TAROTSCOPES for the week of 04/09/14


Here we are!  Another astrological week a-head!  I was singing that to myself to the tune of “Here she is Miss Amer-ica!” as I write this.  I don’t need to tell you…you already know…THERE IS A LOT GOING ON UPSTAIRS, up all of the stairs, from your head to the heavens.  I’m not actually going to go too deep into it because, I myself, have been finding all the information a little overwhelming.  If you do want more details there is a buffet of information available on the internet.  For the purpose of TAROTSCOPES I prefer to focus on week ahead and what might be helpful in dealing with the energy presented.  You might find yourself feeling a little short-tempered or sharp-tongued or at least you may find yourself surrounded by others who are short-tempered and sharp-tongued.  There may not be a “right” side of the bed to get out of this week so avoid fanning flames or clinking swords.  I discuss more of this potentially combative energy below under the card for the week, the 5 of Swords.  Underneath this is a feeling of urgency, a desire to change things NOW.  This has to do with the mounting energy of the Cardinal Cross.  Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) tend to act fast, which is why they are good in an emergency, but they can also be impatient.  The more you feel the desire to speed things up, the more it will be important to slow down.  Eclipse season is about collecting information and ALLOWING.  Change is inevitable during this time, but we don’t necessarily need to respond to it by make swift sweeping changes or proclamations, the eclipses have a tendency to bring that about all on their own.  As I said last week, it would be good to practice not tensing up or reacting as change approaches.  You might pretend you are having a party and you’ve invited your feelings over.  See who shows up, make the rounds, have some deep conversations, but know that you and your feelings don’t really have to make any plans until you are more certain of the information they are communicating to you.     

NO THEME this week, just what they are, as they are.  


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full moon lunar eclipse in the sign of the scales, telling tales, lifting veils, carrying pails, riding the rails, noting what fails, comes in the mail, eating kale, blazing a new trail, hitting the nail, knowing when to bail, at times feeling frail, the holy grail, mane and tail, mercury in the sign of the ram, on the lam, hole in the dam, all a sham, time with the fam, play it again sam, what fits like a glove, mourning dove, stars above, always love,


The card of the week, the 5 of Swords is definitely mirroring what’s happening above our heads this week.  The stars and planets form some hard angles, bringing conflict bubbling to the surface.  While it would be easy to chalk all these squabbles up to the tension building around the cardinal cross or the fact that it is eclipse season and eruptions of all sorts (including earthquakes) are probable, the questions to ask yourself are what and why.  What are you arguing about, what are you REALLY arguing about? And why?  If you can find the thread or theme that seems to be running through all these tensions, then you may be able to help alleviate some of the pressure.  The problem with arguments and conflicts is when we get stuck in them, when we think there is a right person and wrong person or one possible solution or one answer.  We are moving away from dualistic thought and the idea that there is only two of anything.  Yes, you may have a left and a right hand, but you also probably have five fingers on each.  During the age of Pisces, people often got trapped in religions that emphasized duality, heaven and hell, purity and sin, right and wrong, up and down and they were held captive by the fear of one or the other.  The age of Aquarius is about awakening to and understanding complexity.  This is why these conflicts can be beneficial.  They help us see the gray area and all the numbers between one and two.  The other thing that the 5 of Swords brings up is the potential for saying things we later regret.  With so many stars and planets in fire signs this week (Mercury joins the troops in Aries) there can be a tendency to say things impulsively in anger or irritation.  Try to curb this impulse by taking a deep breath or swallowing a couple times (which I prefer because it feels like you are literally swallowing the words, digesting them and then choosing ones that more accurately and tactfully convey your meaning).  Venus is in Pisces and in Pisces Venus is rather sensitive, so any recipient of sharp words is not likely to escape without some deep scratches.  The 5 of Swords reminds us of the potential to get stuck in conflict when we focus on there being a right or a wrong.  One way out of this trap is to recognize the truths that are illuminated through conflict.   
(Tah-Boo- Ella Jenkins)

5 of Swords (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

When I was a kid I used to make stories out of a deck of cards.  It became my own sort of soap opera.  All the face cards had an evil conjoined twin, or just a twin that was their complete opposite so that they were always arguing with each other.  Because they were conjoined, the top one was always trying to convince the bottom of their point of view and vice versa.  But because of their orientation they always had completely different perspectives, as soon as the bottom agreed with the top the top would disagree with the bottom.    
Aries, it might help to think of yourself right now as the top or bottom face card in a deck of cards.  What would your twin say to you right now if they were above or below you?  What is the opposite of how you are currently perceiving your situation?  Keep in mind neither of you may be “right,” but it could help you see another side.  
(XI Strength Rev/ Johnny Angel- The Peanuts)

My dad and I used to watch Anne of Green Gables on our television with a dial to change the channels and rabbit ears to make the picture come in clearer.  I remember Marilla telling Anne to “hold her tongue” all the time.  I thought it was a strange phrase and I use to repeat it to myself or say it to my friends when we were pretending to be other people.  The idea behind “holding your tongue” is that you can prevent yourself from saying something you might regret later because you were talking too much or you were speaking impulsively.  Where I grew up in the midwest emotion was conveyed rather subtly.  Even language was a dance and didn’t necessarily point directly to the intended meaning.  “Holding your tongue” in the midwest didn’t always prevent conflict because there were so many other ways people could send a message.  
Taurus, this week you may find something you’d brushed aside as only a minor irritation slowly building into something less easy to ignore.  You don’t need to act or communicate your frustration right away, figure out the real source of of the feeling first.  Also know that even if you decide to “hold your tongue” there are a million other ways you may be sending the same message.  Set your Taurus determination towards peace and resolve any fuzzy communication by adjusting your rabbit ears.  
(5 of Swords L/ Let’s Go Go (Bang Zoom)- The Real Roxanne with Hitman Howie)

I was feeling stumped about what to write for you this week, Gemini, so I went to my bookshelf and pulled out Breaking the Chains, which oddly enough is a children’s book about Dorothea Lynde Dix, but I picked it up because “breaking the chains” seemed like exactly what I needed to do in order to get the “creative wheels” turning again.  I opened the book at random and threw my finger on top of a sentence.  It said, “But the quiet ways of the old people wrought a change.”
This week, Gemini, think about consciously slowing down and getting quiet.  Gemini is considered one of the most chatty signs in the zodiac, which is part of why you are so fun to be around.  But you can sometimes send yourself in circles when that chattiness is internalized.  There is an energy you may find yourself connecting with this week in the stillness, that when acknowledged, can not only “break your chains,” but help you move confidently in your best direction.  
(8 of Discs/ Step Off- ESG)

My first pet when I was a kid was a cat named Bubblegum.  My parents’ friend bred Persian cats and she was a kitten from one of his litters.  When we first brought her home, we kept her food and kitty litter in a small bathroom in the basement.  It wasn’t long before we discovered that she preferred to use our old leather couch as a litter box instead.  When we talked to the veterinarian about it, he said that Persian cats can be very fastidious, they don’t like their food and litter to be too close together.  As soon as we followed this advice and moved the food into a separate room, the problem was resolved.  In retrospect, I realized that I wouldn’t want to eat next to the toilet either.  
Ok Cancer, this week you might find yourself in one of two roles as described in the story, either you are me, confused about why someone is peeing on your couch, or you are my cat and you are peeing on someone else’s couch.  But in both situations you have a leg up from my cat and me, you can communicate directly.  
(3 of Discs L/ Wawa- Lizzy Mercier Descloux)

Most of my childhood birthdays consisted of a recipe I had concocted by age 4 that never failed to deliver:  Park, Pool, Pizza.  But one year, after having been blasted with commercials advertising what looked like a magical utopia, I decided to bring the party to Showbiz Pizza.  The slogan was, “Where a kid can be a kid” and the commercial showed a kid falling into what looked like an ocean of plastic balls.  It was a mistake.  It was nothing like what I’d envisioned based on the 30 second commercial.  The ball pit was only big enough for three people and because someone had broken their arm, you were only allowed to go into the pit one at a time.  
Leo, this week you may be feeling a sense of possibility, that life is a smorgasbord or the Showbiz Pizza I saw in the commercials as a kid.  The reason that the park, pool and pizza idea never failed was because it was a combination of my favorite things.  Showbiz Pizza, on the other hand, was someone else’s idea of a good time.  Keep making lists of your favorite things Leo and don’t settle for someone else’s idea of a good time.     
(7 of Cups/ The Clapping Song- Shirley Ellis)

In one of my favorite childhood movie/ musicals, “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever,”  Barbra Streisand plays a psychic who has a talent for making plants grow faster than usual and to great heights.  She tells the psychologist, who is trying to use hypnosis to help her quit smoking, that the reason her plants flourish is because she talks to them.  
Virgo, this week you may be noticing that the things in your life you’ve been talking to have grown to great heights.  The planets are also contributing to the conversation this week.  Anything you plant today could be a fruit tree by tomorrow.  
(I Magician/ Lorelei- Tom Tom Club)

Whenever anyone calls my grandfather and asks how he’s doing the first thing he says is, “Faaaan-taastic!”  He’s a good person to call if you are feeling down because he also always says, “Honey, it is wonderful to hear your voice!”  He will be 99 this summer.  A few weeks ago he was home alone when he fell in the kitchen.  He dragged himself to a set of stairs off the living room and pulled himself up using the railings.  When I called to see how he was feeling, he told me the story laughing heartily throughout and then punctuated it by saying, “I didn’t know I had it in me!”  Reflecting his good humor I said, “When you need it, you got it.”  He laughed, “That’s a good way to look at it.”
Libra, there has been a lot going on for you in the stars and probably on the ground too.  This week you have a good attitude about all the change.  You may even describe some of the sensations as “faaaan-taastic!”  Certain moments you may be overwhelmed by all the attention.  But know that, even when it seems like the planets are just pulling your hair, you are really being pushed towards creating a more sustainable form of contentment and joy.
(XIX Sun/ Oh Maria- Sister Act)

In gym class in elementary school one of the only things I liked was when our teacher pulled out the “parachute.”  If you aren’t familiar, the “parachute” was a round nylon circle of fabric with a hole in the middle that looked like a deflated beach ball and had handles around the side for holding.  There were several things we were instructed to do with the parachute, but my favorite was “the mushroom.”  The whole class would throw the parachute up in the air and then quickly pull their handle under their butt and sit on the edge of the parachute.  This formed a large bubble with a skylight on top where the hole was located.  The teacher never instructed us to, but we all would get very quiet in the mushroom, something about the shape or atmosphere of it made you feel like you were holding your breath or underwater.  
This is kind of where you might find yourself this week, Scorpio, inside a parachute that would not be at all helpful to catch your fall from an airplane, but which may be just what you need to feel more connected to the present moment, your own voice and an abundant creative flow.   
(9 of Discs/ Drum Improvisations- Baby Dodds)

You had me stumped this week, Sagittarius, so I ran around my living/bedroom a couple times looking for examples of what you might be experiencing.  I stopped in front of the record player, plunked the needle down at random on the record that was already there and this is what I heard: “You better beware and watch every chance that you take.”  It was a line from a song by the Ink Spots.  
Don’t worry, Sagittarius, this is not some sort of divine message for you from the gods, but it is an important message you may be telling yourself this week which IS significant.  There is a carefulness or a hesitancy to commit to something you may have already started which is not particularly comfortable to you centaurs.  You’d probably rather put your foot down and head off into the sunset full gallop.  But the stars are very busy so it is probably best to keep as many open spaces in your schedule as you can allow and don’t be afraid to sit with something you aren’t sure of until the astrological storm clouds clear.   
(III Empress L/ Let’s Get Back Down to Earth- Loretta Lynn)

When I was growing up Abraham Lincoln was everywhere.  My elementary school was named after him and every year on his birthday we made pancakes in the classroom because it was his favorite food.  The school didn’t provide legos to play with, just lincoln logs.  On Halloween one year there was an exhibit at the Herbert Hoover museum (Herbert Hoover was born in a town not far from where I grew up) about ghosts in the White House and almost all of the stories were about Abraham Lincoln and his family.  After I came out to my family my mom said, “you know I read Abraham Lincoln might have been gay.”
Capricorn, this week imagine you are Abraham Lincoln.  Or just re-read your tarotscope and plug in your name instead of Abe’s.  What favorite food would you want people at your elementary school to make on your birthday?  What would they play with instead of legos that would be named after you?  What stories would you tell the museums to tell about you? The point is not worry about being a VIP, but to remind yourself of who and what you love.  I think you may be reminded several times this week anyway.  
(Son of Cups/ Now Is The Time- Sisters Love)

The house where I grew up had a wood burning stove (or franklin stove) that was positioned between the living room and dining room and was raised up on a bed of bricks.  I think I stubbed my toe at least once a month on those bricks in the twelve years we lived there.  The first few times it happened my mom was in the kitchen and witnessed me doubling over in dramatic agony, hurling myself to the floor.  “What happened?” she asked.  “My…toooe!” I would croak.  “Oh, that hurts!” She would say.  Then she would instruct me in a short breathing exercise which I later learned was something she’d learned in a lamaze class.  But it helped.  After a few more stubbed toes I was doing the breathing on my own, a few short breaths and I was good to go.  
Aquarius, there is potential this week to get caught up in a dramatic situation which perhaps originated as a stubbed toe.  If something feels sharp or painful, consider implementing some lamaze breathing and then assessing the situation from there.  
(3 of Swords/ I Can Tell It By My Horoscope- George Formby)

The other day my neighbor and I were walking our dogs around the neighborhood which we’ve both done together and separately many times.  This time we went a little bit further than I either of us normally go.  On the way back we discovered that what we’d both always thought was a driveway, was actually an opening to a narrow alley way.  It zig-zagged between two streets behind our houses and ended at another opening we’d always disregarded as a driveway.  Along the way I pointed out some edible weeds and she pointed out some fruit trees.  
Pisces, this week you may find you’ve expanded your search.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve gone much farther outside your comfort zone than normal, but it does mean that on the way back you may be looking at things differently than before and so they are.  
(Daughter of Wands/ Si Li Li Li Li Our Hearts Beat- Lim Ling and the Silvertones)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 04/01/14

Welcome to April!  
My friend Onya gave me a wooden triangle that you are supposed to hang from the mirror in your car.  On one side it says: “Luck” and on the other side it says: “Go Easy.”  I think of it sometimes if I’m feeling overwhelmed because even though it is difficult to stop activity altogether, you can take a smoother course.  You can go easy.  This month has the potential to be quite jarring so taking a smoother course might just mean practicing not tensing up as change approaches.  And there will be plenty of opportunities to practice.  But I will discuss more of what is in store under the card for the week the Page of Pentacles.  

The theme this week is: Lights and illuminations.  There are lots of significant planets in fire signs this week and those flames will be fanned by various astrological transits.  Aaannd, we’ve now entered Eclipse Season.  I discuss what this means in more detail below under the card for the week, but one thing this season is likely to do is shed light on areas of your life that you’ve previously felt in the dark about.  


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eclipse season begins, cookies in tins, growing fins, creating win wins, bumping your shins, putting garbage in the appropriate bins, uranus aspects sun and moon, surprises soon, some businesses boom, change your room, choices loom, flowers in bloom, cardinal cross tightens, toothpaste that whitens, feeling enlightened, retrograde mars, hearts and stars,


Onwards with the general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

The Page of Pentacles seemed like an odd card to pull for the beginning of eclipse season.  Eclipses usually stir things up, or shake them (earthquakes are said to increase during eclipse season).  The Page of Pentacles is not easily moved.  He is at times blindly focused on one direction or goal.  This card is sometimes associated with Aires, the pioneer, as this Page is more interested in heading out in the direction of a dream then necessarily getting there.  As a kid I started so many stories that, when stacked, they formed almost a perfect cube.  Some of them weren’t longer than a paragraph.  “Maybe you can publish a book of beginnings,” my mom used to say.  This week is definitely about the beginning of a story or a sort of exquisite corpse.  The eclipses that are on their way will bring revelations, enlightenment, and will probably at least cause you to pause and reflect on the direction your feet are headed if not propel you to change your direction completely.  If you do feel like heading off into the sunset, be flexible enough with your plans that you can still spin on your heels if need be when the first Lunar Eclipse in Libra strikes in a few short weeks.  
Another aspect of the Page of Pentacles is honesty.  I cannot stress this enough.  You might as well tell the truth because eclipses have a tendency to bring truth to the surface despite any efforts to conceal it.  Secrets will be revealed.  And this week there may already be a couple of revelations as Uranus aspects the moon and the sun in succession.  
Finally, I want to mention that Venus will be moving from a mature and detached Aquarius to a young and vulnerable Pisces, so be gentle in your delivery as you express yourself with honesty this week.
(Show Montage- Tomi Fujiyama)

Page of Pentacles (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

The love light is something I heard about in a song by Ann Peebles.  I’m not sure if it is “real.”  But my witch friend, Dori Midnight brought up recently that people have a tendency to devalue make-believe or fantasy, to say it isn’t real.  The first definition of real according to dictionary.com is, “true; not merely ostensible, nominal, or apparent,” and it is only the third definition that defines real as something “having objective existence.”  And in the story of The Velveteen Rabbit, the toy rabbit asks the toy horse what real is.  The toy horse replies by saying, “It’s a thing that happens to you.  When a child loves you for a long, long time…then you become Real.”  
Aries, what does it look like to “let your love light shine,” as Ann Peebles suggests in her song with the same title and what do you make real simply by putting your love into it?
(2 of Cups/ Strawberry Fields Forever- Debbie Harry and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs)

A long time ago a friend from Chicago got pulled over in Iowa by a cop for “running a yellow light.”  When she protested that the light was yellow he said, “That may be how you do it in Chicago, but here, when you see a yellow light, you stop.”
You may feel this week, Taurus, a bit like my friend.  Perhaps you are now preemptively coming to a complete stop at the end of a green light to avoid running a yellow.  I can tell you, having lived several years of my life in Iowa, that people get through a traffic light on yellow daily.  It seems the law according to this cop is not the actual law of the land.  You may think you’ve been through this intersection before, Taurus, because the street signs are the same, but don’t assume you will be made to pay for the same mistake (if it even was a mistake in the first place) twice.  
(Daughter of Swords Rev/ Echoes- Leon Thomas)

It seems like sunlight is the most honest form of light.  But it is also constantly changing throughout the day, illuminating different sides of things and throwing the rest into shadow.  I remember arguing with my dad once about whether or not the headlights on his car gave off heat.  I reasoned that the sun is also a light that produces heat. “Because it’s made of fire,” my dad argued.  “But I can feel it,”  I pressed.  “Let’s look it up in the encyclopedia,” my dad replied.  Sure enough the encyclopedia confirmed my position.  
Gemini, this week you may find yourself standing by something you know simply because you can “feel” it.  Think about how your perspective might be valuable knowledge for everyone to have access to.  The sunlight is always changing and what is being illuminated from where you are standing could disappear, given a few more hours.  Don’t be afraid to say it as you see it.  
(7 of Wands/ Train in Vain- Annie Lennox)

Maybe it is because every oven I’ve ever used has been dirty, but I can never seem to see anything important through the small window provided, even if the oven light is on.  For this reason I often feel funny turning on the oven light, like I’m personifying the cake or pie, turning on the light so it doesn’t have to cook in the dark.  
Cancer, perhaps you’ve been putting effort into creating comfort or easing discomfort for someone or something by tiptoeing around them unnecessarily.  This week you may find yourself releasing the inclination to anticipate or meet the needs of others in favor of taking stock of your own.  If you really want to know what or how something is cooking it is probably better for you to open the oven door.    
(2 of Discs Rev/I’m Not Lisa- Jessi Colter)

While visiting Panama in December, my family and I saw several lighthouses in the canal painted black down one half and white up the other.  When we asked the biologist guiding us through the area why this was she seemed bored by the question, “So it is only visible to the boats coming from one direction.”  
Leo, this week, like the lighthouses in the Panama Canal, you are only interested in focusing on or putting out your signal in one direction.  This is fine for now, but know that in the light of day, all sides of you will be illuminated.  
(Son of Discs/ Waves Lament- The Third Wave)

When I was a kid my parents used to take my brother and I camping on a regular basis.  If you had to go to the bathroom at night or find twigs for the fire, my dad would hand you his headlamp.  Between the ages of 9 and 18 I found this extremely embarrassing.  I would usually just throw it over my shoulder like a bag.  “You’re missing out,” my dad would say.  “The whole point is that you don’t have to use your hands.”
Virgo, this week you are blocking out any voices that might make you feel sheepish, vulnerable or self-conscious about your focus.  It is important to have use of both your hands and open the light pouring from your third eye, or:  don’t be afraid to turn on your headlamp.  
(9 of Discs/ Apple- Cibo Matto)

The other day my friend brought home solar powered lights that you stake into the ground outside in your garden or by your front door.  She showed them off like they were magic, “They charge during the day and then at night they just go on…automatically.”  
Libra, solar-powered garden lights are the kind of magic that take time and so is the magic that you are currently watering with dreams this week.  Don’t hold back your biggest visions as they will likely be integrated, in some way, to what may later arrive in a more tangible form.  
(7 of Discs/ Loud, loud, loud- Aphrodite’s Child)

My parents porch light in Tucson is on a sensor so as soon as you get within six feet of the front door the light goes on.  I’m always grateful for this sudden illumination because left in the dark, the wilds of my mind turn the door knob into a tarantula or a leaf into a bark scorpion.
This week, Scorpio, your concern is in creating comfort and finding ways of turning your fears back into the non-threatening debris they actually are.  You may even extend the courtesy and leave a light on for someone else.
(Priestess of Discs/ In The Dark Places- PJ Harvey)

It is strange that the dental examination light is only a very bright light.  Whenever the dentist hands you a mirror to show you the shadows of your teeth where cavities are camped out, I am often surprised by how much more of each tooth there is to see under the lamp.  It almost seems to provide x-ray vision.  Whatever shoes or clothes or crown you wear on your exterior, teeth are a solid reminder of our place in the animal kingdom.  Under the exam light they aren’t glamorous.  They are there to chew, to mash something solid into something you can swallow.  
Sagittarius, you may be humbled this week, by flashes of understanding of the shadowy parts of yourself that are undeniably mammalian.  There may be ways you’ve separated yourself from the herd and you are now seeing the truth and the tooth of how we are all connected.   
(IV Emperor Rev/ Scandale Familial- Les Surfs)

A long time ago my class got a tour of the theater where all the traveling musicals, plays and ballets would perform.  They shut off all the lights and showed us the different stage lights they used.  I remember thinking how much I liked the lights themselves, without anyone even performing under them.  The spotlight in particular was intriguing because, with no one standing in the light, you had to imagine what it would be used to highlight during a performance.  
Capricorn, this week you are focusing your energies towards a specific goal.  And as you do, you might keep in mind that the spotlight is always a spotlight, it’s what you put under it that changes.  
(7 of Cups Rev/ Pacifics- Digable Planets)

My dad likes to give gadgets as gifts.  One year the popular gadget gift was a flashlight that you powered by turning a crank.  At first I found it irritating to have to put muscle into something that a battery would just do for you, but after after a while I found it rather enjoyable to see the fruits of my labor.  It felt like that carnival game, high striker, where you hit a lever with a mallet and if you hit it hard enough it causes a bell to ring or a light to flash.
Aquarius, this week you are reeling in the rewards of the work you’ve put in.  It may feel like a gift or like you won a prize at a carnival, but the return probably has more to do with the sweat you’ve put in than luck or a battery.  
(Ace of Discs/ Streets of Calcutta- Ananda Shankar)

A tunnel is always a certain length, you don’t actually shorten the distance by speeding through it.  You can shorten the time you spend in the tunnel this way, but only if you are the one driving and if you ignore the speed limit.  When I was a kid I used to hold my breath going through tunnels because someone told me it was one way to make your wishes come true.  I remember occasionally pounding on the drivers seat to make the car go faster, but if my dad was driving this only made him slow down.  
Pisces, this week, you may not be the one driving, or at least you may not be the one who decides how much time you spend in the tunnel.  There is light at both ends, but that is probably not your main focus right now.  You will come out into the light eventually one way or another, but now is a good time to speak to the worry you feel or the air you are holding in the process.   
(5 of Discs/ April Come She Will- Simon & Garfunkel)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 03/25/14

Welcome Navigators!

We are inching towards April’s astrological showers.  In preparation for the upcoming eclipse season the stars will be pushing us to make decisions about the information we’ve been collecting (see below under the card for the week, the 10 OF SWORDS, for more information about this).  Venus trines Mars and Squares Saturn this week so some of the decisions you may be asked to make could have to do with relationships, asking us what we want to do about our relationships (Mars) and then asking us how we want to restructure our relationships or showing us where we need to draw lines/ set boundaries (Saturn).
The Cardinal Cross is tightening and Mercury will be aspecting that cross this week (again see below under the card for the week 10 OF SWORDS).  We will be hearing a big clamor from the Cross later in April so we will talk more about that then.

I almost forgot! There is a New Moon on Sunday in Aries!  This is the beginning beginning beginning.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and this is the first new moon of that cycle, so you can think of it as another New Years.  What intentions do you want to set for the year to come?  What do you want to clear or clean out and make way for? Don’t for get to make your wishes: more than one and less than 10! <3

The very Aries theme this week is:  Action words! Verbs!  I’ve selected one for each sign.  Enjoy!

The MUSIC this week and all of March, in honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month focuses on Women Artists.  This week is the last week of Women’s History month and so I decided to make the mix a bit of a hodge podge in terms of genre, era, style etc.


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mercury moves, re-shingling roofs, where we’ve made grooves, horses hooves, making decisions, plans need revisions, making incisions, acknowledging divisions, venus trines mars, written in the stars, last of the gay bars, venus squares saturn, making a new pattern, lighting a lantern, cardinal cross, remember to floss, lip gloss, who is boss, where grows the moss, shuffle the cards, pick up the shards, top of the charts, love and hearts,


Onwards with the general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):


There is a place where the sidewalk ends
And before the street begins,
And there the grass grows soft and white,
And there the sun burns crimson bright,
And there the moon-bird rests from his flight
To cool in the peppermint wind.

Let us leave this place where the smoke blows black
And the dark street winds and bends.
Past the pits where the asphalt flowers grow
We shall walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
And watch where the chalk-white arrows go
To the place where the sidewalk ends.

Yes we’ll walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
And we’ll go where the chalk-white arrows go,
For the children, they mark, and the children, they know
The place where the sidewalk ends.

-WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS by Shel Silverstein

This poem fits quite well with where we all may be headed this week based on the astrological weather and the card I’ve pulled, the 10 of Swords.  We can’t keep going without acknowledging where we are and what is happening right where we are standing.  There is often an emphasis on looking ahead.  Where do I want to go?  What do I want to do?  Who do I want to be?  But to answer any of those questions, you first have to look at your own two feet, which is what the 10 of Swords reminds us.  The road is running out and we can’t keep standing at the end of it like a diving board.  Where have you reached the end of your rope or hit a wall and what is this end telling you about where you need to go or what you need to do?  This week is ultimately about taking action, but we first have to come to a decision, which you are likely to do when Mercury aspects the Cardinal Cross and trines Jupiter this week.  The last few weeks we’ve been gathering information, we’ve been following “where the chalk-white arrows go” and now we are reaching some conclusions.  You may find yourself coming face-to- face with the truth of where you are and how you got here.  The next step you feel compelled to take from here may be a leap into the unknown.  The risks you take are supported by the stars and the card for the week.  In Shel Silverstein’s poem, it is the children that know “where the sidewalk ends.”  Now would be a good time to think about moving into change as a child would, perhaps somewhat naively, but also with a sense of adventure.    
(The Circle Game- Buffy Sainte- Marie)

10 of Swords (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

My dad has claimed full responsibility in our family for the reason why my brother and I both blush whenever we are embarrassed, flustered, have a glass of wine or are too hot.  “I’m afraid I gave you the gene,” he says.  In high school I tried to give an impassioned speech on the philosophies of communism and Karl Marx, but it wasn’t more than a few seconds into my speech before people were pointing fingers and shouting, “You’re turning bright red!”  I knew that once my cheeks began to glow the rest was a lost cause.  The only thing I could do was try to bring everyone back to the point I was trying to make, to the real reason behind my red face…communism.  I don’t remember what I said, only that I felt so strongly about what I was saying or actually what Karl Marx had said that I was able to steer people from my face back to the manifesto.  
Aries, this week you may be reminded of your instincts and what triggers those responses.  While some of those responses may feel deeply embedded, you are figuring out how you want to handle them, what you want to do with the information they provide instead of feeling at their mercy.
(6 of Cups R/ Heartbeat- Takashi Miyaki)

"It’s time to face the facts."  "Face your fears." "Face the truth."  All of these seem to imply that the facts, your fears and the truth are in a direction, you only have to turn towards them.  Adults often hide their face in their hands when they are trying to play peek-a-boo with a child.  The face in this case, I suppose, stands in for the self.  If you can’t see, then no one can see you.
Taurus, this week you are turning to face things that perhaps you previously missed because you were hiding your face in your hands or just looking in one direction.  Being able to see in more directions and more clearly, also means people are more clearly seeing more of you.   
(8 of Swords Rev/ The Clocks- Molly Nilsson)

Long ago in junior high I had a crush on a boy.  Our lockers were only a couple doors down because our last names were just a few letters apart alphabetically.  One day after school I was walking to my locker when I spotted him walking away from his.  As he turned towards me, our eyes locked and in the same moment the zipper on my back pack burst open and a few textbooks and all my homework flew out like I’d pressed an ejection button.  Initially, I felt completely humiliated.  Later, as my prepubescent mind turned the incident over and over, I realized it was a bit like the movie Carrie or maybe I was a poltergeist.  Perhaps my vulnerability also held a strange power.  
Gemini, this week you may feel that your “weaknesses” have been exposed.  There may be some feeling of humiliation or embarrassment.  But take another look at the situation or the feelings being revealed, because what is also revealing itself may be a deeper strength that your conscious mind was too quick to obfuscate.  
(Daughter of Cups Rev/ Love Thirst- Jean Grae)

The other day my friend was talking about building a box to house a transformer, she said that the box had to be ventilated so the transformer didn’t overheat.  To house something means you essentially build a shell for it.  This is something Cancers know a lot about.  By housing something like a transformer you are hiding the mess of it.  Computers have houses to hide the wires and circuits that really make it work.  When you are typing on a laptop you don’t have to think about what you are doing besides pressing buttons, mostly because a laptop’s housing simplifies it for you.  
Cancer, this week you may be retreating to your shell to deal with your more complicated or conflicting emotions, so you don’t have to explain what you are doing.  Right now you only really need to communicate a very simple version of what is happening under your shell.  
(4 of Cups/ Don’t Worry Kyoko- Yoko Ono)

When I was a kid the Muppet version of A Christmas Carol came out.  My favorite characters were the ghosts that visited Scrooge.  When Marley and Marley tell Scrooge that he will be visited by three ghosts, he says, “Can’t I just meet them all at once and get it over with?”  It is interesting to think of your fears visiting you because that is usually what friends and relatives do.  In a way your fears are just as familiar and you might think about them with even more frequency.
Leo, this week you may receive a visit by one or more of your fears, but not by more than one at a time.  This does not have to be a painful or difficult experience, they are no stranger to you.  After the first visit (which in my opinion, in the Muppet Christmas Carol, was the most frightening of the ghosts) the rest become much easier to meet.  
(9 of Swords Rev/ Come Walk With Me- M.I.A.)

When I first began taking tests, which was actually in kindergarten (the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS)) the teacher instructed us not to copy each other’s work.  I remember kids dramatically barricading sheets of multiple choice bubbles with their arms and suspiciously throwing one eye over their shoulder.  “Doooon’t!”  “What?”  “You’re copying me!” “No I wasn’t.”  “Keep your eyes on your paper,” the teacher would say as she walked the rows of desks like a night watchman or a prison guard.
Virgo, you may feel a sort of exaggerated emphasis on creating privacy or getting time to do your work.  Try to put your energy into the work itself and worry about protecting or defending it later.
(9 of Discs R/ Suspicious Minds- Amanda Lear)

I’ve been thinking a lot about “point” as a noun lately mostly because of the missing plane that took off from Malaysia.  The maps that have come out don’t really have any points on them, just a big circle indicating the radius and circumference of where they thought the plane could possibly have crashed.  The most recent search and rescue news is that the plane may have gone down in the Indian Ocean but they still don’t have a point, they’ve just drawn another circle.  But all of this does seem to point to the truth, which is that they still don’t know what happened or where.  
Libra, this week you may be more comfortable with vague circles than with plotting points or pointing to anything specific.  This is okay for now, especially since Libra is currently hosting Mars in retrograde, but don’t assume this is the end of the story.  The information you are gathering now may be pointing you to a truth which will help you get to the actual point or your actual destination.
(8 of Wands Rev/ Elemental Finding- Tara Jane O’Neil)

Living in California, my associations with ice and freezing are now limited to the freezer.  Everything in the freezer is put there to slow it down, to keep it from decomposing or “going bad” too fast.  It is where I collect my compost and sometimes leftovers.  But to be of any use, anything I put in the freezer has to be defrosted or thawed.  
Scorpio, parts of yourself may be thawing out this week.  Perhaps there were thoughts or emotions you couldn’t deal with a few months ago that you are now taking off ice in order to experience more fully.  Perhaps what is thawing these parts of yourself is love.  
(8 of Cups/ Taliesin- Gilli Smyth)

Feelings are things to know.  To know someone, means you are familiar with them, you’ve spent time with them.  Feelings are things to know, to become familiar with because they tell you how or how not to speak to them.  If you are feeling sad you learn how to respond to sadness even if it just means sitting with sadness, holding it’s hand.  Sometimes there are feelings that seem to come to you out of thin air and those you could call intuitions.  These feelings are also telling you something, but it can be much harder to figure out to where they are pointing.  To know something means you validate its existence.  Usually this is done by looking for evidence or clues.  Evidence of intuition is harder to confirm, sometimes you just have to believe in your knowing.  
Sagittarius, this week you may know something without knowing how you know it.  Perhaps the thought or feeling came to you out of thin air.  This doesn’t mean it isn’t real.  Consider validating your knowing by becoming familiar with it.  
(II High Priestess/ I Had Too Much To Dream- The Space Lady)

When I was a kid I sometimes went to church with my grandparents.  I always liked sitting next to my grandmother because she was kind, calm, beautiful and smelled like lily of the valley.  When it was time to stand and sing from the hymn books my grandmothers voice would crackle forward at a completely different key that didn’t harmonize with what everyone else was singing.  She was completely tone deaf.  In many ways I felt my grandmother was too perfect to be related to me.  But hearing her sing I knew we must be family.  
I may have used this quote before but it is quite fitting for you this week, Capricorn, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics” (Albert Einstein).   Cap, all your strengths and imperfections harmonize with who and what you love.  You might discover that part of finding what resonates is acknowledging and validating all of who you are.   
(VI Lovers/ Philosophy of The World- The Shaggs)

It is mostly in old British period pieces that I’ve heard some say things like, “sound the alarm!”  But I love when the word sound is used in this way, as a verb.  To sound something is kind of like asking it speak.  You could say “pull the alarm” or “ring the bell,” but sounding an object gives it freedom to make noise in whatever language or tone it wants without telling it how to sound.
Aquarius, this week you may find yourself asking open-ended questions with a genuine curiosity. You are keen to hear how other people or things actually sound without assuming or anticipating what they will say or how they will sound.
(4 of Swords Rev/ Om Supreme- Alice Coltrane)

Trust is a funny verb because it emphasizes “not doing” over “doing.”  It’s not like run, or jump or skip or fly, but all of these are actions trust allows.  To trust something or someone you have to let go of the fears or thoughts that prevent you from relying on your abilities, a thing, person or in your case, Pisces, a path.
As you move forward in the direction of your desires, you may not be able to see the road in front of you or what condition that road is in.  Don’t let this stop you, once you trust the path you are on and believe in it’s existence, then you can run, jump, skip or fly.    
(8 of Discs/ Wildflowers- Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 03/18/14

Welcome Back Travelers!

HAPPY (almost) EQUINOX! Or Egg-uinox.  And HAPPY NOWRUZ (Iranian New Year)!  A lot is happening here in the universe or, actually, is about to happen come April.  Mercury just hit Pisces again which could explain why I feel at a loss for words (think of a radio underwater).  I will discuss the astrological storm clouds more next week as they move closer.  

The theme this week, as we go from Pisces to Aries and Winter to Spring is: Coming together/ Coming apart.  The focus of Pisces (in a nutshell) is unity, the focus of Aries is independence.  In Pisces we may have lost the boundaries of ourselves a bit, in Aries we (sometimes rather abruptly) re-draw those lines.  Here is an example of both, which someone was kind enough to record off their tv or computer screen: Sound of Music
Maria separates from the sisters (Aries) to run into the hills and feel her connection with nature and all living things (Pisces).  

The MUSIC this week and all of March, in honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month focuses on Women Artists.  This week features International Women Artists (mostly old classics). Enjoy!


I forgot to share this when it came out.  So here it is now!  An interview with my friends at Portland Apothecary and a special spell for all! http://portlandapothecary.blogspot.com/2014/02/5-questions-marty-windahl-tarotscopes.html

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vernal equinox, matching socks, breakfast lox, noticing rocks, no longer in flocks, sun to the sign of the ram, in like a lamb, fixing the dam, thank you ma’am, last of the yam, listening to wham!, deep breath before april, change what you will, fits the bill, add some dill, over the hill, window sill, swallow a pill, time to grill, eat your fill, feeling ill, take it easy, spring is breezy, also sneezy, no more freezing, stars above, fits like a glove, lots of love,


Onwards with the general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

When I was a kid, our class was given a tour of the local theater where all the famous out-of-towners performed.  It was where I had seen the Nutcracker and Les Mis.  Of all the places backstage, I remember most clearly “the Green Room.” “This is where the performers hang out when they aren’t performing, before they go on stage,” the guide told us.  I think someone asked why it was called the Green Room if it wasn’t green.  The guide didn’t have an answer.  I remember thinking, “They need to get some more plants in here, at the very least.”  Besides being green, plants are a good reminder to take your time and of how much time things often take.  This is the message that a Green Room or waiting room ought to convey, a sense of calm, of trust.  “Take your time.” “These things take time.” “Give it time.”
The card I’ve pulled for all of us this week is the 7 of Pentacles.  In the image in Amy Von Harrington’s deck, there is a group of women standing around what looks like a Green Room (it even has green carpeting).  This space, this card, is the breath they are taking before they go on stage.  This week could also feel like a deep breath before we do what we know we must do, what we’ve come here to do.  We are moving from deep, introspective Pisces, to fiery, action-oriented Aries.  Aries says, “Let’s get this show on the road!”  These last few days of Pisces and of winter is the meditative calm before those first steps onto April’s stage.    
(Four New Seasons- Li Lihua)

7 of Pentacles (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

The Big Bang, as you may already know, is the most common theory on how the universe was created.  The theory rests on the idea that the universe expanded from a single point in space.  Oddly enough, the theory itself was expanded upon, in a similar way, by scientists after it was initially introduced.  
Aries, a match seems to have been struck some where inside you, illuminating, perhaps only your own four walls for now.  But who knows where this new thought, experience or theory could take you.  It seems it too is rapidly expanding, collecting evidence and support.  
(Ace of Wands/ Man Amade Am- Googoosh)

Contrary to popular belief, if you cut a worm in half, the severed worm will not become two worms live worms.  It may become one short live worm and one short dead worm.  I guess that creates two of something, but only one half is of any use to you or itself.    
Taurus, you may be tempted to cut off your own tail in order to create more abundance in your life.  Don’t do it!  According to wormfarmingsecrets.com, you’ll only end up shorter, but according to the stars and tarot cards with patience, some of the places where you may be feeling a shortage or scarcity will soon be filled.    
(Ace of Discs L/ Pe Di Boi- Cesaria Evora)

There is a famous Zen riddle which asks, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”  I think it is used in mediation, to provide a direction in which to focus your thoughts.  Years ago on a plane from Singapore to California, I was rudely awaken from the deepest sleep I could manage, given the circumstances, by the sound of two hands clapping in front of my face.  “They’re serving dinner!”  A stranger sitting to my right said as he eagerly lowered his tray table.  It took me a moment to realize that the clapping hands were his.  
Gemini, perhaps something you wanted isn’t working out as you had hoped and you are feeling like you only have one hand with which to clap. Just the question of one hand clapping is enough to last several minutes or even hours of meditation, without conclusive results.  And if you put both your hands together you can wake up a stranger on a plane to your own reality.  Don’t underestimate yourself.  This setback is only asking you to reaffirm what you want most.  Keep asking the question and the answer will come.
(I Magician Rev/ Magic- Yma Sumac)

Sand dropping through an hourglass is the perfect example of coming together and coming apart (this week’s theme).  Each grain or couple of grains of sand has to go on it’s own journey in order to be reunited with all the other grains on the other side.  It’s an odd way of keeping time, particularly if you personify the sand as I’ve just done.
Cancer, you don’t have to work or think too hard in order to find a sense of inner peace.  This week let gravity take you where you want and need to go.     
(XVII Star L/ Deusa Dos Orixas- Clara Nunes)

Okay, I read through some information on the internet about how rainbows are formed and I still don’t totally understand the process.  I did grasp that it is some sort of “trick of the eye,”  that light is bending through droplets of rain and what we see as a result is the entire visible light spectrum.  
The information you are privy to this week, Leo, may come to you in a way that is not totally understood by others around you or even by yourself for that matter.  You may only really be able to acknowledge that you are taking in the entire visible light spectrum, that somehow light is bending in your direction so that you see very clearly what others may only perceive as a light rain.    
(II High Priestess/ Un Mundo Raro- Chavela Vargas)

When I was a kid I remember breathing heavily over my brother or cousin’s shoulder while they were drawing and trying to guess what the lines they were making were coming together to form.  “What are you drawing?” *Silence* “Is it a person?” *Silence* “Is it a robot person?”  *Silence* “Is two robot people holding hands?” “No! Mom…!”
Virgo, this week you may feel a similar impatience with the lines in your life.  You may have drawn most of them yourself, but what they are coming together to form remains to be seen.  Given time the picture will become clear.  
(7 of Discs Rev/ Voila- Francoise Hardy)

When a coin rolls away from you it is usually because you were dealing with change, with other pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters, or maybe even a couple of “loonies” (Canadian dollar coins).   An old friend of mine used to stick pennies in her roommates shoes for good luck which he would only discover blocks after he’d left the house.  When I find a runaway coin, I can’t help saying to myself, “Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck.”
Libra, this week you may feel a little dull, like a penny in a fist full of change.  Don’t be afraid to roll away from the crowd a little in order to reconnect with and remind yourself of the joy and luck you typically carry.    
(Son of Wands Rev/ Nem Vagyok En Apaca- Zalatnay Sarolta)

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was one of the only books in high school I was forced to read that I genuinely appreciated.  I think almost any outsider finds it easy to empathize with Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, especially at sixteen.  “A strange multiplicity of sensations seized me, and I saw, felt, heard, and smelt, at the same time; and it was, indeed, a long time before I learned to distinguish between the operations of my various senses,” the monster says when he finally has a chance to tell the story of his birth from his own perspective.
I picked out this sentence for you this week, Scorpio, because it seems that you may experience a similar feeling, a complicated “multiplicity of sensations” coming together to move you towards a common goal.  “Life, although it may only be an accumulation of anguish, is dear to me, and I will defend it,” the monster tells Frankenstein.  Your energy to succeed, to persevere, this week, Scorpio, may have a similar honesty, but perhaps without the sadness or rejection that soured the monster’s experience.   
(VII Chariot/ Baeed Anak- Umm Kulthum)

I never understood the staying “Chip off the old block.”  The phrase is supposed to imply that the chip is a replica of the block, but a chip almost never looks anything like the block.  And once you chip the block, the block is no longer a block, it’s shape has changed completely.  
Sagittarius, you may be afraid to say what you really think or feel or to express yourself in some way.  Perhaps this is based on a past experience.  Perhaps you are afraid of being a specific kind of chip off of a specific kind of block.  As long as what you say or express comes from a place of authenticity and sincerity you don’t have to worry about your expression being a sliver in someone else’s side.  
(Shaman of Swords/ Kom Nirk Oun Eiy- Ros Sereysothea)

Several words together can form a poem, short story or even a book, but when people are more serious about a message they are trying to convey they will say, “I gave my word,” or “I had a word with them.”  And street signs often only have no more than one or two words of instruction.  
This week, Capricorn, more may be less.  You are likely trying to “get the word out” about something.  Consider not clouding what you are trying to express with too many words that may obscure your meaning.  
(9 of Discs Rev/ Qongqothwane (The Click Song)- Miriam Makeba)

As a kid I was fascinated by all things weather related.  Perhaps this is because I grew up in the midwest where weather is almost like a second governing body.  Storms frequently resulted in school being called off for several counties and very few people have that kind of power.  I used to wake up every morning and watch the weather channel.  Sometimes they would show off their “instruments.”  I remember being surprised when they revealed that one of the instruments they used for measuring rainfall was just a long clear tube with the inches indicated in little black dashes along the side.  I remember feeling rather disappointed, “But I could do that.”  
Aquarius, this week you may be starting to figure out where you want to direct your attention.  Perhaps the “wizard behind the curtain” has been revealed to you and you are starting to see that something which at first glance looked like an impossible magic trick is more accessible than you thought.  
(7 of Cups L/ Yamba Ngai- Mbilia Bel)

One morning, while cat-sitting for a friend, I awoke to one of them playing with my feet.  I thought if I kept absolutely still the cat would stop pouncing on my heels, but that’s not what happened.  I finally threw off the sheets and stood up to escort the cat out of the room, but as I did I saw a small shadow scurrying up the length of my bed to where my head had been resting moments earlier.  I grabbed my glasses just in time to see a tail-less lizard dart behind the bed.  The tail, I soon discovered was still jumping and twitching next to where my naked feet had been.  
Pisces, how does this relate to your situation this week?  I believe you might feel something like that lizard.  While your journey may be hampered by strange perils, like a cat and two giant feet, you are more determined then ever to succeed, even if you have to let go of your tail in the process.   
(Son of Discs/ Que Te Trae Por Aqui- Violeta Parra)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 03/12/14

Welcome Astral Travelers!

I’ve been thinking a lot about containers lately.  Receptacle, might be a more appropriate word.  The drought that we’ve been experiencing here in California, got me thinking about catching water.  And water got me thinking about Pisces, the water sign the sun is currently traversing.  Chiron is also in Pisces and this week Chiron will be activated by both Jupiter and Pluto with a trine and a sextile, offering us all an opportunity to heal some very deep wounds.  Mercury and Saturn will be squaring each other which will bring secrets to light, perhaps secrets that you’ve needed to uncover in order to heal.  
What does all of this have to do with receptacles?  (Stay on board my train of thought and I promise I will get us to the point!)  This week I noticed that a friend of mine is very good at receiving and accepting help, gifts and compliments.  She takes time to acknowledge what has been offered, whether it is just a few words of praise or a helping hand.  Where I grew up in the midwest it seemed that everyone’s receptacle for holding kindness was covered in rubberbands, it was instinctually deflected.  “This is the best pie I’ve ever had!”  “Oh well, the best part is really the crust and I got that at the store.”  “You look nice today!”  “Oh well, I finally washed my hair.”  “Thank you for the thoughtful gift!” “Oh well, the receipts in the bag so if you don’t like it you can return it.”
You can only really hold as much kindness as the container you’ve built to receive those gifts.  Many of us, it seems, would benefit from building a bigger “bowl” (as I called this internal receptacle in a recent conversation with a friend).  
How do you build a bigger bowl?  I’m still working on this myself, but from observation, it seems to start with acknowledging and accepting kindnesses offered.  The bowl also seems to deepen with the kindnesses we are willing to extend towards ourselves and when we acknowledge the skills we’ve cultivated and the tools we’ve been given.   
Soooo after that long winded speech…your theme for the week:  Receptacles.  

In other astrological news there will be a full moon on Sunday in Virgo opposing the sun in Pisces.  Virgo helps ground Pisces in the details of life.  And Pisces helps Virgo see the bigger picture, beyond the details of the everyday.  When they are working together at their best, then Virgo can help make a plan for executing the dreams of Pisces, for getting them going on the ground.  Sometimes, at the full moon there is a conflict or “crisis” that creates an opportunity for change, an opening that allows you to see the possibility of your dreams realized. 

The MUSIC this week and all month, in honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month features all Women Artists.  Please let me know if there is any specific person you’d like to hear and I will try and work her in.  This week features WOMEN RAPPERS FROM THE 80s and 90s. <3


I forgot to share this when it came out.  So here it is now!  My interview with my friends at Portland Apothecary and a special spell for all! http://portlandapothecary.blogspot.com/2014/02/5-questions-marty-windahl-tarotscopes.html

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sun and chiron in the sign of the fishes, the well of wishes, clank of dishes, the tail that swishes, virgo full moon, singing in tune, dust of a sand dune, sound of a loon, hot air balloon, high noon, mercury square and trine, things will be fine, reading signs, strength of the pines, all kinds, new finds, the tie that binds, the light that blinds, listening to stars and planets, and their transits, fresh starts, love and hearts,


Onwards with the general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

The card I’ve pulled for all of us this week does appear to walk hand in hand with the astrological transits.  As I said earlier, Mars is in Retrograde.  With this transit there is an emphasis on doing things step by step, perhaps looking back at how things have been done in the past and being more thoughtful about how to avoid making the same mistakes.  These concepts pertain to the 3 of Pentacles as well.  Part of the planning aspect of the 3 of Pentacles has to do with its collaborative nature.  When more than one person is working on a project, offering different skills or perspectives, there is a need to coordinate between contributing parties.  The 3 of Pentacles emphasizes the strength of a triangle.  Triangles, particularly equilateral triangles can be found in many support structures of buildings and bridges because they distribute weight and pressure evenly and hold their shape.     
As I was writing this, I took a break and read an article on Jezebel about another testimony of sexual harassment and assault by photographer Terry Richardson.  At the end of the article the author wrote, “Why is anyone still working with him?”  And in the comments section, several other readers echoed this question.  This is an example of another sort of triangle, a pyramid.  A pyramid is a power structure, where one person is on top and everyone else is somewhere below that person.  Terry Richardson isn’t someone who works in equilateral triangles, but in pyramids of power, always positioning himself on top.  
Mercury and Saturn came to square each other on Tuesday night.  Watch for secrets to surface as this transit (particularly with Saturn in Scorpio) has a tendency to reveal new information.  You might find that people you were working with are no longer committed to the project.  Perhaps this person is you.  You might find that you aren’t as excited about a project or working with a certain group as you had anticipated.  Maybe your energy is being pulled in a new direction.  Don’t worry about stepping on toes, this shift is probably necessary in order to form stronger triangles.  You will likely feel better about where the chips have fallen when Mercury comes to trine Mars on Friday…and there it is, another triangle!
Work it out!  Work it through!  Build with triangles not pyramids!  Hold hands not grudges!  Piece, piece, peace!
(Freedom- Queen Latifah, Yo-Yo, TLC, MC Lyte, Nefertiti, Salt-N-Pepa, Patra, Meshell Ndegeocello)

3 of Pentacles (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

A sink can hold water if the strainer-stopper is turned to it’s stopper function.  Turn it the other way and everything that can go down the drain without clogging it slowly disappears.  The debris too large to pass through the strainer is held in the “basket” to be removed by hand.  I find myself sometimes noting the things that don’t pass through the strainer, leaves of lettuce or spinach, islands of egg that stuck to the pan, coffee grounds that wouldn’t break apart.  What did pass through the holes, down the drain I can’t usually remember.  
Aries, you may find yourself doing something similar this week.  You may have to actively turn a knob or corner in order to let go of what is no longer helping you.  Some things will likely exit quite easily, without your notice, while other things may be too big to disappear on their own.      
(10 of Swords/ Par Ley- Lin Que)

Growing up we didn’t have a laundry chute or laundry hamper.  We would just throw all our dirty laundry down the stairs to a landing, which was just a large square step between one flight of stairs and the next.  My brother and I discovered that if you jumped from the top step to the landing that the dirty clothes would catch your fall.  Of course this game wasn’t without an element of danger, but oddly enough, no one ever got hurt.    
Taurus, this week may mark the beginning of a new adventure.  Change is not something Taurus easily sees as an adventure, but it seems there is a joyful excitement about your next step that may be compelling enough to pull you forward.  Know that, should you fall from the leap you are about to take, the landing is padded.
(O Fool/ Go On Girl- Roxanne Shante)

The thing about a steam room is that you can see what you are gaining and losing at the same time.  You can see and feel the moisture you are taking into your lungs and sinus’ and you can see and feel the sweat you are expelling under your arms or dripping from your upper lip.  
Gemini, even if you don’t have access to a steam room, it would be helpful to find some place similar.  Find a place where you can clearly see and feel that you are expelling what you no longer need and replenishing yourself with what you do.  
(Daughter of Cups Rev/ If Headz Only Knew- Heather B)

My dad likes taking care of animals.  There is a picture of him in Thailand giving a baby elephant a bath and it is maybe the happiest I’ve ever seen him.  When my mom was home from Bogota recently my dad called and said, “You could put out the hummingbird feeder.”  “I could,” my mom replied.  My mom doesn’t get the same pleasure my dad does from caring for animals.  I am glad she didn’t put out the feeder because if you forget to change the sap it can go bad and poison the hummingbirds.  
Cancer, normally you are probably similar to my dad and take pleasure in caring for things, plants, animals or people.  This week, however, you may not want to put the feeder out.  There is something inside yourself you need to take care of before you can direct your attention towards what others may want.    
(Son of Cups Rev/ Untitled- Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes)

During my brief stint as a hostess at a sushi restaurant, the manager had more than one conversation with me about multi-tasking.  Whenever I tried to pile dishes up in each hand, rest them against each hip and, or under each arm I ended up breaking something or dropping food on the floor.  I realized my hands weren’t meant to hold more than a couple things at once.  
Leo, you may be feeling overwhelmed this week and are coming to the understanding that you weren’t meant to hold so many things at one time.  For many this may be more of an emotional holding than physical, but the feeling is similar.  Think about what you need to put down, or let go of in order to successfully make your way from one place to another.  
(8 of Cups L/ I Wanna Be Me- Antoinette)

A journal is also a receptacle.  It is built to receive all your thoughts and ideas and dramas and worries.  Recently, I was looking back on my journals from years ago.  I noticed how dramatic many of the entries seemed, “This happened and then this happened!”  There were periods when the entries seemed soaked with worry, “What’s going to happen? And then what’s going to happen?”  Lately the journal has been more of a receptacle of contemplation and wondering.  
Virgo, I have a feeling many of you keep a journal and those of you who don’t probably have some other record of your days, weeks or months.  Right now you are going places! and part of where you are going has to do with where you have been.  Remember not to lose track of your own trail or your own tail for that matter.  
(8 of Discs/ Paper Thin- MC Lyte)

When I first moved into my apartment there was a strange pocket of space that was just big enough to fit a body.  I started calling it the coffin room until I figured out a use for it.  I found that I could push my bed in and out of the space and the bed could be transformed from couch to bed and bed to couch.  
Libra, traditionally you are good at seeing all sides of things.  This week however, you may feel the urge to overstate your position on something because it has wheels and the back and forth is making you uneasy.  While your opinion is important to the conversation, be open to the angle from which others might be looking at the same issue.  The bed can be a couch and the coffin room can hold a bed or a body.     
(7 of Wands R/ It’s My Beat- Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce)

I’ve been playing miniature golf annually and sometimes biannually since I was a kid.  The goal is pretty much the same as regular golf, to get your ball in an unnaturally perfect hole in the ground.  But unlike regular golf, in miniature golf your ball sometimes has to pass through a few windmills, the mouth of a clown and twisted cave before it comes anywhere close to your final destination.   
Scorpio, this week you’ve finally made it past the clown, the windmills and the cave or in the case of the mini putt my friends Kim Kelly and Onya Hogan-Finlay created, the black hole with the Keystone XL pipeline, lesbian bread bed-death and the “To the Lightening” cave hole.  Now you are in the green, just a few feet from putting it in!  
(10 of Wands Rev/ Straight from the Soul- Finesse & Synquis)

The question of when to flush has been batted around lately, at least here in California where we’ve been experiencing a drought.  A friend of mine went to New York recently and said that someone called her out for following the credo, “if it’s yellow let it mellow.”  She laughed about being a Californian.  But I protested, “They need to let it mellow in New York too.”  Potable (drinking) water isn’t just in short supply in California, it is a limited resource globally.  We would all benefit from thinking about when to flush.
Whoa, Sagittarius, I didn’t mean to turn your Tarotscope into a platform for water conservation, but your situation this week may be similar.  The question is still something like, when to flush?  When is it necessary to let go of a struggle and flush it and when do you let it mellow?  While it is often a momentary mental or visual relief to clear the toilet, the truth is you didn’t actually make the problem go away by flushing.    
(5 of Wands Rev/ Freak Out- Nikki D)

Recently, my friend Eden and I were collecting footage of weeds for a documentary we’ve been working on.  We were looking in all the usual places, cracks in the sidewalk, gardens, planters etc. when we stumbled upon a gutter just a few days after some torrential rain.  It was framing an entire bouquet of beautiful weeds like a salad bowl.  
Capricorn, you may be feeling like something you’ve wanted or dreamed about has been washed away from you or is no longer possible.  Watch what springs from the mouth of the gutter you thought ate your dreams.  
(Priestess of Cups Rev/ The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)- Missy Elliott)

I only have about four containers for storing leftovers.  Thankfully, I don’t often have leftovers, but when I do there is always the trouble of figuring out which of the four containers is going to hold what I need it to hold.  The worst is when you start piling food into one container and then realize it isn’t going to fit.  Then you have to decide if you transfer the whole thing to a bigger container or just put the stuff that won’t fit in the first container into another container that may be too big for what’s left of your leftovers.
What you may find yourself experiencing this week, Aquarius, might not feel as frivolous as storage containers.  The connecting thread is a potential feeling of sadness or disappointment.  You may have banked on something holding or supporting you in a situation and now that person, or support has fallen through.  Know that containers of the exact size and shape you need are out there, looking for something to hold.  
(5 of Cups/ Ain’t Nuthin But A She Thing- Salt-N-Pepa)

I’ve only seen infinity pools when I’m traveling in foreign countries with my parents.  My mom likes to stop into fancy hotels, use the bathroom, stay for a drink and take pictures from the view (which fancy hotels inevitably have and which are necessary in order to accommodate an infinity pool).  If you’ve never seen one, infinity pools are just as the name describes, pools of water that seem to disappear into the horizon.  You can’t tell where the edge of the pool ends and the sky or ocean begins.
This may describe your journey beginning this week, Pisces.  From here it may look as though the length you’re swimming goes on forever.  Now is the time to wade into a sense of possibility and enjoy the mystery of where your dreams may be taking you.  
(XVIII Moon L/ I Can Do This- Monie Love)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 03/04/14

Navigators of the Astral Plane! Welcome!

There is a lot of movement this week among the planets and stars above our heads.  Several planets are changing signs and others are changing directions.  Saturn and Mars will be retracing their steps as they go retrograde for the next few months.  They are, in a sense, going back over what they’ve done and in the case of Mars, what they may have done in haste and seeing where they need to make repairs.  As I pulled our cards for the week, I noticed that well over half of the cards are reversed, which is understandable given the astrological weather.  
In other news, Jupiter will be stationing and going direct on Thursday in Cancer (the sign it has been moving through for several months).  This will be a momentary relief at least.  Jupiter is the planet of expansion and when it is retrograde things can feel wilted or constricted.  So in forward motion, some aspects of life, the ones in or around the sign of Cancer, will be imbued with a greater sense of possibility.  

The theme this week is:  Places to Rest or Relax.  After pulling your card for the week and noting the weeks astrological weather it seemed we all may be in need of a place to let go.  Most people think this means leaving, or going on an island vacation.  But if you live on vacation island and you are still stressed out or frazzled, where do you go to relax?  The places I’ve listed for each sign are more about letting yourself go right where you are.  Take a look around, notice where you are and then let yourself slump.  

The music this week and all month, in honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month features all Women Artists.  Please let me know if there is any specific person you’d like to hear and I will try and work her in.  <3


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mars and saturn looking back, where you may have stepped on a tack, moving in a pack, keeping track, written on a plaque, don’t step on a crack, not dwelling on what you lack, jupiter direct, information to collect, the back of your hand to inspect, self respect, time to reflect, following your drum, sitting on your bum, playing dumb, every last crumb, the tune you hum, even parts, astrology charts, love and hearts,


Onwards with the general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

The card I’ve pulled for all of us wanders of the astral plain seems to be a possible symptom of the Mars and Saturn retrogrades.  Saturn moved into retrograde on March 2nd and Mars on March 1st.  Saturn rules structure, both physical and psychological boundaries.  When Saturn goes retrograde we may find it difficult to say “no” or create necessary boundaries in our lives, but this is exactly what we are being asked to do.  We are looking back at commitments we have made and are restructuring them.  It could be that a job has started to take up more of your time than you thought it would when you first agreed to it.  Or perhaps someone close to you has started to demand more of your time than you are capable of giving.  With Mars in Retrograde, we are provided a clearer picture of why we do what we do.  It might feel a little like an out of body experience at times where you are watching yourself from above, noticing how you react to certain situations, people, weather.  This is helpful because, in combination with the Saturn Retrograde, we can both understand what we need and how to build boundaries or allowances for the things we usually do reactively or impulsively.  
The 10 of Wands asks us to reflect on where we may have taken things too far.  The 9 of Wands is an awaking, an understanding, a realization that we can’t keep moving in the same direction without consequence.  In the 10 of Wands, the suggestion is that you’ve ignored the wisdom offered you in the 9.  Maybe it is the wisdom in your body.  Perhaps you’ve pushed yourself too hard physically and now you’ve suffered an injury.  Maybe you are mentally exhausted from worrying about something you don’t actually have the power to change or control.  Perhaps you are emotionally exhausted from trying to meet too many needs at one time.  The Tens are a call to surrender, and in the case of Wands, it is often a surrender of ego.  This is sometimes necessary when we’ve been fixated on particular outcome.  When I was a kid, at different points I wanted to be an astronaut, a detective and a writer.  Which is funny because now I do study the stars and planets, investigate uncertainties in people’s lives and I write Tarotscopes every week.  But if I’d remained fixated on a specific outcome of how I thought all my interests would come together or manifest, I might have missed what really makes me happy.  
So! This week…go easy on yourself.  Be gentle.  Make observations.  Be willing to surrender to your discoveries.  Hang out in life’s hammock, swing.

(Ain’t I A Woman- Sojourner Truth (Read by Maya Angelou))

10 of Wands (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

I’ve taken a train in the U.S. only once…well, actually twice, if you count each way as a ride.  There are things you can do on the train, like go downstairs to the “restaurant” and buy a bag of chips or tea.  You can also go sit in the observation deck, which is not a deck but a train car that has big windows so you have a better view of what is happening above and to the sides of the path you are traveling.  What you can’t do or shouldn’t attempt to do, is hijack the train and increase the speed so that you reach your destination faster.  
Aries, things are changing radically, but they are changing at their own pace.  You can hang out on the observation deck or eat snacks to pass the time, but that won’t make the train go faster.  Consider this an opportunity to enjoy the perks of being a passenger for a change.  
(XVI Tower Rev/ Little Liza Jane- Nina Simone)

At my grandpa’s house there is one step that delineates the boundaries between the living room and dining room.  The dining room is a step up and the living room, a step down.  I don’t know who tried it first, but it seems to be everyone’s natural inclination after a big meal to lie down on that carpeted step.   
Taurus, this week it seems you are letting go of trying to juggle so many earthly demands and have settled on a similar step.  Now is a good time to lean on the earth for support, to let it hold you.  Someone else can clear the dishes.  
(2 of Discs Rev/ That Lucky Old Sun- Aretha Franklin)

One of my favorite shops in Los Angeles is The Crystal Matrix.  When you walk in the interior doesn’t look particularly woo woo.  It almost has the appearance of a jewelry store with several glass cases displaying giant geodes and small bowls of semi precious stones.  To someone who doesn’t believe in the power or potency of stones, you’d probably still think, “wow, cool rocks!”  The aesthetic and quality of light in there, I find very calming.  I often bring my chihuahua with me when I go.  She gets unusually docile when we enter the store.  Once I put her down and a moment later looked back to find her staring deeply through a glass case into the heart of an amethyst  geode.  I take this as a conformation that these “rocks” are doing something, if only to my chihuahua.  
Gemini, you may be tempted to run away from yourself this week.  What that could look like, is going to a party when what you really need is to be alone.  If you are feeling antsy, consider taking yourself on an outing to a gem or “rock” shop.  There are stones there to ground you in your truth or just to remind you what you love to look at and think is pretty.   
(IX Crone Rev/ Hey, Who Really Cares?- Linda Perhacs)

The fun of taking a hike with someone else is in walking a path but making very different observations of the same trail.  Someone looking down might point out a particular plant and someone looking up might notice an interesting bird.  
Cancer, this week you may have forgotten the fun or the serenity of the hike you are on.  This might be because when someone else puts words to their perspective, you feel like they are really pointing out that something has escaped your notice and that you are not paying attention.  Try not to turn the sharp end of the stick back on yourself, Cancer.  Consider that what you are doing may require more than one opinion or one set of eyes in order to see all sides of the situation.
(3 of Wands Rev/ Honey D’Ya Think?- Janis Ian)

When I was a kid my desk moved several times over the years, but I think the best place for it was under the window.  The windows in my house were positioned at a rather inconvenient height for a child.  I had to stand on my bed or a chair to see out of them until I was a teenager.  And so, having my desk under a window meant that I didn’t get to look at anything other than the sky, which was exactly what I needed in order to focus.  The sky is open and expansive and when I found my imagination beginning to constrict, I’d let my eyes wander out the window and search through the clouds.  
Leo, there is a need to remove distraction, or remove yourself from distraction this week.  Perhaps the Mars Retrograde is contributing to a feeling of difficulty in the accomplishment of your goals.  There is a need to focus on the possibility and the expansiveness above you and not get snagged on the thorns or vines tripping you up where your feet are positioned.  Let the openness above you help clear the way in front of you.  
(VII Chariot Rev/ Bridge Over Troubled Water- Roberta Flack)

Remember the old days when you had to pull over on the side of the road or at a gas station to look at the map or road atlas?  I love spending time with a map, because I like knowing every possible way to get somewhere.  I’m never satisfied with simply the fastest route.  I like knowing the most scenic route and the least scenic route and the fastest route during traffic.  I want to know the way with the best pit stops and the way that scoops up interesting landmarks.  The quiet of a parked car is a special, calming kind of quiet.  Everything outside is muffled or muted and everything inside seems to have an added emphasis or importance of trying to get you to your destination.   
Virgo, now is a good time to study your maps.  Think about where you want to go or the projects you want to start, but don’t start them yet.  This time out in the quiet of your car is important too.  And oh the places you will go, Virgo.  But for right now the adventure is within.  
(8 of Wands Rev/ Urge for Going- Joni Mitchell)

The house I grew up in had a screened-in porch that over looked a wooded ravine.  In the warm months my parents hung a hammock there.  I remember coming home after school and throwing myself into the hammock.  You couldn’t see anything from there, but the tops of the trees and you couldn’t hear anything but a marching band practicing on the field across the river.  
Libra, your journey from this point is two fold.  The first part involves giving up the weight you’ve been carrying to something that can easily hold you and the second part involves listening to the triumphant music of a distant marching band quietly encouraging you to persevere.  
(XV Devil Rev/ Blowing In The Wind (Encoute Dans Le Vent)- The Simon Sisters)

One of my Christmas gifts this year was a Groupon for yoga classes at a rather fancy yoga studio in L.A.  Yoga already feels luxurious to me so when I got there and they gave me a verbal tour of the facilities, which included showers and cloth hand towels in the bathrooms, I felt a little intimidated.  I was early so I decided I would just lay down in the room where the class was meeting in “corpse pose” and wait for everyone else to get there.  The room was dark except for a few candles on an alter at the front.  A woman was already sitting cross-legged before it meditating.  Because the room was so dimly-lit I felt awkward and timid about entering the space.  I was worried the woman would think I was creepy.  To these thoughts I responded by saying to myself, “You’re paying for this class too! You’re allowed to be here.”  Of course this wasn’t entirely true, but it got me in the door and the rest was relaxation.   
Scorpio, don’t hold back your enjoyment of something because you are worried you don’t belong there.  Whether or not you paid cash to get where you are, you’ve earned it.  Allow yourself to sink into the mat.  
(III Empress L/ What Have They Done To The Rain- Marianne Faithfull)

Feeling stumped on Tarotscopes this week I decided to ask a Sagittarius friend where she finds rest or relaxation.  “For a long time, it was thrifting,” she answered.  “I guess it’s because you don’t have to use much of your brain.”  At first I was surprised by her response, but as she described her experience I understood why, for a Sagittarius in particular, it could be relaxing.  Sagittarius has a hard time turning off their brain.  There is an endless search for meaning and truth which, without rest or reprieve can be very exhausting.  When you are thrifting you are simply looking at clothing and objects and asking yourself whether or not you like what you are seeing, not what the item might signify or how it might reveal a greater spiritual truth.
Sagittarius, this week, you are saying yes…or no as it suits you and you aren’t asking why.  Now is the time to simply love and enjoy what you love and enjoy.  
(6 of Wands/ Yes I’m A Witch- Yoko Ono)

I’ve only seen someone scouring the beach for treasure with a metal detector in movies.  It seems like a good idea.  You can zone out on the ocean and wait for the “boop boop”  to direct your attention back to the sand.
Capricorn, this week you may find yourself recalibrating.  Allow yourself to zone out on the horizon for a while.  Let your gaze dissolve into the sea.  When you do hit treasure, it will probably NOT be because you were frantically searching the sand for it.  It will more likely be the result of your casual exploration and enjoyment of the surroundings.    
(Son of Discs L/ Long, Long Time- Linda Ronstadt)

I have a couple of potted plants to the right of my front door.  Periodically, I will find two of the plants have been uprooted, as if something was digging in the pot.  I’ve cursed the squirrels and my neighbors dogs, but the truth is I’m grateful.  Potting plants is one of the most relaxing activities that I almost never do…unless something has uprooted them and it is necessary for their survival.  
Aquarius, this week, digging in the dirt would be the perfect place to put your energy.  And if you are in a wintery climate, than that is all the more reason why this would be perfect antidote to your agitation.  Consider also the chores that other creatures create for you that you are actually quite glad and grateful to do.  
(Priestess of Discs/ Oxgam- Miriam Makeba)

I’ve never done this before, but my friend recently related the experience to me.  If you aren’t familiar with it, a sensory deprivation chamber is a tub of water heated to the same temperature as your body and filled with enough salt to suspend your body in the liquid without physical effort.  Once you get in someone puts a lid on the tub, leaving you in complete darkness.  
Pisces, something similar to this pod would be very helpful to you this week.  It seems you may have been using all six of your senses on overdrive.  Some of the exhaustion you feel may be because you’ve been using some of your senses unnecessarily in lieu of direct communication.  Consider speaking directly about your concerns and then shut yourself in your pod until you feel rejuvenated.  
(10 of Wands/ A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall- Joan Baez)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 02-25-14


The big astrological news is that several planets are stationing (holding their breath) before they move forward or backwards.  Again I will discuss more of what that means under the card for the week, Ace of Pentacles.  And I almost forgot! There is an New Moon in Pisces on Friday!  This new moon could contribute to the illumination and understanding that is also triggered by the stationing of the planets.  This New Moon asks us to find our path, or find a path that makes sense and aligns with our own truth. 

This is the last week of Black History Month before we move into Women’s History Month.  In honor of this transition the mix features all Black Women Artists from a variety of genres and time periods. Enjoy!

In Tarotscopes this week, I’m throwing us all back into the water.  The sun is now high in the sign of Pisces.  Pisces is spiritual and wise and watery.  Recently, while I was trying to meditate, instead of coming back to my breath as has been suggested by numerous books, tapes, podcasts, I kept coming back to a visual of throwing a metal pail of live fish into the ocean.  I was imagining that the fish were all my meandering thoughts.  I don’t necessarily recommend this as a meditation technique, but it did lead me to your theme for the week: Sand and Sea.


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six planets station, state of the nation, having patience, hearing your truth, missing a tooth, get your own booth, someone named ruth, becoming a sleuth, mercury soon direct, where things intersect, what we protect, when we object, mars going back, some things out of wack, grab your bags and pack, no longer dwelling on what we lack, pancake stack, stepped on a tack, typewriter clack, painting it black, following stars, less time in cars, astrology charts, love and hearts,


The changes brought about by the planetary transits this week could be quite visceral.  There are six planets stationing to go direct or retrograde.  This means that they are pausing before they move in a different direction and that is what we might find ourselves doing in all the areas of our life where these planets have influence.  The card I’ve pulled for the week, for all of us aboard the astral plane, is the Ace of Pentacles.  The Ace of Pentacles is the seed of physical manifestation.  Sometimes when this card comes up in a reading it points to a literal birth.  In the image depicted on Amy Von Harrington’s Ace of Pentacles there is a cat whose eye also forms a woman’s face.  It reminds me of the saying “when you were just a twinkle in my eye.”  This is the birth of whatever has been twinkling in your eye.  As most people are aware, giving birth is a process that can take several hours.  Similarly, the process which may give birth to something tangible and new in your life won’t happen immediately.  But you might reach some clarity this week about what form this new aspect is taking in your life.  Think about holding your breath or just try holding your breath now.  When everything inside yourself stands still, the way it does when you hold your breath, suddenly what is outside yourself becomes very clear, a dog barking, someone using a chainsaw down the street, the hum of the refrigerator, cars, etc.  And when we can more clearly distinguish what is outside ourself, we are also made more aware of what is inside of us.  From this place of clarity, we take our next step.   
(I’m So Glad You Love Me- Juanita Rogers)

Ace of Pentacles (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

Getting into the water to snorkel is often rather comical, mostly because you are wearing giant flippers, breathing through a big straw and your eyes are emphasized by the parentheses of your goggles.  Once you put your face in the water and allow the water to hold you the awkwardness you may have felt initially getting into the water gives way to genuine excitement at what you are seeing.  On land my parents are in their sixties, but when we went snorkeling recently in Panama they were paddling around and enthusiastically pointing out brain coral and schools of fish like children.  
Aries, whatever you are now seeing is being looked at through a different set of goggles.  There is an enthusiasm and lightness that has seeded itself and from this point something new and exciting grows.  
(Ace of Wands/ She Talks To Rainbows- Ronnie Spector)

One of my favorite movies, “Three Women,”  opens with Shelley Duvall guiding a few elderly people across a pool of water.  I’m not sure if the pool was warm, but I imagine it was.  I also assume that the point of doing this exercise in water is that the water provides natural resistance, but also buoyancy which takes the weight off of possibly aching joints.  When your body hurts it is difficult to feel generous towards yourself or anyone else.  
Taurus, you are stepping away from the swords of anger or resentment you may have directed at yourself or someone else.  Perhaps this is because you’ve put your pain in warm water and lifted the weight of it.  In water it is also easier to see the interconnectedness of people, feelings and things which is where you may find your focus this week.  
(5 of Swords Rev/ Bumble Bee- LaVern Baker)

On the island where I stayed with my family over the holidays there was a sea turtle with a shell the size of a dinner plate that was being kept in a penned off portion of the shoreline.  The pen was big enough for a human to lay down in with their arms and legs spread out.  Every time I saw the turtle it was poking around the walls of the enclosure, I presume looking for an opening.  On one hand you could say that the turtle had everything it needed, water, food, rocks.  But when you saw what the turtle was missing just outside the boundaries of the fence you couldn’t help absorbing that this caged life wasn’t the one for which it was intended.  
Gemini, last week you may have been searching for strength, and this week you might think you’ve found it, but watch the form it takes.  Power and strength are not necessarily the same thing.  You may be excited by your ability to build something, but be careful not to pen anyone else in with your power.  The strength you are seeking should unite not isolate.    
(Magician I R/ Don’t Make Me Over- Dionne Warwick)

I don’t have a lot of experience with boats, but I have yet to see a rope attached to a boat that didn’t look worse for wear.  I suppose the elements and the job of holding boats to land make them age faster than in the other areas they might be employed.  
Cancer, this week you may feel like a very worn down rope struggling against the waves to keep your boat docked.  It is possible that this job was not intended for one person.  In any case the elements, or aspects of your situation have exhausted you.  To prevent losing your ship, consider asking for help, it seems you may have volunteered or been asked to carry more than your share.    
(10 of Wands/ Good Night Baby- The Butterflys)

Because the size of everything is distorted by the water, it is easy to feel, when you are snorkeling, that you are covering a great distance when you have really only gone a few meters.  It is also easy to get so lost in the world of coral and fish below you that you suddenly find yourself far from shore.
Leo, whether or not you can travel great distances right now is not important, but the perspective you gain in instances of travel would be helpful to you now.  Be spontaneous, take a short trip, even just for the day or take detours from your patterned routes.  There is an energy of activation that needs to be unlocked by moving differently or through new territory.    
(8 of Wands/ Vô Lá- Karol Conka)

The schools of fish I saw in Panama were made up of tiny individuals with silvery blue stripes flanked by electric purple.  When they moved together they looked a lot like scales on a much bigger fish.
This week, Virgo, you can expect all parts of yourself to be communicating fluidly and moving towards a common goal.  Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts at this time, they are powerful and grounded.  What you accomplish with this strength and ability will likely be bigger than yourself.  
(Shaman of Swords/ My Car- Wanda Coleman)

A divining stick is meant to direct you to water, so when my dad pointed out a prominent finger of red coral that was the shape of a divining stick protruding from the ocean floor on a recent snorkeling excursion, I found it rather funny.  
Libra, this week, you are coming to the understanding that what you need and what you’ve been looking for is exactly what you are swimming in.   
(XVII Star/ The Mood That I’m In- Valaida Snow)

While snorkeling recently, I noticed several places where the reef we were investigating sloped off into a deep visually impenetrable blue.  My dad kept diving down the sides of the reef towards this abyss, but I had no interest in that depth.  This was partly because I was scared and partly because there was more than enough to explore in the sunny parts of the sea.  
Scorpio, with Pluto as your ruling planet you probably aren’t afraid to explore the depths of the ocean, but this week it seems you’ve decided to leave this abyss well enough alone.  You’ve made a conscious decision to turn your back on the darkness and occupy yourself with sunnier sections of sea, which is where most of the coral is anyway.  
(XIX Sun/ Tomorrow- Grace Jones)

One of the first things I saw when my flippers left the sand on a recent snorkeling trip were what looked tiny trees, the perfectly formed kind you see adorning toy train sets.  I had the feeling that I was a giant cloud or weather system floating over a forest.  “I’m seeing the forest for the trees,”  I thought to myself.  
Sagittarius, it may be necessary to imagine yourself, this week, as a cloud moving over a forest in order to get an aerial perspective on your situation.  Your focus may have become very pinpointed with concentration and it will be important to step back in order to remind yourself how small and/or brief your current footing is.  
(8 of Swords/ Talk In Toytown- Poly Styrene)

On my recent snorkeling excursion, water periodically seeped into my mask, sloshing back in forth in front of my face and obstructing my view.  Emptying my mask meant swimming a few meters back to shore where I could put my feet on the sand and dump out the water.  Instead of interrupting my reverie in the aquatic world below me, I put up with the displaced water for longer than was comfortable.  I kept trying to position myself at just the right angle so as not to get the ocean in my eyes or allow it to intrude on my view.  
Capricorn, it seems you may have been putting up with the water in your mask for too long.  Take a moment to dump out what is potentially obstructing your view, so you can have a more enjoyable experience of where your sights are now set.  
(2 of Discs Rev/ Light Bulb- Perera Elsewhere)

When I was a kid I thought cold spots in an ocean, river or lake were because a shark or eel was nearby.  I thought they made the water cold because they are cold blooded animals.  My brother used to tell me that the warm spots were because someone had peed in the water.  I felt caught between hot and cold, neither seemed very desirable, but I decided swimming in urine was preferable to swimming with sharks or eels.  I never had proof of either of these hypotheses.  When I was snorkeling recently in Panama I was reminded of my old fear of cold spots.  Whatever the reason, my body physically feels better in the warm spots.
Aquarius, this week you are pushing all the stories aside to better hear your intuition.  It doesn’t actually matter why, you just feel better in warm spots.  Where you feel good is where you should swim.   
(II High Priestess/ Believe Me- Rapsody)

"Megalodon, look it up!" Mari, my good friend and neighbor stopped over the other day to tell me about the worlds biggest shark.  It was thought for a long time that the Megalodon was extinct, but people have begun to question this conclusion.  Mari recounted a story she’d seen on a TV special.  She said that scientists were hoping to catch the shark on film so they threw a bunch of animal intestines in the water.  At first this attracted hundreds of sharks to the area, but suddenly they all disappeared.  One scientist, realizing this might be an indication that the Megalodon was close, jumped into a shark cage in the water.  "Did they see it?" I asked.  "No, they felt it.  It pushed the shark cage really far through the water."   
Pisces, you’ve started to turn your attention towards bigger fish.  Whether or not these fish actually exist is not important.  What is significant is that you are more willing to jump into the shark cage, which will bring abundant rewards whether or not you actually catch a Megalodon.  
(V Hierophant R/ Crazy He Calls Me- Billie Holiday)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 02/18/14

Welcome Wanders of the Astral Plain!
Here we are, a new week and the sun has moved into a new sign:  Pisces!  Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, and is associated with the planet Neptune and before Neptune’s discovery, with the planet Jupiter.  That is all I will say for now about the sun and Pisces.  We will talk more about them in the coming weeks.  
Mercury is still in Retrograde and last week moved into Aquarius.  This move may have alleviated some of the heavy emotional aspects attached to communication making it just a tiny bit easier to say what is on your mind.  
Which brings me to this weeks theme:  Tools for getting your message out.  
I discuss, in slightly more detail, the astrological weather contributing to this powerful inclination under the card for the week, The Ace of Swords.  
For more information on the Nodes of the Moon or the Nodes of Fate I direct you to: http://virgomagic.com/.  


I’m out of town this week with limited access to internet so I apologize for any delay in communication via the internet.  This also means I won’t be back at Painted Bird until next week! I look forward to exploring your questions then!


It is Black History Month!  To celebrate, the music mixes for the next month will be composed of exclusively Black Artists.  Let me know if there are any specific artists you would like to see in the mixes this month and I will work them in.  Enjoy!

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I am also available and EXCITED to participate in EVENTS!  I recently participated in the NY ART BOOK FAIR, LA ART BOOK FAIR and I also gave readings at FOR YOUR ART and a HALLOWEEN PARTY hosted by BOOBY TRAP.  Tarot readings could be the perfect supplement to your party, event, wedding, etc.  Feel free to contact me for inquiries or information. 

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nodes of fate, never too late, why we hesitate, get a good rate, clean slate, set a date, change in gate, the hook you bait, for what we wait, sun in sign of the fishes, believing in wishes, trying new dishes, basketball hoop swishes, eating knishes, speak your peace, on life a new lease, flock of geese, looking up, fill your cup, pet your pup, hearts and stars,


I won’t cloud you with a lot of astrological information this week, I will simply summarize by reiterating what many of these transits seem to be saying:  speak your truth.  Mercury is still in retrograde and for this reason people often avoid communication entirely.  But mercury retrograde is an excellent time to communicate with ourselves.  It provides us an opportunity to go within and begin to crystalize the thoughts we may have been pushing aside for too long.  And this week, with mercury in Aquarius and mars stationing on the node of fate towards the 1st of March AND with the card I’ve pulled for all of us this week, the Ace of Swords, we are strongly encouraged to say what we need to say, even if it hurts a little at first.  It is never easy to ask for what you need, particularly if you haven’t made it a regular practice.  But the Ace of Swords reminds us that, while the truth is sometimes difficult to deliver painlessly, it can also set you free.  When I look at this card in almost any deck I feel comforted.  The Ace of Swords is triumphant.  There is no room or acknowledgment of defeat in this card because the goal and desire is for truth, honesty and justice.  The Ace of Swords reminds us what we are fighting for and, if we have given up, asks us what it will take to pick up the sword once again?  
(The First Cut Is The Deepest- P.P. Arnold)

Ace of Swords (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

When I was a kid my best friend and I had a cooking show.  There was no script or plan.  We just made it up as we went along.  We’d usually start with a chunk of snow and decorate it with pea gravel from the playground.  One of us would decide what we were cooking and the other would make a dedication, “This cake goes out to So and So in Fairbanks, Alaska!  Thanks for tuning in and happy birthday!”  It was incredibly fun because our collaboration was so fluid and there was no real pressure.  The show was never recorded, neither of us actually knew how to cook, there were no major networks interested in us and it ended with recess.
Aries, whatever form of collaboration you are engaged in this week will likely feel fun and easy because there is no pressure applied to the process.  The point is to have fun and for that reason the results may be ultimately more important than any “lofty goals” or the things you do “under the gun.”   
(3 of Wands/ On The Radio- Donna Summer)

On Valentine’s Day this year I noticed several messages written in the sky with jet trails.  It was usually someone’s initials, followed by a heart, followed by someone else’s initials.  By the time the last initials were written the first initials had faded so it was usually either “R hearts” or “hearts J.”  I guess the love was still there as symbolized by the heart which was the most important part of the message.  
Taurus, this week part of your message may have been washed away with the wind.  Now is a good  time to consider what you are trying to express to someone or a group of people.  Has the message been received?  Has the most important part of the message been received?  Has your message changed since it was first delivered?  Clarify your intention silently to yourself before trying to go over jet trails again.  
(5 of Wands Rev/ After I Say I’m Sorry- Josephine Baker)

My best friend graduated from high school the year after me.  One of my favorite things to do in the time between my graduation and hers was to have her paged to the principal’s office over the intercom.  You could only have someone paged if you were a parent or guardian so when the secretary asked, I replied, “Yes, this is her stepmother.”  Over the intercom they’d say your name followed by, “Please report to the principal’s office.”  My friend’s dad hadn’t remarried yet so when she got to the office and the secretary told her, “You have a call on line 2, it’s your stepmother,” she knew it was me.  
Gemini, this week you may have difficulty finding your strength or power in a situation.  You don’t have to pretend to be someone else, but it may be helpful to think about how power is distributed,  determined, accessed, or manipulated socially, politically, within your friend groups, or within your family etc.  Just thinking about it might reveal the “wizard behind the curtain,” so to speak, and show you where strength can be grown more organically.  
(IX Strength Rev/ He Doesn’t Even Know That I’m Alive- Blood Orange feat. Solange)

The thing about tin can/ string communication is that it is more about listening than speaking.  The few times I’ve tried it, the conversation usually goes something like this:  
Person 1: Hellooooo! Can you hear meeeee?
Person 2: No, I think you have to move back [or forward or to the right or left].  Ok try it again.
Person 1: How about now?
Person 2:  I can’t tell if I’m hearing you because you are standing right there or if I’m hearing you through the can.  Try moving back a little more.
This is similar to the conversation you may be having with yourself this week, Cancer.  The messages you are receiving are coming to and from yourself, but they might not be coming in as clearly as you’d like.  You might have to adjust your position slightly in order to get more clarity about where to take your next steps.
(8 of Discs Rev/ Tired- Pearl Bailey)

"Your dad and I found a black widow making a web over the front door.  We’ve gotta check these webs, make sure there aren’t anymore widows hanging out," my mom said on the way into their house the other day.  I’m somewhat experienced with spiders A) because they are high on my list of fears and B) because I used to work a gardening job where I was interacting with them on a regular basis.  "They make messy webs," I told her.  Pointing to one near an electrical outlet I said, "That might be one."  Later, I called from the enclosed porch, "Looks like you’ve got some mice out here!"  My mom followed my finger to a pile of tiny poops on the floor near the sliding glass door. "Oh those aren’t from mice, that’s bat shit," she laughed and I jumped.  I actually like bats, but I don’t like the idea of them being inside the house.  I have a weird paranoia that one will fly into my hair and get stuck there.  It doesn’t make any sense, but fears are often irrational.  
Leo, this week you are meeting each fear one by one, face to face and realizing that the reality is much less scary than the layer cake of fear you may have been piling up in your imagination.  
(9 of Swords Rev/ Reggae Beat Goes On- Family Choice)

A newspaper article is usually a synthesis of information you’ve collected from experience or research.  First you lived a situation or at least researched it and then you sat down to write the story of the experience itself.  It is a separate process, the experience and the writing of it.  
Virgo, you may find yourself at a peak where accomplishment passes the baton to your future goals.  On one side you’ve completed an entire cycle and now, down the other side, begins a new journey of a much different process.
(XXI World/ Freedom- Richie Havens)

My grandfather’s girlfriend, J writes a blog.  It’s actually an email that she sends out to all her friends and family.  Recently she moved into a nursing home.  Everyone was worried about the transition, if she was okay.  “She’s writing her blog again, which probably means she’s feeling more herself,” my mom commented.  “I had to past a marbles test,”  J said, by which she meant she had to prove she was mentally fit and able to participate in this senior community.  She makes new friends quite easily, not hesitating to exchange words with strangers.  I imagined her adding emails to her list, expanding the circle of friends with whom she shares news.
Libra, this week you may be expanding your relationships, cementing old friendships or revisiting ones that you’d felt you’d neglected.  As a the sign of relationship, relationships of all kinds are particularly important to you.  Through your connection with others you also affirm and deepen your connection to yourself.          
(10 of Wands R/ Higher and Higher- Martha Reeves)

A friend of mine spoke with an animal communicator not long ago.  As she was reiterating to a group of friends things her dog had said via the communicator, many of us were impressed by the direct and clear voice that emerged through the translation.  “She likes it when you greet her and say her name,”  the communicator said.  “She also says to not leave her alone with the little white dog anymore, it’s too hectic.”  
Scorpio, this week you might find yourself wishing you had an animal communicator for your emotions and behavior.  The truth is you don’t need anyone else to validate what you are feeling in order to feel it.  The emotions don’t have to make sense to you or be easily translated into words.  The first and most important step is acknowledging the feelings for yourself.  Perhaps, by imagining your feelings are a beloved pet and you their communicator it will be easier to accept them.     
(6 of Cups L/ I Almost Called Your Name- Linda Martell)

Emojis are some how able to convey nothing and/ or multiple things at once.  Emojis are symbols of an emotion or expression (like a happy or sad face), but they also include things like palm trees, which could just indicate a palm tree, or it could also mean, vacation, tropical paradise or beach party, depending on context.  They are usually used with some level of irony or lightheartedness so they are a good deflection if you aren’t ready to have a serious conversation about something…
And this week, Sag, it seems that you aren’t.  A deep transformation is taking place.  If you are aware of it, you may not be ready to acknowledge it to anyone else.  If you aren’t aware of it, then you probably aren’t entirely sure how to express the sensation.  Either way, emojis might be a good stand in until you are ready to communicate your experience more directly to those who may be impacted by it.    
(XIII Death L/ Let It Roll- Annisteen Allen)

You can tell one story a thousand different ways.  You can change the perspective.  You can embellish one aspect like what people ate, or what they wore.  You can make it into a ghost story or a horror story or a romance depending on what you emphasize and how you tell it.  If you are trying to relay a story in Morse code, however, you have to stick to the “facts,”  even the facts of your feelings.  
This week Capricorn, it might be helpful to think about what you would say about your current situation if you had to be concise and could only relay the message in dots and dashes.  Sometimes when feelings are turned to words they can become more dramatic than necessary.   While the drama you are concocting might be entertaining to watch, it is probably far less enjoyable to be embroiled in.  Better stick to the point…or dot.    
(3 of Swords Rev/ The One You Call- Keke Palmer)

Sometimes there is nothing left to say in words.  This is usually true when a saturation of feelings is present.  Sometimes emotion literally chokes you.  Even if you knew what to say, the words can’t be spoken.  
Aquarius’ aren’t famous for being particularly touchy-feely and are generally more comfortable with words than demonstrations of feeling.  But this week, Water Barer, the most authentic expression of your emotions might be as simple as a hug, a pat on the back or the squeeze of an arm.  
(6 of Discs/ Ice Water Blues- DeFord Bailey)

A handwritten letter is romantic in part because with email, text messages and Facebook, it is no longer necessary.  A friend of mine once sent me a letter that she’d sprayed with the perfume she used to wear in high school.  My brother’s girlfriend in high school used to make her own envelopes from pages in magazines she’d collected on her travels.  My grandfather once sent me a letter at summer camp on birch bark.  A letter is not just about getting a message to someone, it’s about conveying a message to someone beyond the words on the page.  
This week, Pisces, you may be holding back the full expression of yourself or your feelings.  You might be afraid to start something new, worried that you are incapable of finishing it or that it won’t satisfy your desire to express yourself.  Let the letter be your symbol this week because it conveys more than words and takes more time which is all you might need in order to take your next step with confidence.       
(2 of Wands L/ Improvisation 1 from 1950- Charlie Parker and Coleman Hawkins)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 02/11/14

Welcome Travelers!

Again, it is Black History Month!  To celebrate, the music mixes for the next month will be composed of exclusively Black Artists.  Let me know if there are any specific artists you would like to see in the mixes this month and I will work them in.  Enjoy!

Most of the astrological news this week centers around the Full Moon in Leo on Friday.  But Mercury, currently retrograde, will move from Pisces to Aquarius tomorrow, alleviating at least some of the potential confusion of this transit as the planet is more comfortable in air signs.  Hold on to your hats.  February is not a great time to make major life decisions, it’s more a time of observation.  For further information read here: http://virgomagic.com/.


I haven’t seen it in awhile, but a line from the movie, “Fried Green Tomatoes,” popped into my head as I was thinking about the shuffle of stars and cards this week.  “First of all, I want you to truly dedicate yourself to finding little ways to put that magic, that spark back into your marriage,” a lecturer says to a small audience which includes Evelyn (Kathy Bates) and her friend.  This Valentine’s Day, February 14th, features a Full Moon in Leo.  We are at the full moon of a cycle that began back towards the end of August of 2012.  It would be helpful to think back to that time and ask yourself what you started back then, what did you commit yourself to at that time that you might be seeing the fruits of now?  There is romantic energy available (Leo rules the heart), but the real romance this holiday is likely the one you ignite within yourself.  In order to help you find little ways to put “that magic, that spark” back into your relationship with yourself, the theme this week is:  Valentine’s Day gifts to rekindle the romance in your relationship with yourself.


I will be returning to Painted Bird this week on Thursday 2:30-5:30pm.  Come with your questions! ($10 per question). 


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I am also available and EXCITED to participate in EVENTS!  I recently participated in the NY ART BOOK FAIR, LA ART BOOK FAIR and I also gave readings at FOR YOUR ART and a HALLOWEEN PARTY hosted by BOOBY TRAP.  Tarot readings could be the perfect supplement to your party, event, wedding, etc.  Feel free to contact me for inquiries or information. 

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full moon in sign of the lion, things we no longer are buyin’, somewhere above orion, sun in air, about what do we care, the love we share, the feelings we bare, this moment is rare, silent prayer, year of the mare, mercury still slow, hold your horses whoa, knead the dough, let it be so, choose to show, love and hearts, astral charts,


Onwards with the general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

I think of this card, the King of Wands as very Leo in nature. The King is passionate and warm,  charismatic and creative.  Overdo some of these qualities and you have the shadow side of this King: egotistical, always seeking approval, afraid to admit he is wrong.  The Leo Full Moon this week opposes the sun in Aquarius and squares Saturn.  With Saturn folded into this moon the lessons of Leo are brought to our awareness.  Leo, like the King of Wands provides us with courage and strength, and with Saturn offers the opportunity to see where we may have pushed too far and become callus or armored ourselves around issues of intimacy and sexuality.  In seeking approval or gratification have you stepped outside yourself?  At this full moon the path back to ourselves is illuminated and, to lighten your load, think about letting go of layers self judgement and ego.  You don’t have to be anything or anyone other than who you are, this is more than enough.   
(Do Like You- Stevie Wonder)

KING OF WANDS (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

When I was a kid Bonnie Tyler’s song, “I Need A Hero,”  was popular.  Even as a kid I felt the lyrics were incongruous with Tyler’s voice and the melody of the song.  To me Tyler sounded stronger than any of the hero’s she was calling for.  
This is similar to your situation this week, Aries.  You may be calling out for a hand or a hero, but if you play back the tape you will hear that you yourself are stronger than any “streetwise Hercules” or “white knight upon a fiery steed.”  This week you are the one to slay any suspicions or fears you’ve held that might be blocking you from the achievement of your goals.  
(9 of Swords R/ You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover- Bo Diddley)

At the Korean spa where I sometimes go, there is a mugwort bath.  It is essentially a giant human-sized cup of tea.  My understanding is that in combination with the temperature of the bath the herbs soothe and rejuvenate your muscles and joints.  Mugwort also has more mystical properties as well.  It is said to bring protection to travelers who slip a leaf in the bottom of each shoe and it is also hung above door frames to ward off evil spirits.  
Taurus, consider running a similar bath for yourself this week.  Your emotional protections are on overdrive.  Give yourself a place where you can completely relax, not only because the heat and herbs loosen your muscles, but also because of the emotional and psychic protection they offer.  
(4 of Cups R/ The Fox That Rox The Box- Antoinette)

I’ve been watching a lot of sketch comedy lately.  Perhaps for this reason, when I pulled your card for the week, it came to me as a sketch.  I was imagining you sitting at a big boardroom table with several others having a meeting about something.  Everyone is throwing out ideas.  Suddenly you turn to your right and say rather pointedly, “But what do YOU think?”  A few seconds of deafening silence ensues.  Everyone stops talking to hear the answer and then we see that the person you’ve turned to is yourself, your reflection in a mirror.
Wow.  Weird.  I’d like to see that sketch.  But it might soon be reality for you, Gemini.  Gemini is often thought to be on a quest for their other, their twin.  You may finally shake hands with that twin, this week, when you ask your own reflection, with great ceremony, “But what do you think?”   
(V Hierophant Rev/ Think- Nikki Giovanni)

"Can you lend me a hand?" "Let’s give a hand for ____!" "Did you have a hand in this?"  When you give, lend or have a hand to, for or in something the suggestion is that you are putting yourself into it.  When I see the handprints in Hollywood of all of the stars, living and dead, I think of how they had or have a hand in this world.  And now everyday at least a hundred people put their hand on top of those impressions, wanting to know where theirs fits.  Maybe so they can feel that they’ve left an impression too, even if it doesn’t have their signature under it.
Cancer, even if you are currently hiding in your crab shell, there are people who know you and know your name with or without a signature and with or without a handprint in Hollywood.  The hand you’ve given will be given in return.  This is because you’ve left a much more significant impression on the world that doesn’t need stone in which to be set.  
(10 of Discs/ We the People- The Soul Searchers)

The fact that I am having so much trouble writing your Tarotscope this week, Leo, tells me that I need to follow the advice of this card as well, which is simply to cut loose.  Right now there is nothing to be done.  You are likely surfing a transition of some sort.  With the full moon in your sign this week, it may be more of an emotional transition than concrete one, but either way the indication is to move to your own music.  Save the last dance for yourself, Leo.  It is time to cut loose without having to follow anyone else’s lead.  
(4 of Wands Rev/ Dance to the Music- Sly & The Family Stone)

The drawing board isn’t actually where a plan begins.  The drawing board is usually the first wave in the second cycle of a creative process.  The first cycle, while sometimes brief, can be agonizing.  It likely encompasses everything you do prior to actually sitting down and deciding an idea is worthy of being delivered from your head and on to a page where it can interact with the next set of elements.  
Virgo, this week you are done with the preliminary headache.  You are ready sit down and give credit and life to your ideas.   
(10 of Wands Rev/ A Jam Ain’t A Jam- Finesse & Synquis)

For years I’ve tried without much success to meditate.  I gave up on it for a while but recently I resolved to give it another shot.  I figured that sitting and emptying my mind would be easier this time around because I’m older (by which I mean I’m more tired).  As I was making my first few attempts, I was having trouble keeping thoughts from crowding my brain.  I decided to visualize my mind as something that I could empty or clear.  I found the image of a chalkboard being wiped clean particularly helpful.
This week, you might find it helpful as well, Libra.  Whether or not you have a meditation practice, it seems you may have found some way this week to reset yourself and as a result are feeling in a sense, reborn.
(Ace of Wands/ Move On Up A Little Higher- Georgia Louis)

What does it mean when someone says,”You mean the world to me?”  I was thinking about it as I was staring at a globe which is also a lamp that my friend gave me.  When I asked myself what the world meant to me I realized it was everything, not because I want my life to be limited to this planet, but because this world is my reality.  Everything else I see, like the sun, moon and stars is filtered from by my position here on earth.     
Well this week you are likely to get some sense of this for yourself, Scorpio.  Not a sense of limitation but the sense that your world is something you can hold in your hands, that the whole of it can be situated right where you are and that is enough.  
(9 of Cups/ He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands- Marian Anderson)

When I was a kid I had a chair that I would sit in when I was upset.  My parents called it my “crying chair,” but there are pictures of me sitting in it and I’m not crying, which makes me think that perhaps it was more of a “strong emotions” chair.  
I know I may have told the story of this chair in Tarotscopes before, Sagittarius, but I can’t think of a more fitting gift for yourself, from yourself this Valentine’s Day.  It seems you may have tucked some feeling away for the time being, but it probably won’t dissolve.  The best way to sort out the feeling might be to give yourself a safe space to express what you are uncomfortable acknowledging in other parts of the house.  
(6 of Cups Rev/ Bring the Noise- Public Enemy)

A compass is meant to orient you by indicating which direction the North Pole is located.  The compass you give yourself this holiday, however, would be even more useful if it oriented you towards your own truth.  I guess that’s what people already call that your internal compass and this week, Capricorn, you are reorienting yourself to it, if you have strayed.  This is the best gift because it frees you up from worry (which you Capricorns are prone to do) and allows you to enjoy the adventures that lie between here and whatever you determine is your destination.
(Son of Discs/ I’m Gonna Get You Yet- The Dixie Cups)

Consider, Aquarius, choosing at least one day out of the year (probably not your birthday and preferably this coming week) and write your name on it in ink.  This can be your new holiday, your new international holiday.  Where ever in the world you go on this day (Aquarians enjoy travel) set aside the whole day for yourself.  You’ve probably noticed that other people enjoy your company and on this day at least you can remind yourself why.    
(Ace of Cups R/ I Love You- John Coltrane)

When I was a very shy and quiet kid grown ups used to ask me questions, as grown ups do, like, “How old are you?”  To the asker what followed was a long awkward silence, but for me the silence was completely filled with observations of the persons face, expression, movements, the volume of their voice, the temperature of the room etc.  Most adults became exasperated and impatient when I didn’t have an answer right away. Others would patronize me by trying to guess my age even though I was already way too old for that game.  The adults that could actually illicit a response, were the ones patient enough to wait for me to take in all the data.
Pisces, you may have experienced a similar situation growing up because, astrologically speaking, you are famous for your sensitivity.  The gift to give yourself this week would simply be a little extra time.  Consider moments when you didn’t have an answer right away and meet that part of yourself with a patient response.  As you know, it is not that you don’t know the answer, it is simply that you are collecting data.  
(Daughter of Discs Rev/ Keep a Knockin’- Little Richard)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 02/04/14


It is Black History Month!  To celebrate, the music mixes for the next month will be composed of exclusively African American artists.  Let me know if there are any specific artists you would like to see in the mixes this month and I will work them in.  Enjoy!

Astrologically speaking there is still a lot going on.  I discuss the situation in more detail under the card for the week, but I for now I will say that besides going retrograde Mercury will also come quite close to Neptune.  What this often means is that there will be an emphasis on our dreams.  And not just on the dreams we have when we are unconscious, but our waking dreams as well.  What have you always wanted to do, accomplish, experience?  Now would NOT be a good time to do or accomplish those things, but it would be a good idea to revisit what those things were and are.  Jupiter is also in retrograde, but we will discuss Jupiter more in April when it goes direct.  Venus went direct on the 31st of January, but the affects could continue to be felt all month.

No theme this week you all!  Just meandering through the open spaces in my mind. 


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Onwards with the general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):

This week is a bit of an astrological storm.  Mercury goes into retrograde on Thursday.  The few days on either side of Thursday will likely be bumpy as well.  The difficulty of this retrograde is exacerbated by Mercury’s move from air to water, from Aquarius to Pisces.  In air, communication is relatively unobstructed.  It’s kind of like a radio, even if someone is saying something backwards (retrograde) you still might be able to decipher their meaning.  But if you drop this backwards talking radio into water the voice is reduced purely to sound, the only thing transmitted is the emotion of the person speaking.  It might be best to step away from language if possible, or at least the way it is used when Mercury is in forward motion and not underwater.  The 8 of Swords, the card I’ve pulled for this week, is a good illustration of what can happen when we insist on using only “rational” thought to navigate during these astrological weather conditions.  Now is a good time just to collect information, and by information I mean whatever comes through that garbled speaker.  It could be just an image, a dream or a feeling.  Make note of these things, but don’t try to make sense of them until next month.  Now would not be a great time to hash things out or reach an agreement of any kind because, as this card illustrates, you are likely to get stuck.  The 8 of Swords is about being hung up on logic and what we take for granted as fact.  But facts are often being called into question and this retrograde what we think we know rationally will be even more vulnerable.  Move slowly.  Try to let go of any arguments for now.  Let your pencils grow dull, it isn’t time to make the usual point.      
(The Revolution Will Not Be Televised- Gil Scott Heron)

8 of Swords (Part II) from Marty_windahl on 8tracks Radio.

In honor of Groundhog Day this year I watched the movie, again.  I once took a vacation by myself and stayed in an empty house in the desert.   There was no internet where I was staying and the only movie I had was “Groundhog Day.”  I watched pieces of it almost every night.  The main character, Phil Connors, is trapped in Punxsutawney, PA on February 2nd for what seems like the rest of eternity.  He is the only one who changes, because he is the only one aware of the fact that he is stuck.  *Spoiler Alert*  Once he confronts his shadow (the parts of himself that have been holding him back) he is released and the calendar finally moves forward.  
Aries, the changes you are currently experiencing are most noticeable to you.  You may have felt that you were trapped in some sort of purgatory recently, but you are moving away from the feeling because you’ve been taking a closer look at your own shadow.  This week, think about what you want to release.  What thoughts, feelings or attitudes do you want to stay behind when you wake up tomorrow?
(XIII Death/ I Ain’t Gonna Study War No More- Dandridge Sisters)

When I thought about your card for the week an image of a twisted rope came to mind.  I don’t remember where I read or heard about it, but there is a form of meditation where you just untie knots from a string or rope.  The focus required in untying the knots helps release other thoughts and anxieties from your mind.  This sort of meditation fits the Taurus temperament perfectly and might be helpful to you this week.  Right now it seems you are absorbed in the sorts of tangles that can’t just be picked apart with fingers.  It may be necessary to steer your attention away from the issue, or at least relax your gaze, in order to see what you are really being asked to do.  
(8 of Discs R/ Going In Circles- The Natural Four)

In high school I had a job working as a dishwasher at a local burger joint.  One busy Sunday one of the servers came in the back, eyes rolled to the ceiling and said, “Can you please go clear that table for me? Thanks.”  As I approached the booth I could already see why she was fried.  A dude flanked with women on both sides was holding court.  He started piling my arms with dishes so fast I had to set them down on the table and start over.  He wasn’t being helpful, he was being an asshole.  “Thanks babe,” he snorted, glancing around at his audience for approval.  I had a pitcher of ice water in one hand and in sudden rage I let it teeter above his lap.  To this day I regret not letting that pitcher loose.  I think the shock would have been beneficial for us both.  
Gemini, I’m not suggesting that you let your anger dictate your behavior, I’m just suggesting that you let it dictate your behavior sometimes.  You may encounter a situation this week where, for once, it might be alright to listen to impulse.    
(6 of Cups L/ Crush On You- The Jets)

Growing up I was convinced a ghost lived in a closet in our basement.  The TV was also kept in the basement so I had to figure out how to get down there to watch Scooby Doo without being captured.  I decided that the ghost only came out as you were leaving the basement so I struck a silent bargain with it.  I demanded a 5 second head start before the ghost could exit the closet to get me.  If I was carrying empty dishes I had 20 seconds.  Several times I bumped my shins trying to scramble up the stairs in time.  Years later I thought about how accommodating the ghost had been to all my rules and wondered why I hadn’t just asked for a solid 60 second head start instead.   
Cancer, this week you are in a good place to set your own rules.  Don’t short change yourself in order to accommodate a fear that you may have at least partially created yourself.
(9 of Wands/ You Will Not Lose- Allen Toussaint)

In elementary school my best friend and I created and lived in our own world.  We served on the board of several clubs with names which were acronyms for things we loved (I don’t recall the specific titles but one of them included dolphins, manatees and wizards).  We also made matching outfits.  One outfit I remember was just a giant sweatshirt, a matching baseball cap and tights.  We decorated the sweatshirts with junk that we cut apart and sewed onto the sweatshirt and hat.  In the context of each other’s bedrooms, the outfits made perfect sense.  But when my parents picked me up to go to a family friend’s swim meet and I was still wearing the outfit, I suddenly felt out of place and ashamed.  Everyone tried to be polite, but I could tell they were suppressing laughter, “What’s that on your hat?”
Leo, this week, whether you are wearing an outfit of your own making or not much at all, you will likely feel just fine.  This is because, at least for the moment, you’ve stopped judging or comparing yourself to anyone else and are just loving who and what you love.  The way you are now is exactly how you are supposed to be, right now.
(Ace of Cups/ That’s How Strong My Love Is- Millie Small)

"Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry," people are always telling me, but I find it very hard to listen because usually the reason I remember to go grocery shopping is because I’m hungry.  What I have learned to do is eat a snack and then get groceries.  This way I’m still using my internal alarm, but I’m also not entering the store like I’m on Supermarket Sweep (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gggWmpiEEkY).  
Virgo, this week the difficulties with which you may be confronted could be slightly distorted by the lens you are looking at those difficulties through.  Perhaps think about what you need in order to tackle a problem before you tackle the problem itself.   
(Shaman of Wands L/ Eye Patch- De La Soul)

Years ago in preschool in Iowa I was playing with some legos and I swore.  I don’t remember what word I used, just that one of our teachers jumped out of her chair and snatched my arm pinching some skin between her thickly fortified nails.  Fast forward fifteen years and I was sitting with my friend and her daughter who was just learning to talk.  “That fucker!”  My friend said about someone, maybe George Bush, I don’t remember now.  Her daughter was playing on the floor and without looking up said, “Fucker.”
Libra, you are fairly good at seeing things from all sides, but this week you might find yourself trapped at one angle or another.  Perhaps you are shocked by someone’s behavior or perhaps someone else is shocked by yours.  By what standards are you forming your judgement, by what standards is someone forming their judgement of you?  In whose book has a crime been committed?
(V Hierophant/ Grandpa’s Party- Monie Love)

When I was at the airport a few weeks back I was waiting to board the plane and listening to music on my phone.  When it was my turn to board I hastily stood up and scrambled to where people were queuing up.  As I approached the line I dropped my phone and it started blaring the song I’d just been listening to on my headphones.  I was so flustered and embarrassed I had trouble figuring out how to turn it off right away.  I noticed several people chuckling to themselves.  It was only later that I realized they were laughing because the song that was playing was Harry Belafonte’s “Jump in the Line” and the lyrics of the song matched exactly with what we were doing, “Jump in the line, rock your body in time…”
Scorpio, you may find strange synchronicities like this happening more frequently.  This is because you are on the right track and you are exactly where you need to be.  You may not know what is up next , but you don’t need to worry because you or some part of you has your best interest in mind.  
(XX Judgement L/ Promised Land- Nairobi Sisters)

My final winter in Minneapolis was one of the most difficult.  Nothing seemed to be working out and I didn’t like the pathetic way I saw myself in the story.  I decided to make a list of my fears and meet them one by one.  My fear of heights was easy to confront because there were several bridges hanging high over the Mississippi River.  A few months later I moved to Oakland and lived alone for the first time.  Several spiders quickly took up residence, and as they were on my list too I didn’t try to kick them out.  When I first drew up this list of fears I thought that by confronting them they would go away.  I’m still afraid of heights and spiders, but I’ve become practiced in facing the fear of them.
Sagittarius, perhaps you’ve drawn up a list of your own fears this week.  Even if you haven’t, it seems you will be checking off those thoughts that previously had you frozen, one by one.    
(9 of Swords Rev/ Cool It Now- New Edition)

The other day I was driving and yawning.  My mouth was open wide and my hands were on the wheel.  Maybe it was because I was going over some hills, but as I started up the second hill it looked and felt like I was swallowing the road through my yawn.  The speed of the car somehow matched the speed of the yawn.
Capricorn, the next stretch of road you may have to traverse alone.  Loosen your heels, this is a gift.  There will be no one to tell you what to do, which is key.  Your next steps may run right through you, changing you for good and for your own good.
(Priestess of Swords Rev/ On The Right Road Now- The Davis Sisters)

When I first went out for track and field in 7th grade I remember the coach gesturing to my friends, two twin sisters who had both already proven to be the fastest sprinters on the team, and said, “They have a natural gift.  If you weren’t a born sprinter like these two, you probably never will be one.”  He was trying to encourage those of us who were not “born sprinters” to go out for long distance, but I just felt defeated.  It sent me into an empty spiral trying to come up with the thing I was “born” to do.  By the end of the track season however, I was fast or at least faster than I had been at the beginning, which was actually all I wanted to know- that I could improve.
Aquarius, some idea or way of thinking might have been holding you captive for quite some time.  You probably weren’t aware that it was only the thinking that kept the lock on your cell until now.  Where have you trapped yourself with a deeply embedded idea?   This week you may have a breakthrough in how to deal with your demons.     
(XV Devil Rev/ Compared To What- Roberta Flack)

Whenever I see someone I know and they don’t recognize me or vice versa, I usually exclaim, “Clark Kent! Superman!” in rapid succession.  Sometimes people get the reference, but a few times they haven’t.  Because I don’t want to take up too much of their time recounting the plot of Superman I just say something like, “Oh you know, Clark Kent, glasses, Superman, who are you?”  Which just confuses them more and then I have to recount the entire plot of Superman anyway.  
Pisces, this week you may have trouble conveying your message or meaning.  Mercury is in retrograde and will pass through your sign, so it will be extra important to be explicit when you are trying to get a point across.  Don’t get disheartened or think, “no one understands me!”  It is just that no one understands you right now.  It will be very difficult for anyone to understand anyone during this retrograde period.  You are not alone, however lonely it can feel to be misunderstood.  
(3 of Wands Rev/ We Three- The Ink Spots)