturing towards the horses.  “I don’t know why, but I’m glad they did.  These adventures have become fragments of the artwork.”
Scorpio, you may find yourself chomping at the bit this week.  The call is for adventure, no need to ask why.  Let yourself follow your wild horses for a while.  
(Daughter of Wands/ I’m A Drifter- Dolly Parton)

How To Get More Love, Money, Success is the story of Dorothy on her 16th birthday.  Her birthday has been upstaged by the wedding of her older sister and everyone seems to have forgotten that it is her big day too.  On her way to school she takes a detour, buys a pack of cigarettes and goes down to the train tracks to smoke them by herself.  An old fancy train is parked on the tracks.  The whole thing seems to be glowing and vibrating and she hears the sound of laughter and tinkling crystal coming from inside.  An engineer steps down holding a pocket watch, “All aboard!”  Out of nowhere a herd of people rush towards the train doors and Dorothy is swept onto the train with the crowd.  She takes a seat near a window and the train starts to roll forward.  The flat Kansas landscape slips away within minutes rippling into a set of snow-dusted mountains.  An old woman in a big hat across from Dorothy leans over and says, “Isn’t it amazing?  When you move, you move mountains!”  A few minutes later a man comes by, Dorothy assumes selling candy, gum and cigarettes, but instead she sees that his box is full of glass bottles with different words on them: love, money, success etc.  Dorothy is lulled to sleep by the rhythm of the train and wakes up to a bell ringing.  It is third period and her History class has just ended.
Sagittarius, the dreams you may be having now should not be brushed aside.  There is important information available if you listen.  You are on the precipice of a radical shift in your life, lean into the change.  “When you move, you move mountains.”  
(XVI Tower/ Strong Enough- Cher)

On The Road is the story of a line painter who paints yellow and white dotted and continuous lines on highways as well as residential streets.  One day a member of the Lions Club, who had adopted the highway he was painting, stops him less than a mile down the highway and demands he make a passing lane into no-passing lane.  A heated argument ensues resulting in the line-painter getting fired from his job.  Despite the initial difficulties, this moment proves to be a pivotal one.  Leaving all wheels behind, he climbs a mountain and turns around only to see his reflection in the snow covered hills.  Then a landslide brings him to the base of the mountain where he starts a landscape painting school for senior citizens.   
Capricorn, you may find that the road in front of you ends abruptly or takes a sudden turn this week.  This is not meant to thwart or defeat you, it is meant to direct you towards a better place or a way of working.  You goats are hard workers and can likely succeed in almost anything you put energy towards.  But also remember, it takes a lot more energy to do something that isn’t in alignment with what truly want to contribute.       
(8 of Discs/ True Colors- Cyndi Lauper)

The Hunger Games is about a chess club at a small suburban junior high.  In the beginning, it is just a normal chess club, but one of the members gets carried away when his uncle places a bet on the team at regionals.  The stakes are raised.  Some of the other parents get involved and they start withholding basic needs like food from their kids unless they can win their chess games.  But the parents manipulations backfire, the children’s low blood sugar crash makes them violently angry.  A few of the kids rebel in a rage demanding their portion of the pot.  The problem is only resolved when the guidance counselor takes it upon himself to set things right.  He leads them in a mediated discussion about their feelings and reminds them of what is truly important, more than money.
Aquarius, now would be a good time to remind yourself what is truly important.  Perhaps you’ve had your nose to the grindstone for so long that you haven’t taken a moment to look around you.  Mercury retrograde is no time to stubbornly resist your deeper feelings.  The watery-ness of the season is demanding you hear what your heart has to say.  
(Son of Swords R/ It’s All Coming Back To Me- Celine Dion)

Trying Hard To Hear You is the story of an audio engineer who thinks he his going crazy when he starts to hear his intuition coming from inside a teapot.  Without his inner guidance the voice he is left with is a mean one.  It badgers and criticizes him like an abusive parent.  Finally, he must acknowledge that he needs his intuition on the inside and that when it is coming from inside a teapot it is very hard to hear not to mention listen to.  
Pisces, it might feel like a brawl or battle is going on within you this week.  The conflict is between your intuition and a cruel voice, a negative residue that is neither helpful nor does it likely have the ability to guide you in a positive direction.  It is best to put a lid on the broken record and to let the the calm, non judgmental voice of your intuition speak its peace instead.  
(5 of Sword L/ Straight Up- Paula Abdul)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 06/04/14

Welcome Travelers!

The big tadoo among the planets and stars this week revolves around Mercury with a little noise from Neptune.  Both Mercury and Neptune will be going retrograde, Mercury on the 7th of June and Neptune on the 9th.  Both planets are retrograding in water signs which means we are all likely to feel very E-M-O-T-I-O-N-A-L!  To add to this watery pot, Chiron will be going retrograde on June 20th in Pisces (we’ll discuss that more in the weeks to come) and the Grand Water Trine between Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces will still be active for another week.  Water water everywhere and Mercury stops and makes us think!  On another positive note, when Neptune goes retrograde there is more psychic information available and you hear your intuition with greater clarity.  Sooo…listen up!  Neptune and Mercury have got some things to say!  Read more on the these planets here!

Theme:  No Theme this week!  Just dabbling in thoughts.

The Mix:  It is Pride Month!  Hurray for Gay!  Three Cheers for Queers!  All the mixes this month will be LGBTQ themed. This week we begin with DISCO.  Enjoy! 


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Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

As a kid I remember my mother instructing me on several occasions to, “Use your words!”  My dad taught me some of the words in Spanish, “leche, cucharita, agua.”  The difficulty of using your words is trying to articulate a feeling.  I often knew I wanted something, but didn’t always know what it was specifically, which is when I would revert to a preverbal state of whining.  This happened frequently around food.  When I was hungry I knew to go into the kitchen, but I didn’t necessarily know what I felt like eating.  It took me a long time to realize that peanut butter was not one of my favorite foods.  Peanut butter was my dad’s favorite food and when I was little and hungry my dad would always suggest a “cucharita” of peanut butter.  A lot of figuring out what you like or want is trial and error.  
This week Mercury will station and go retrograde in the sign of Cancer.  What this means, at least in part, is that there will be a lot more feelings tied up in what you want which can slow down the process of articulating those desires.  It’s easy to say you are hungry, but to pinpoint what exactly you want to eat takes more time and requires deeper listening.  Cancer also brings up old family patterns, what you were modeled, what you were taught directly and indirectly.  How did the family you were raised with communicate their feelings?  How have you learned to communicate your feelings based on the way you were raised?  How would you like to communicate your feelings differently?  Now is a good time to go back and revisit and revise old messages and methods of communicating, particularly around feelings.
The card for the week is the Page of Swords.  Pages are the youngest members of the court cards in tarot and like Cancer, bring up family and childhood, places where we first learned to use an element (earth, air, water, fire).  In this case the element is air, associated with communication and very fitting given the astrological climate right now as Mercury (the planet of communication) slows to a stop and changes direction.  Did you have a speech impediment when you were a kid?  Or were you diagnosed as dyslexic?  Are you still carrying that self concept with you now, even though you may have overcome your difficulties in these areas?  Now is the time to release these old self concepts and communication crutches.  
(Ask Me- Ecstasy, Passion & Pain)

Page of Swords from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

When I was a kid my extended family rented a houseboat.  There was a limit to the amount of passengers allowed on the boat.  We were two heads over the limit, but my family reasoned that since my cousin and I were small, our weights combined didn’t even count as one adult person.  Before we could leave the dock, an inspector came to do a count of the passengers.  My cousin and I crawled into a cupboard to hide.  We were there for what felt like a very long time. “This is ridiculous,”  I finally whispered to my cousin.  “They must have forgotten about us.”  When we came out the boat had already pulled away from the dock.  
Aries, there are a couple ways you might experience the energies this week.  One is that perhaps there are emotions that you brushed aside or hid in a cupboard because you felt your ship couldn’t accommodate them.  This stifled energy may manifest as a mild depression.  The other more likely possibility is that your ship has already set sail and there are buried emotions that need to be released in order to experience the open-hearted and child-like sense of adventure that would normally accompany this portion of your journey.  
(8 of Cups Rev/ Got To Give It Up- Marvin Gaye)

Recently I was watching youtube videos of 5 or 6 month old babies swimming underwater.  I have no idea if these were staged or real, or if it is a good idea to put a baby underwater at this age.  Regardless, what I appreciated about the experience of watching these videos was seeing the freedom with which the babies moved in the water.  They weren’t being held by anyone and though on land they probably can’t even stand up yet, in the water they could fly.
Taurus, there are likely areas in your life (as there are in all our lives) where you feel wobbly or in need of support, but this week it will be important to explore the places and moments where you can move freely all on your own.  
(Ace of Cups/ Dance- Sylvester)

Recently, out of curiosity, I was doing some research on “sleep paralysis” online.  What I gathered (from Wikipedia and an internet forum) is that our bodies experience a natural form of paralysis during REM sleep called muscle atonia.  This paralysis prevents us from physically acting out our dreams while unconscious.  When REM sleep gets disrupted the result can be “sleep paralysis,” meaning your mind is awake, but your body remains frozen.  There is all sorts of folklore around sleep paralysis usually involving a ghost or spirit who visits you in the night and holds your body prisoner by sitting on your rib cage.  
Gemini, what you may experience this week is some sort of delay, similar to sleep paralysis.  Unlike this sleeping condition, your situation is likely a result of not recognizing what you are capable of accomplishing.  There is a need to slide yourself together.  Whether you adhere to science or the ghost stories, this brief feeling of paralysis may be necessary in order for you to consider what you actually want your body or your mind and body to do.  
(2 of Wands L/ Automatic- The Pointer Sisters)

There is actually a cocktail of chemicals in the brain that are released during the “honeymoon” stage of a relationship that inhibit the brain’s ability to discern behavior which under normal circumstances might not be viewed with such indifference.  Psychologists and scientists have come to see this blindness as necessary in order to develop attachment in a relationship.  But once you enter into the stage of attachment the fog clears (or at least the chemicals which effect the brain in a similar way as cocaine fade out).  There are two chemicals available to long-term relationships and those are oxytocin and vasopressin, but are both released during sex.  “Alright Mr. Wizard, what’s the point?”
Cancer, the point is…things coming together and things coming apart.  In a relationship, when things come together in the beginning there is all sorts of magic (chemicals) involved, but to maintain a connection with someone or something (a project, a job etc.) beyond that stage involves engaging your will.  You may find yourself at a crossroads this week with a job, a relationship, a project etc.  The decision you are faced with is whether or not you want to join together or pull apart.   
(VI Lovers Rev/ Enigma (Give a Bit of Mmm to Me)- Amanda Lear)

Recently, I was at a BBQ where I struck up a conversation with a stranger.  At one point in the conversation she said, “Your life is so together!  You have a dog and a cute house.”  I laughed, “Is that all it takes?” But I felt quite flattered by her observation.  When you are living your life and trying to accomplish things, even if it is just going to the bank or the corner store, you forget to look up.
This week, Leo, take a moment to appreciate to how far you’ve come by noticing all the things (big and small) you have achieved and where you are right now.  When Jupiter sweeps across the stage in your sign in July your life will likely change forever, even in small ways.  Jupiter is the planet of expansion, gifts and luck so you don’t need to feel afraid of stepping into the future, but appreciation is a good place to start your journey.     
(4 of Wands/ Go Bang- Dinosaur L)

A few months ago I took a ceramics class where we learned how to use “the wheel.”  There were several indicators that this teacher’s class was not for me, but I stubbornly refused to read the signs.  Instead I translated the mishaps into challenges, obstacles I had to overcome.  The biggest challenge was that for some reason the teacher didn’t seem to like me or anything I did.  I learned not to ask for her help and instead started trying to give myself little pep talks in response to her disapproval.  Over time I forgot why I took the course in the first place.  I refused to see the failure of the objects I was creating.  I wasn’t afraid to admit that I had not mastered or even remotely learned to use the wheel, but I didn’t want the teacher to triumph at my defeat.   
Virgo, this week would be a good time to stop and consider your motivation or the urgency with which you feel compelled to do something.  What did you really set out to accomplish when you started this journey in the first place?  Reset your intention.  When you make a wish or ask for something from the universe try to keep an open mind.  It could be delivered in an even better package than you imagined if you are open to the different forms or routes that dream could take.  
(XII Hanged One Rev/ Knock On Wood- Amii Stewart)

I was having an extreme case of writer’s block this week as I sat down to compose Tarotscopes.  I decided to run a bunch of arbitrary errands to at least get my body moving, hoping the rest would follow or flow.  As I was running the errands I realized I was drowning out inspiration with an endless mental checklist, “go to the bank, check P.O. Box, check email, reply to emails, call mom…”  I realized the times when I feel most inspired are actually when I’m procrastinating, when I’m allowing my mind to go where ever it feels like.  It’s okay for me to make lists, but as I tackle them it helps me to look at these things through the lens of adventure, a set of levels and golden hoops to jump through like a video game.  
Libra, this week you may find that you’ve set your sights on a particular goal or set of goals at the expense of the “adventure.”  The holes in your schedule may be just as important or more so, than the tasks you set before you.  If you are going to check things off your list it might be helpful, for you air signs in particular, to leave open the possibility of surprise.
(7 of Swords R/ Sorry I’m A Lady- Baccara)

I was watching the show Medium again recently.  In this episode a researcher was trying to test Allison Dubois’ psychic abilities after she came to him with a dream she wanted to sort out.  He held up a card with the blank side facing towards Allison and asked her to tell him what she thought the image on the side facing him was.  She got it wrong several times, but was undeterred and directed him back towards her dream which she was convinced was a premonition.  This is what I love about Allison Dubois’ character on the show, almost no one believes her and she doesn’t care.  Her boss and even her husband question the validity of her psychic premonitions on a regular basis, but she is unshakeable.
Scorpio, this week you may be leaning heavily on your intuition.  Intuition is very difficult to corroborate except in retrospect.  I’ve heard a lot of people say that intuition is typically delivered without emotion attached to the message.  I believe that the information we need or desire will be delivered as needed.  You might not be able to discern a bunch of clinical flashcards, but the messages that come to you in dreams or in forms that you are attentive to are significant.  
(II High Priestess R/ Getting’ The Spirit- Roberta Kelly)

I’ve been thinking a lot about rhythms lately, which is also sometimes referred to as a pace.  I have found that in general my pace is slower than the pace of most humans around me, which means when I’m around other humans I often feel pressured to speed up.  Cities set their own pace too.  In New York I have sometimes described the sidewalks as treadmills and I can’t control the speed, I can only step on or off.  But the rhythm I’ve been thinking about the most is nature’s rhythm.   I sometimes wonder if my hair grows at the same rate as a specific type of tree.  Occasionally I find myself wondering if my gait is some multiple of the rate at which the earth turns.
Sagittarius, this week you may find yourself stretching to establish balance or equilibrium.  Consider where you may have hopped unknowingly onto a treadmill going at someone else’s speed.  Now is a good time to come back to your own internal rhythm.  If you do make adjustments to your pace consider matching nature’s stride.  
(XIV Temperance R/ I Love the Night Life- Alicia Bridges)

On a recent walk with my brother (a Capricorn) we were casually discussing the importance of recognizing personal power in changing the course of your life.  My brother brought up something from Twin Peaks, although he couldn’t remember the exact quote, about how everything tangible began in someone’s imagination as an intangible idea, that we live in a world of make-believe, of dreams.    
Capricorn, you don’t typically have problems executing a plan.  What you might have trouble doing is allowing yourself to dream the plan into existence.  Slack up on the reins of reality this week and allow your imagination to run off with you.  
(Priestess of Wands Rev/ Queen For A Day- Donna Summer)

Every week day at 3 o’clock the junior high down the street lets out and a herd of adolescents descend upon our neighborhood.  The other day I heard a group of boys holding a burping contest down the block.  Their prepubescent voices screeched, sliding like a theremin between the past and the future.  It is difficult to be reminded of this time in my life so frequently.  When I was in junior high I treated the experience like a prison sentence, carefully checking off the days as they passed in my calendar and counting the remaining days until graduation.  
Aquarius, you may find yourself looking back over your shoulder this week, as Mercury slows and stations to go retrograde.  If you feel haunted by the past, remember how far you’ve traveled away from those difficulties simply by setting your intention to persevere.    
(Ace of Swords/ You Think You’re A Man- Divine)

In the context of school I was always very shy.  I usually waited to see if someone else would voice my thoughts and if they didn’t then I would put my hand in the air.  The feeling of my hand cutting through the air was shocking.  When the teacher called on me my hand would drop like a dead snake in my lap and my mouth would pop open but for what felt like several seconds no words would come out.  To stall for time until my brain caught up with my body I would say, “I…I think…I I wonder…”  To stand alone this way in a classroom full of people made me feel like a daredevil, like I’d just bungee jumped or parachuted out of a plane.
Pisces, you may find yourself going out on a limb this week with a thought or an opinion.  Don’t spend too much energy wondering how what you share is received by other people.  You are a daredevil when you are willing and compelled to stand alone.  
(Priestess of Swords/ Heart of Glass- Blondie)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 05/28/14

Welcome White Water Rafters of the Astral Terrain!

Mercury is in its shadow and already I’ve had some hang ups trying to get these Tarotscopes up and out to you.  Remember that everything may take twice as long as expected the closer we get to the Mercury Retrograde, which hits officially on June 7th.  Wednesday the 28th is the New Moon in Gemini.  Make wishes!  More than one and no more than 10!  Pay attention to your dreams.  Neptune, planet of dreams, will be squaring this New Moon in Gemini.  When Neptune and the Gemini New Moon talk, you just might catch some important snippets of information about what you need to move forward and align more closely with your sense of integrity and truth.  Squares sometimes bring up things that need to be worked thorough and when that square is happening between the moon and Neptune the shadow tendency can be to get lost in a romantic delusion.  Need an example?  Say you sleep with someone once who you really like and end up having a decent time.  Then on the way home, Neptune aspects the moon (your emotions) and the radio plays some smooth R&B or some 80s power ballads and suddenly you’ve turned the date into a graaaahhhhndd rooohhhhmahhhncce.  It has happened to the best of us and it could happen again, so be weary.  The real message you are meant to hear might be buried a little further below the surface, be prepared to dig.  

Because Mercury, planet of communication, is so active this week and will continue to feature throughout the rest of the month I decided to use a newspaper to help deliver your tarot and astrological messages for the week.  I chose one issue of the New York Times and selected at random from the pages short quotes that my finger fell on when I wasn’t looking.  The following Tarotscopes are what resulted.  


I will be celebrating my dear Gemini friend, Maya’s, birthday so I will not be at the Painted Bird this week.  Come find me next week! <3


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Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

Mars and Mercury will be in and out of conversation the entire month of June.  When Mars went direct last week, you may have gotten a little more clear about the next step you need to take or the direction in which you feel compelled to move.  Now that Mars is direct it will be retracing it’s footsteps for the third and final time.  It is kind of like those credit card imprinting machines, sometimes you have to go over the credit card three times before the copy of the credit card comes through the carbon paper.  Information over the next few weeks may be revealed in a similar way.  The first swipe happened between December 25 and March 1st.  What was happening for you then, or what insights did you have at that time?  You can expect a few more perhaps surprising moments of clarity or enlightenment over then next two weeks.  
When Mercury goes retrograde, you may find yourself second-guessing any decisions you were prepared to make when Mars first went direct.  This is because Mercury will be moving in and out of Cancer, a water sign, which puts our emotions on the decision making table along with all the facts.  
The 9 of Cups underscores the importance of feelings as a navigational tool.  When pain is physical it is much easier for humans to recognize that something is not right.  You touched the pot that was hot, you got burned, you never touched the hot pot again.  Because mental or emotional pain is invisible to the naked eye, there is often a denial of the experience.  For example day after day you toil away at a job that you hate and which may actually be taking a physical toll on your body.  But you stay because, “I’m lucky to even have a job,” or “There are good benefits.”  That’s what often happens when the only factors in a decision are concrete or tangible ones.  Mercury will be adding an emotional component to the decision making process providing an opportunity to really consider what feels good to you.  And the 9 of Cups takes this idea further by asking not only what would feel good to you in any given situation, but what would an on going sustainable form of happiness look like in your life?
Start by recognizing where the “hot pots” are.  Life is not meant to be miserable.  Misery is a feeling that lets us know when and where we’ve been burned.  Consider translating your feelings into something physical.  I find that doing this makes it easier to know how to heal your wounds or create a set of conditions in your life that promote happiness.  Are you cold, or lonely?  Where is the sun shining? Who is shining like the sun?  Go sit there…with them…today.   
(Let The Good Times Roll- Shirley & Lee)

9 of Cups (Part III) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

"…rested beside a stack of sandbags…" NYT International section.
Aries, the feeling this week may be one of disappointment.  Part of the message you receive, as Mars retraces its path in the sky, could have something to do with acknowledging what is no longer working for you.  Letting go of something that historically provided you comfort is never easy.  In most tarot decks the image of the 5 of cups is of three spilled cups with two left standing, still holding water.  The suggestion is one of hope, which also seems to be the suggestion in the quote I picked out for you.  What tools do you need to navigate the feelings you are currently uncovering?  Perhaps there is a need to construct new, more supportive, open containers for holding your emotions.  
(5 of Cups/ And The Beat Goes On- The Whispers)

"Though Ms. Wilson was herself…" NYT Style section.
Taurus, this week you could find yourself stepping into a new shoe, a shoe that fits.  There are bulls that fight, and bulls that pull the plow and the Ferdinands who are content sitting in a field smelling the flowers.  Venus moves into your sign on Wednesday the 28th allowing you to explore and access more easily another side of your nature.  Previously the fields in which your head may have been buried were likely ones you were plowing, but with Venus at home in your sign you are more likely to feel like a Ferdinand.  You are still yourself, but you may feel yourself more completely as you settle into the subtlety of your personal expression.    
(Son of Cups/ Softer Side- Psychic Friend)

"Details, Details"  NYT Front page.
Gemini, this week you may feel a sense of urgency or pressure.  There is something you are being asked to attend to, but it may not be what you think it is at first glance.  You might find yourself zooming out and zooming in on certain areas of your life, attending to details and then stepping back.  Forest, trees, forest, trees.  Somewhere in this process may be the fragments of information you need to make a larger decision about your life.  But for now, feel free to relax your shoulders and your gaze and just observe.     
(10 of Discs R/ We See- Thelonious Monk)

"…resuscitation attempts, was in no condition to participate in any decision making." NYT Business section.
Cancer, some part of you may be walking away from your shell this week.  This is probably because the callous protection you normally require to navigate the world may have been momentarily internalized.  You may find you are holding a hardness inside yourself.  In this state, Cancer, you are in “no condition to participate in any decision making.”  Though it might feel strangely liberating to separate from your emotions in this way, the long term effects of stepping outside yourself will not likely feel so good.  Get yourself to the ocean or other body of water, fill up the kiddy pool and submerge.  Water can be like magic for you Crabs, it puts your right back in your element.  
(Son of Swords/ A Possibility (Back Home)- Wanda Robinson)

"…use the surface of the closet door." NYT Home section.
Leo, this week you might feel like you are holding a clown closet closed by digging in your heels and pressing your back against the door.  I don’t know if a “clown closet” is a real term or if I just made it up, but in my mind a clown closet is one of those closets that you see in old movies or sitcoms where the person opens the door and an entire sporting goods store tumbles out and buries them in the rubble.   There may be some door like this in your life that you are hesitant to open.          Think about how you might use the door itself to deal with what you find so frightening inside.  Remember you don’t have to open it in one sweeping gesture, you can open it just a crack and let some of the smaller more manageable pieces reveal themselves first.        
(9 of Swords L/ Boom Boom- Sakura and the Quests)

"…helped to bring in…" NYT The Arts section.
Virgo, this week you are magnetic.  If you find you are attracting a bunch of dust and lint then consider being more deliberate about the requests you send out.  The universe is listening.  Just like when you tap on the glass at an aquarium, it’s much louder to the fish inside.  You don’t have to shout, just be clear with your intention.    
(4 of Cups Rev/ Our Love Is Heavenly- Heavenly)

"Nevertheless,"  NYT Editorials/ Letters section.
Libra, you may feel that the changes you are experiencing this week are quite palpable…to you.  Others may not be able to detect anything new or unusual about you because, just as the word I put my finger on comes from the Editorials section of the newspaper, your experience is also personal.  The word ‘nevertheless’ is amazing because it is actually three words that have been legally converted into one.  This happens occasionally where two words are sandwiched together, but three is unusual.  In its essence this word is perfect for you this week Libra- never, the, less.  Know that even though some aspect of this transformation may feel like it contains loss, there will never be any less of you.  In fact, there may be more of you in every word.  
(XIII Death/ I’ve Got Something On My Mind- Left Banke)

"It also gained access to something that may be even more valuable down the road."  NYT Business section.
Scorpio, the stars are aligning in your favor, but you may not see the tangible benefits for a few more weeks.  What you might sniff out, right now, is that a door has opened somewhere.  Perhaps the air pressure changed and you are keenly aware that this will be significant “down the road.”  
(X Wheel of Fortune L/ The Little Blue Frog- Miles Davis)

"…the coastal land prohibited adding height…" NYT Home section.
There is some sort of natural ending or limit you may find yourself reaching this week, Sag.  Perhaps the ground has run out beneath you and you suddenly have to swim.  This is a good transition because you are starting to listen to something other than “reason” or the insistent chatter of your thoughts.  From here on out you may have to rely on a different current and a new set of senses.  
(10 of Swords/ Trust in Me- Etta James)

"…more than anything else…"  NYT Styles section.  
Capricorn, I bet you are curious what is on either side of the fragment I randomly selected for you this week.  You are a curious sign, it is part of what propels you goats up a mountain.  But I’m not going to tell you, because, while you may be eager for tangible results and concrete answers, now is the time to dream.  Now is the time to imagine what would be “more than anything else” to you.  How would you make the sentence above complete?
(XVIII Moon Rev/ Hey Joe- Yuya Uchida and the Flowers)

"…rendered the store’s name incorrectly…"  NYT Corrections section.  
Last week, Aquarius, you may have been saturated with work, projects and commitments.  This week, you are being called out of any rabbit holes into which you may have hurriedly disappeared.  You are coming out to give your name and let people know how to spell it correctly.  Don’t be afraid to over explain or expose yourself.  It seems you may only have to say it once clearly and with emphasis and they will never mistake you again.     
(9 of Discs Rev/ Julia- The Beatles)

"…disorder shapes the life…"
Pisces, as a sign you are famous for your sensitivities as well as your air of mystery.  It may feel overwhelming to put yourself in situations where there is an abundance of sensation.  But this week you seem to be able to navigate the indigestion of social situations more easily when you rest in the “disorder” and allow your interactions to be shaped by uncertain vulnerability.  
(3 of Cups/ I Just Want Your Jeans- God Help The Girl)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 05/21/14

Welcome Navigators of the Astral Plane!

Mars is direct!  If you’ve been feeling like you are spinning your wheels or if the path in front of you has been fogged from view then this comes as very good news.  You are in a better place to negotiate this week, because you probably have a clearer idea of what you want.  For more information Emily Trinkaus of Virgo Magic wrote this about Mars going direct.  Mercury will be going retrograde in early June, but let’s not rain on the parade just yet.  We’ll talk more about Mercury in the coming weeks.  

I almost forgot!  The sun moves into Gemini on Wednesday!  Gemini is the sign of the twins. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Gemini is a powerful communicator.  The tarot card that represents this sign is The Lovers.  And that is not all, but we will discuss more in the Gemini weeks to come.
No theme this week, just ramblings and scramblings.  Thank you.


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Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

Relationships of all kinds have been put to the test lately.  The reason for the kerfuffle is in large part due to the fact that our primary relationship, our relationship with ourselves was rocked by the recent eclipse season and the Grand Cardinal Cross.  A relationship is kind of like a third person holding hands between two people, or an animal and a person, or a person and job, or a person and an object.  The relationship itself can be seen as an entity.  When something shifts in someone or something on one side of the relationship it shakes the hand of the relationship itself and those vibrations are communicated/ interpreted on the other side.  Mars has been in Libra since December of 2013 and will stay in Libra until July 25th of this year.  On Monday, Mars went direct after having been retrograde since March 2nd.  When Mars is in Libra a large part of the focus of Mars is on relationships and when Mars is retrograde there is an added emphasis on relationship with one’s self.  Many of us likely had a lot of internal dialogues going on throughout the Mars Retrograde, which may have been, at times, exhausting, an interrogation, but it was also an opportunity to get to know yourself better.  
When I was 15 my aunt and uncle and cousins came to visit us in Brazil and brought a video camera to document their trip.  A few days into their visit we were reviewing some of the footage my cousin had recorded in our apartment when I noticed someone I didn’t recognize enter the picture from off camera.  “Wait,” I said.  “Who is that?”  “You!” My cousin replied.  As Mars goes direct in the wake of eclipse season you may find that you are no longer seeing yourself in the same way.  A creative impulse is awakened, calling you to express yourself in a way that acknowledges your strength and desires.  You are asked to step forward and embody a more complete and authentic version of yourself.  The only catch is that by the end of this week we will be entering the shadow of Mercury’s Retrograde.  Don’t be discouraged!  As Mars goes direct you may have a flash of insight regarding the direction you want to go in and you will have the next two weeks (Mercury’s shadow period) to tie up loose ends and release some of the old kite strings from the past that are no longer serving you or which may have been holding you back.  We will discuss Mercury’s Retrograde in more detail in a week or so as it approaches.  
The card I’ve pulled for all of us this week from Amy von Harrington’s deck is the Ace of Wands.  The Ace of Wands is the seed of self awareness.  It is the moment when you see yourself and what you are capable of.  The Ace of Wands is the uninhibited joy of self-expression.  It is looking at yourself the way a lover might, noticing the ways you are unique and special, the way you sit, the way sigh, the way you fold your hands.  As Martha Graham said, “There is only one of you in all time.”  Now is the time to step back and allow the you-iest you to emerge.  We need you.  
(All Apologies- Nirvana)

Ace of Wands (Part III) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

Recently, I was trying to recall a moment when I gave up or even felt like giving up.  I realized I often think of moments of potential defeat in terms of physical challenges, like when my cousin and I almost went over a small waterfall in an inflatable canoe or when I tried out for the volley ball team even though I hated sports.  I’m very competitive with myself.  If I ask myself, “Give up?”  It triggers an automatic fiery feeling of defiance in me.  With logistics I’m much more lax.  If I’m trying to make plans or get to a party and I allow myself to think too long or too hard about all the details of getting there and back I might throw up my hands, “I guess it wasn’t meant to be.”  
Aries, this week you may be confronted with a difficult situation and you might be tempted to say, “It wasn’t meant to be.”  Consider looking at the situation from a different angle, ask yourself if you are giving up.  I have a feeling that the question alone might be enough to ignite the fire to fuel you through any potential difficulty with ease.  
(Shaman of Wands Rev/ Chop Chop- Ibibio Sound Machine)

Growing up my parents used to take my brother and I camping on a regular basis.  We even had a pop up camper that accommodated all four of us.  I remember waking up a few times from a dream in complete darkness, not knowing where I was and having to retrace the events of the previous day in my mind in order to map where I was in that moment.  The first time it happened I panicked.  “Mom…”  I remember calling out uncertainly, not at all sure that my mom and I were even on the same planet at that moment.  “Yeah?” Came the muffled response.  “Where are we?”  “Missouri” or “Wisconsin” or “New Mexico,”  I can’t remember where she said we were.
Taurus, you may find yourself displaced this week or you may want to displace yourself in order to get a new perspective on your current situation.  Consider retracing the steps that led you to where you are currently.  You might even try imagining someone else taking the same route.  Where or how would that person wake up?  It may be helpful to remember there can be millions of maps made of the same day and you can take or make any one of them and wake up somewhere new or unexpected.  
(4 of Swords Rev/ Shanghai Freeway- Fatima Al Qadiri)

When I was in eighth grade in Iowa ugly brown leather sandals with thick soles were really popular.  I wanted a pair really badly because I wanted to be left alone.  I still remember standing outside after school one day with a classmate, a secretly sensitive girl who hid her insecurities by directing attention toward everyone else’s.  She was staring at me like I was a bad smell.  “What?” I asked.  “Why do you dress like a preppy mom?” she said after a pause.   I didn’t dress like A mom, I dressed exactly like MY mom.  I didn’t know how to answer her question, but I went home and begged for a pair of sandals.  They were expensive so I had to pay for half of them with my allowance.  The day I got them I put them on and ran outside to check the mail.  Two feet from the mailbox I tripped on a cobblestone and skidded across the sidewalk on my knees.  I still carry the scar to this day.  
Gemini, you might come to a humbling realization this week.  What is really bringing you to your knees is simply a greater understanding of yourself and who you are right now, in this moment, is exactly who you need to be.   
(IV Emperor Rev/ You Can’t Blame Me- Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr)

The exchange program that took me to Brazil interviewed all of the participants to determine if there was a weak bone in your body that might cause you to get homesick and leave before your scheduled return date.  “Have you ever been away from home?”  “Yep.”  “Do you have a boyfriend?”  “Nope.”  I was almost 100 percent sure that I would not get homesick.  I didn’t even have a home to be sick for.  My parents left Iowa for Indonesia at the same time that I left for Brazil and I’d gone to high school for two years in Brazil already.  It felt more comfortable to me, in many ways, than Iowa did.  I was in Brazil for one full month when my host family decided to take me to visit their relative who lived in a small mountain town.  The first evening after we’d arrived I was walking with my host mother and sister in the neighborhood when, much to everyone’s surprise including my own, I broke down in violent sobs.  “Que que e?” (What is it?) my host mom asked.  “Sssss…auudadesss,” (Homesick) I choked.  They took me to a shopping mall, thinking it would remind me of home.  It didn’t, but I did appreciate the air conditioning.  By the next morning I’d begun to relax.  I sat down at the breakfast table to a spread of all sorts of delicious things I’d never tried before, or thought of eating for breakfast.  When I recall some of the things on the table now I feel quite nostalgic.        
Cancer, your sign represents all things home related.  Some part of you may crave the feeling of home wherever you are, doing whatever you are doing.  That is why stepping into unfamiliar territory can feel rather jarring and triggering, especially for you Crabs.  Be gentle with yourself and any feeling of “homesickness” you may experience.  Remember that eventually the changes you are integrating will become familiar and you may even find yourself with pangs of nostalgia for them later in their absence.    
(Daughter of Discs Rev/ Trying to Get Home- Josh White)

Growing up there were two posters of Georgia O’Keefe paintings that moved with us and even changed locations within the homes I inhabited.  Maybe for this reason I left home feeling that Georgia O’Keefe paintings were a cliche.  I didn’t really appreciate her work because I couldn’t really “see” it.  To me her paintings were symbols indicating where the basement or laundry room was in our house.  Then in my early twenties I read an essay that Joan Didion wrote about Georgia O’Keefe.  I returned to her paintings for the first time since doing laundry in our basement under her “Lawrence Tree.”  “I made you take time to look at what I saw and when you took time to really notice my flower you hung all your associations with flowers on my flower and you write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see- and I don’t,” O’Keefe said.  And Joan Didion wrote, “Imagine those words spoken, and the sound you hear is don’t tread on me.”   
Leo, this week you may find yourself returning to some part of yourself you’ve neglected, some part of yourself you’ve taken for granted or refused to see.  Perhaps you are removing your judgements or associations from these aspects of yourself.  Eventually you will return from this potentially solitary experience and the sound of your voice will likely say, “don’t tread on me.”
(IX Crone/ Talking About Her Life and Work- Georgia O’Keefe)

My grandfather is a Cancer and with water he is definitely in his element.  I have two very fond and distinct memories of my grandfather from childhood and both involve water.  One was on a road trip with my grandparents.  We stopped at a small amusement park and my grandfather convinced me to join him on the bumper boats.  I took a good amount of persuading because I hated bumper boats or cars or anything else where you were required to crash into other people, mostly because I didn’t feel as sturdy as other kids.  As soon as I was in the boat, wedged next to my grandfather’s round belly, I felt much stronger.  “Let’s get ‘em!” I said steering us towards a cluster of boats.  My other memory took place at Magic Waters, a water park near my grandparent’s house.  One of the tallest watersides was a big curly noodle where you disappeared in and out of covered sections of the slide on an inflatable donut.  My grandfather agreed to join me on a double donut.  The line for the slide started at the bottom of the stairs and as we slowly wound our way up, I felt my anxiety mounting.  But when it was finally our turn, my grandfather’s confidence and excitement washed away any fear I felt from the walk up.    
Virgo, you may feel rather ruled by your emotions this week.  You don’t have to do everything alone.  Others may be more at home in the waters you are trying to navigate and their support can make room for a more genuine enjoyment of the experience.    
(6 of Cups/ If I Needed You- Alice Boman)

When I was a kid there were three things I refused to wear: turtlenecks, jeans and tights.  I wouldn’t wear turtlenecks because I felt they constricted the flow of oxygen.  I wouldn’t wear jeans because they were too stiff and constricted my movement.  Tights, I wore occasionally, but only if I could wear my underwear over them, otherwise they were always falling down, ultimately constricting my movement.  
Libra, you may feel this week that something is constricting your movement or expression.  If it is something you have control over, like an article of clothing, now is the time to take it off or use your underwear to hold it in place.  If it is something you don’t feel you have control over then consider the change this information could be directing you to make.  It is probably less likely that you need to change the way you move or breathe than it is that you may need to move away from what is making these fundamental processes difficult.
(3 of Wands Rev/ Love’s Got To Breathe and Fly- Buffy Sainte-Marie)

In elementary school we rehearsed tornado drills.  When the alarm went off we were made to walk, single file, down the hallway to a place where there were no windows.  We’d line up against the wall with our butts facing out, our knees tucked under our chins and our hands over our heads, all balled up but in a neat row like lumpy pearls.  I was always curious to see what this formation looked like, so sometimes I popped my head up.  The principal, walking back and forth down the hall, heels clicking against the linoleum would say sharply,”Heads down!” as if there was really something to shield ourselves from.  
Scorpio, the changes you are likely to encounter may be something like this tornado drill.  They may be signaled by an alarm, but be followed by a procedure.  You don’t have to be afraid of the changes the way you would an actual tornado, but there may still be something exciting about the experience anyway, even without the threat of danger.  
(XVI Tower L/ Tornado- Pepi Ginsberg)

Sometimes I get it in my head that I need something.  The other day it was a new wooden pencil.  I walked up and down a few blocks of Sunset Blvd looking for one wooden pencil, but couldn’t even locate a pen.  As I turned towards home I felt a pang of guilt, “I can’t believe I just wasted all that time looking for a pencil.”  Suddenly the phrase, “a fool’s errand,” popped into my head.  I said it again out loud, “A fool’s errand.  I went on a fool’s errand.”  As I said it my whole face broke into a smile.  My feet skipped off the pavement the rest of the way home.  “I had to go on a fool’s errand to know what one was,” I thought to myself.  
A fool’s errand by definition* is “a completely absurd, pointless or useless errand.”  Almost every adventure starts this way (think of Alice chasing the white rabbit).  Sagittarius, you may start your week with an itch which sends you out into the world looking for something as small as pencil, but which brings much greater rewards.  
*from dictionary.com
(0 Fool/ River Of No Return- Marilyn Monroe)

My favorite track and field events were the relay races.  There were several reasons for this.  For one, there seems to be a tangible point to running.  Someone hands you a baton and you have to give it to the next person as quickly as possible.  This makes sense.  It even has real world applications, like when I would ask my mom for my allowance in the garden and I had to run back to the house to find her purse.  The other thing I liked about the relay is that it wasn’t just up to one person to win the race.  I remember my brother explaining to me once why he hated kickball and baseball so much,  “They say they are ‘team sports,’ but it’s really all about one person hitting the ball.”  The relay race is truly a team sport.  Each person has an active roll, covering a designated distance, moving the baton towards the finish line.  
Capricorn, ends and beginnings are often times difficult to distinguish.  Perhaps you just finished one lap around the race track or you are waiting for the baton.  Either way, know that even though you are responsible for your designated portion of the race you are not the only one who determines whether the race is won.      
(XXI World/ Mother Earth- Memphis Slim)

Recently I observed that I use the phrase, “Yeah, totally.” a lot.  In southern California, I’m not alone in my employment of this phrase.  The funny thing about it’s use in southern California, at least, is that even though it seems definitive, it can be used in a rather non-committal, off-handed way.  And it is often in response to a non-committal question, “Let’s go to the beach sometime soon.”  “Yeah, totally!”  
This week, Aquarius, you may have both intentionally and unintentionally over committed yourself.  Perhaps you gave a few too many “yeah, totally’s” and now you are totally overbooked.  You may not be able to back out of anything now, but you can focus on landing all the balls you have in the air right now.  You may have to say “definitely not” for a little while until things settle down.  
(10 of Wands R/ I Found The End- Broadcast)

I have a lot of memories that center around the Korean spa.  This is probably because I often go to the spa at pivotal moments in my life, moments of stress.  The last time I was at the spa I found myself feeling quite nostalgic.  I was reminded of a time I was there with my two friends late at night.  We all ended up in a pile on the heated marble floor, just lying there in our robes and laughing to the point of tears because we were delirious with exhaustion and from contemplating the same question over and over again, “What am I doing with my life?”  None of us had the answer, but the “nothing” we were doing in that moment is something I come back to in my mind every so often during times of stress.   
Pisces, you may find yourself obsessing this week, over a particular question or dilemma.  Perhaps there is a feeling that if you could just figure out this one thing then everything would be perfect or settled or things would stop.  Allow yourself to collapse in this moment Pisces, this moment of not knowing, because you may never not know again or in the same way.  
(8 of Swords/ After Midnight- JJ Cale)